12 Disney World Rides Kids LOVE and Adults…Tolerate

Disney World has some AMAZING rides and some that are…tolerable.

That’s the Tower of Terror!

To our Facebook followers, we posed the question, “Which Disney World ride do your kids love but you *tolerate*?” We got around 300 responses and, listen, we feel you. Here are 12 of the most popular answers (in no particular order)!

Star Tours

First up, we saw a number of referencing answers Star Tours—The Adventures Continue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Sure enough, this ride can be SUPER fun for Star Wars-lovin’ kiddos, but for grown-ups with motion sickness…not so much.

Star Tours

One of our readers explained this saying, “It shakes you up a little bit and then lets you out feeling like you lost minutes that you will never get back.” Another posed her solution, “It makes me sick. My husband goes with the kids. They love it.”

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“it’s a small world”

We weren’t TOO surprised to see this one on the list, but it looks like the “it’s a small world” anthem has turned many a parent away from loving the ride. One reader said, “That song still haunts my dreams to this day.”

“it’s a small world”

Another reader noted, “My husband and son absolutely love it and it’s my own personal nightmare,” and one said “tolerate” isn’t even the right word — “I really don’t tolerate”. I hope another adult is with us and will take them so I can skip. lol I will do it once a year.”

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Over in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, dinosaur has its fair share of young fans and tolerance from parents. One reader noted, “Every time I leave that ride with a giant headache and motion sickness….”


Let’s face it, Dinosaur is loud, dark, and scary — even for grown-ups! Another of our Facebook followers noted, “It’s so dang loud, but our kids absolutely love it!”

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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Back over in Magic Kingdom, a lot of folks had surprising disdain for Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and really any ride like it. We saw mentions of Dumbo, Tricera Top Spin, Magic Carpets of AladdinAND Astro Orbiter.


And what makes these rides just a “tolerate?” One reader notes, “I can’t stand those boring rise up and go around rides.”

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Carousel of Progress

We shockingly had a few votes for Carousel of Progress! This one was more of a surprising answer to us! We thought Carousel of Progress might be one that more parents have to drag their kiddos on, but that’s not always the case.

Carousel of Progress

As it turns out though, it’s not so much the ride but the consequences of riding. One reader said, “My son will sing that song every day.”

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mad tea party

And on a LESS surprising note, mad tea party certainly made its appearance in several readers’ answers. One reader put it plainly, “If this is anything other than the Tea Cups you gave a wrong answer.”

Who’s ready to spin until they’re sick?!

Other readers gave their tactics for surviving the spin saying, “I get in my own cup and don’t spin,” other “I hate spinning around. Luckily this trip I sat alone with my 1-year-old and didn’t have to spin.”

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Splash Mountain

Sometimes it’s water rides that little ones are dragging their parents on! One reader said of Splash Mountain, “Kids love it, but I hate having wet pants for the rest of the day.”

Splash Mountain

Hey, we don’t blame you! Wet pants certainly aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world!

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Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway was a common answer from our readers. Oh, you’re not surprised? Why ever not? Just kidding, we TOTALLY saw this one coming.

Tomorrowland Speedway

One reader said, “The only right answer is Tomorrowland Speedway. I barely tolerate it.” another added, “Whiplash waiting to happen.”

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Prince Charming Regal Carousel

One reader had a particularly funny answer in telling us they only tolerated Prince Charming Regal Carousel for their kiddo!

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

they said “My 5-year-old still wants to rope drop that. Every time. Once after an evening rain, we had Fantasyland literally to ourselves. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train walk on. Everything a walk on. nope only carousels.”

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Space Mountain

Space Mountain was a VERY popular answer on the post! One reader said, “The anxiety of having to get out of that flippin’ rocket now that I’m ‘old.’” Another noted, “I tell the kids I hate it every time we get off and I am never riding it again. And 5 seconds later I say, ‘There’s no wait, wanna ride it again?’”

Space Mountain

Still, sometimes it’s worth it for the little ones who love it. One reader said, “I find Space Mountain getting rougher on me. Like painful rib-cracking rough. But I will go on it 50 times if my little one wants to.”

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If there’s one coaster that little kiddos LOVE in Fantasyland, it’s Barnstormer with The Great Goofini! This kids’ coaster is located in Storybook Circus. It’s super fun for little ones — not necessarily the adults that have to ride with them.

Watch out for that sign!

“Cute little coaster but after the 5th time….please children! Find a new dream,” one reader pleaded. another said, “My husband and I fight over who has to take them on Barnstormer.

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

And finally, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror got a NUMBER of votes! One reader said, “I don’t like it at all! But I suffer through for the kids…or they will make me suffer by making fun of me being a sissy all day.”

Tower of Terror

One reader has a great strategy for tolerating the ride, “And by tolerating…. I sit outside and have snacks ready for them when they get off. (I hate the RANDOM drop sequence).”

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These rides can certainly be hard for some grown-ups, but we do what we must for our little ones! As one reader put it, “I love them all because it brings so much joy watching the kids!!” Follow us on Facebook to take part in more of these fun discussions and drop your Disney knowledge on us! As always, keep an eye on DFB for the latest Disney World updates!

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Which Disney World ride do your kids love but you *tolerate*? Let us know in the comments!

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