11 Really Fun Things to Do at EPCOT

When you visit some theme parks, you rush around trying to check everything off your list.

Then, there are places where tourists should wander rather than maintain a strict itinerary. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination.


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You should remember this as you roam through Walt Disney World’s most relaxing park. Here are 11 fun things to do at EPCOT.

Act Like a Rat in a Kitchen

The France pavilion somehow got even better in 2021 when it introduced a new expansion.


Photo: Disney

The centerpiece of this area is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. This beloved attraction allows guests to relive the events of the Pixar movie, Ratatouille.

Technically, this story is a standalone offering, but the gist is the same. You shrink down to the size of a rat and explore the kitchen of Gusteau’s.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Photo: Disney

Obviously, the wait staff doesn’t love the thought of a rat in the kitchen, as that tends to cause problems with the health department. So, a chase ensues.

The Imagineering tricks here play into the fact that you’re in peril, as you even feel the blistering heat of the oven at one point!

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

Build a Car You Can Test

When you wait in line for Test Track, you’ll reach a point in the line where you can design your vehicle. Yes, you’re making a test car.

Inevitably, everyone tries to make their own version of the Batmobile, but mine usually ends up looking like The Homer. It’s powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball!

Epcot Transportation

Photo: Disney

Anyway, attentive guests will notice that a scoring system is in place during this phase. Therefore, you can and should try to get the highest possible score for your vehicle.

Sadly, you may need to sacrifice some power in favor of a more environmentally friendly design, at an intentional point on Disney’s part.

Test Track Epcot

A good score on this ride is 200, but you should aim for at least 225 points. That’s the number that usually wins.

The maximum is 232 points if you want to achieve the highest possible score. Of course, you’ll gain colossal bragging rights in doing so.

test track

Photo: Disney

Dine in Outer Space

Space 220 currently holds the title of the hottest ticket at Walt Disney World right now.

Guests struggled to book Advanced Dining Reservations here, and even the lounge usually sells out.

Space 220

Demand to dine here is so intense due to the novelty of the experience. You board a “Stellarvator” that transports you 220 miles into outer space!

From there, you orbit Earth while you eat literally out of this world cuisine! This is a place that Walt Disney himself would have loved.

Space 220

Photo: Disney

day drink

Okay, let’s just lean right into it. Adults loooove the World Showcase because it’s an outdoor nightclub that never ends.

You’ll find dozens of restaurants, lounges, and pop-up kiosks that serve exquisite drinks.

2022 EPCOT Food and Wine

Credit: Disney

Better yet, several staples of alcoholic beverages hold court at the World Showcase.

You know the storied history of German and Canadian beers, French and Italian wines, and Mexican tequilas, right?

Avocado Margarita

The restaurants here specialize in all these alcoholic beverages and plenty more. So, in short, you get to reeeeeeaaaaaaally loosen your inhibitions at EPCOT.

Plus, Disney takes care of the transportation, so you don’t need to worry about driving home!


Photo: Disney

Eat with the Fishes

Before there was Space 220, The Seas with Nemo & Friends hosted the most unique dining experience.

At Coral Reef Restaurant, guests sit and eat right beside a portion of the giant water tank for the entire building.

coral reef

In other words, you’re eating at an aquarium where you can watch the fish play in their natural habitat.

Some of the tables reside right by the aquarium’s glass. So, when you sit here, fish will swim beside you and maybe even sit down to study you!

coral reef

Photo: Disney Daily Dime

Many Disney loyalists lament the mediocre food quality of this restaurant, but nobody questions the dining experience itself! It’s VERY Disney.

Escape Bruce the Shark

While you’re at The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, you might as well enjoy its namesake ride.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Photo: Disney

Like Ratatouille, The Seas with Nemo & Friends technically isn’t a retelling of a beloved Pixar story. Instead, it’s a standalone offering.

Still, you’ll recognize many familiar events from the film, including a terrifying interaction with Bruce the Shark. He’s hungry, and we look tasty!

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

Photo: Disney

Go on a World Tour

You can do this in one of two ways. First, when you’re in the mood, you can take your time to explore the entirety of the World Showcase.

I always stress to first-time/infrequent Disney guests that they should do this, as the place features many marvels of architecture and theming.

world showcase

Photo: mickeycentral.com

You’ll feel more cultured after spending some time at the World Showcase.

Sometimes, you want the microwaved experience, though. That’s when you should board Soarin’ Around the World!

Photo: Touring Plans

This ride will show you the highlights of some of the most visually stunning parts of the world. It’ll only take five minutes, and it’ll smell great, too!

Of course, Disney pros know that the real choice here is to ride Soarin’ AND roam the World Showcase!


Photo: DVC Shop

You don’t even need a passport to see the world this way!

Pretend That You’re an Astronaut

If astronaut-ing were easy, everyone would do it! Instead, NASA utilizes a candidate program that whittles down thousands of potentials to a handful of viables.

Mission Space

Photo: Disney

ading this could never make the cut as a would-be NASA astronaut. Thank you, we can settle for the next best thing at EPCOT.

Mission: SPACE simulates the sensations of space travel by shoving four guests in a capsule and launching us at escape velocity.

Mission Space

Photo: Disney

The G forces in this experience are extreme. So, you may prefer the Green version of this ride to the Orange side. The latter is for thrill riders only!

Either way, you’ll finally understand what it’s like to break the shackles of gravity and sail into the sky!

Mission Space

Photo: Disney

Study your food before eating it

Living with the Land isn’t for everyone, and I accept that. Even so, I’m passionate about this ride because of what it allows.

During the second half of the attraction, your boat will float through the scientific research labs at The Land pavilion.

Living with the Land

Image: Disney

You’ll watch actual food grow in this area. Attentive guests will notice that some of the products include informational signs.

When you read these, you’ll know which restaurants are selling these products.

Living With The Land

Image: Orlando Inside

Yes, you can order the food you watched grow in the lab! No other theme park on the planet offers something like this.

I’ve specifically sought out restaurants just to sample the goods from Living with the Land. You should, too!

Living with the Land

(Earth 911)

Visit Arendelle

Nobody does theming like Disney. That’s the undeniable truth of the theme park industry.

Frozen Ever After stands as one of the latest demonstrations of Disney’s skill.

Disney Genie pricing

Credit: Disney

During this Viking boat ride, you’ll chart a course through the fictional country of Arendelle, home of its ruling sisters, Elsa and Anna.

Along the way, you’ll meet a lovable cast of characters, including Sven the Reindeer and friendly trolls. Anna’s beloved Kristoff makes an appearance as well.

Frozen Ever After Boat

Photo Credit: MousePlanet.com

This ride plays out like Frozen’s Greatest Hits, including a show-stopping performance of Let It Go. It’s a masterpiece that will put a song in your heart.

watch your future

I’ve ridden Spaceship Earth hundreds of times, and that’s not hyperbole. It’s my favorite Disney attraction ever.


Disney has announced a re-theme coming, although that project is on hold for the time being.

So, until that happens, guests possess the rare opportunity to learn their futures from someone who doesn’t wear lots of amethyst crystals and speak in vague terms.

Spaceship Earth

Image Credit: Sarah Phillips

During the downward phase of Spaceship Earth, you’ll choose your future. It’s a menu-based game that feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure.

The adorable part of this experience is how optimistic it is. You won’t find any grim, dystopian outlooks here.

Spaceship Earth

Photo : BuffaloSmash.net

Instead, Disney shows you one of many possible outcomes, all of which hint at a better tomorrow. It’s VERY Walt Disney and a lovely thing to do at the end of your park day.

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