11 of the Best Disney World Restaurants for Your Birthday Dinner

Considering it’s the Most Magical Place on Earth, there may not be a BETTER place to celebrate your birthday than Disney World!

Disney World is still celebrating its 50th birthday!

No matter what you do, where you go, and what you eat, you’re basically guaranteed an AMAZING birthday for the record books — especially if you eat at certain restaurants!

As long as you’re spending your special day at Disney World, you can’t really go wrong with any restaurant, any café, or any bar, but for the absolute BEST bday experience, There are certain restaurants that take the cake!

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Depending on what your IDEAL birthday meal and vibe is like, These are the 11 best Disney World restaurants for your birthday dinner!

For the Adventurous Foodie

If your idea of ​​the ultimate birthday dinner consists of foods you’ve never tried before, words you can’t pronounce, and a backdrop of exotic animals strolling on a literal savanna, then you NEED to make a reservation for Sanaa!

5 Kinds of Bread and 9 Accompaniments = birthday perfection

This beautiful African- and Indian-inspired restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge is paradise for the adventurous foodie, with its shareable Indian-style Bread Service, African-inspired Biryani, and Goan Seafood Curry! Oh, and the Serrradura (aka Butterscotch Pudding with Almond Coffee Streusel, Pineapple, Mango, and Breton Shortbread) is better than any birthday cake.

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For the World Traveler

Some people visit Disney World for the whimsy, for the characters, or for the nostalgic rides, while others visit for the travel experience, and the sense of discovery. If you’re the type with a stamp-filled passport, who loves exploration and journeys, then you’d do well to spend your birthday lounging at Barcelona Lounge.

Want a chic and sophisticated birthday party? Barcelona Lounge is where it’s at!

Beautifully designed, chic, and sophisticated, this Spanish-accented bar in Disney’s Coronado Springs is more about the transportive, travel-inspired experience than the Disney nostalgia, and more about hanging out with friends than sitting down to a full-course meal. Any seasoned traveler will feel right at home snacking on Spanish Charcutería, cheeses, olives, and hummus, paired with boozy coffee drinks, hard cider, and ALL the gin and tonics!

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For the Oenophile

For certain adults, a birthday dinner isn’t complete without a nice glass (or bottle) of fine wine. In Disney World, the ultimate birthday destination for such an oenophile is Wine Bar George.

The Olive Oil Cake at Wine Bar George just needs a candle!

The owner is a certified Master Sommelier, so you can rest assured your wine selections will exceed expectations. Plus, the Disney Springs restaurant is spacious enough to host large groups and overload your table with celebration-worthy plates like Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites, Santa Carota Short Ribs, Grilled Whole Greek Sea Bass, and Olive Oil Cake — just add a candle and make a wish!

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For the Princess

Well, this is an easy one. If you fancy yourself Disney royalty, then you obviously NEED to spend your birthday in nothing less than a literal castle. Basically, you need to have dinner at Be Our Guest.

You can pretend this is your castle, if only for one night!

The prix fixe dinner experience at this Beauty & the Beast castle restaurant is a luxurious meal fit for a queen (or, uhh, princess), with lavish options like Maine Lobster Bisque, Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin, Center-Cut Filet Mignon, and ALL the Gray Stuff you can handle!

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For the Surf & Turfer

In Disney Springs, one of the marquee restaurants would feel right at home in any coastal city. The BOATHOUSE just oozes decadence and charm, with a snazzy menu to match, making it a worthwhile birthday destination for just about anyone. Especially if you have a penchant for surf & turf.

Nautical decor at The BOATHOUSE

The bread and butter at this waterside restaurant is steak and seafood, and what better way to splurge on your birthday than with a spree of oysters on the half shell, coriander-seared ahi tuna, filet mignon, jumbo lump crab cakes, and a brownie sundae go wild Just hoping that someone else is picking up the bill

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For the Classic “Special Occasion” Experience

The perfect mix between fine dining and Disney World nostalgia, California Grill is the perfect go-to for any birthday celebration.

We stan the fireworks views at Cali Grill.

It checks ALL the boxes: lavish dining room, EPIC Magic Kingdom views, and a splurge-worthy prix fixe dinner menu filled with sushi, steak, pasta, and EARidescent Grand Marnier Soufflé! If you time it just right, you can blow out your birthday candle while watching the fireworks show through the floor-to-ceiling windows!

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For Comfort Food With a Group

Of all the days your birthday is definitely a day deserving of a comfort food FEAST. For such an occasion, you can’t do better than Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs!

Hummingbird Cake might be birthday perfection!

This Southern comfort staple is large and comfy enough for a big group of your friends, with TONS of shareable birthday-worthy dishes like Thigh High Chicken Biscuits, Okra Fries, Art’s Famous Fried Chicken, and Country Fried Steak. Oh and you probably won’t find a better birthday cake at Disney World than the famous pineapple-banana Hummingbird Cake!

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for top boss fans

Disney World has become quite the iconic destination for foodies! The parks, resorts, and Disney Springs have increasingly filled with amazing restaurants from world-famous chefs, and if there’s one destination worthy of a foodie birthday, it’s Jaleo by José Andrés.

Get cheesy!

This sprawling Spanish gem in Disney Springs is the ultimate go-to for anyone who LOVES celeb chefs! The restaurant in general is also just beautiful, lively, and innately celebratory, with a tapas-filled menu that’s GREAT for groups. And frankly, the idea of ​​spending your birthday eating 36-month cured ham shoulder just sounds…right.

We Stuffed Ourselves With Carbs and Cheese at Jaleo at Disney World!

For Your Dad

Between the Jungle Cruise campiness and the endless dad jokes, Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen is the OBVIOUS choice to take your dad on his birthday!

Skipper Canteen

The atmosphere is immersive and fun, the cast members are at their kitschy best, and the food is adventurous and delicious! The whole family is sure to love the Lost and Found Soup, the Falls Family Falafel, and the “Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork!

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For Dinner With a Show

Dinner and a show can mean a LOT of different things at Disney World, but nowadays, the best of the bunch is dinner with a Nighttime Spectacular. We’re talking FIREWORKS!

This La Cantina de San Angel covered patio serves great views of Harmonius!

There are lots of restaurants in the parks and resorts where you can get great fireworks views, but one of our faves (and one of the most universally crowd-friendly for just about EVERYONE) has gotta be La Cantina de San Angel in EPCOT. You simply can’t beat the combo of sitting on the massive covered patio on the lagoon, marveling at fireworks, and eating all the tacos and nachos you can handle!

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For Cake (and ‘Cue) On The Go

Not all birthday dinners NEED to be lavish multi-course affairs! The Polite Pig in Disney Springs is proof that high-quality entrees (and STRONG cocktails) sometimes come in Counter Service form!

You will find quality counter-service (all the MEATS!) at the Polite Pig.

Make a whole night of it! You can get a delicious dinner of Burnt Ends Meatballs and Low & Slow Brisket, with a slice of killer Red Velvet Cake for dessert! Then end the night in truly epic fashion by seeing the new Cirque du Soleil show!

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Sooo many cupcakes, so few birthdays…

Whether you’re looking for the fully immersive Disney princess experience, a prix fixe meal with a view, or simply a lineup of Gin & Tonics, These are some of the BEST Disney World restaurants for just about any birthday dinner!

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What’s your favorite Disney World restaurant for a birthday dinner? Let us know in the comments!

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