4 Major Price Increases We’ve Already Seen This Year in Disney World

If there’s one thing we think most Disney World fans can agree on, it’s that they hate price ,.

Time to start filling this puppy with some spare change!

And, we totally get it! Why would you want to pay more for something than you did a year ago if it’s the exact same? But, we see price increases regularly in Disney World — they’re almost expected at this point. Annual Passes, MagicBands, Spirit Jerseys, and more have all seen price increases over the past year. And, even though we’re only a little over 2 months into 2022, there have already been significant price increases at Disney World. So, let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far this year.

Multi Day Park Tickets

Recently, multi-day park tickets at Disney World increased in price, but in a sneaky way. The prices have increased depending on how many days you select tickets for. Remember, these are all the starting prices. The actual price of your trip will vary depending on the days you choose to visit and what price Disney has assigned to those dates, depending on demand.

Vintage Disney tickets

Here’s a list of the changes for the starting price for 1 park per day tickets:

  • 1-day: no change, still $109 per day
  • 2-day: no change, still $107 per day
  • 3-day: no change, still $106 per day
  • 4-day: from $105 per day to $106 per day ($1 increase over 4 days: $4 increase)
  • 5-day: from $90 per day to $91 per day ($1 increase over 5 days: $5 increase)
  • 6-day: from $77 per day to $78 per day ($1 increase over 6 days: $6 increase)
  • 7 days: $68 per day to $69 per day ($1 increase over 7 days: $7 increase)
  • 8 days: $62 per day to $64 per day ($2 increase over 8 days: $16 increase)
  • 9 days: $57 per day to $59 per day ($2 increase over 9 days: $18 increase)
  • 10 days: $54 per day to $55 per day ($1 increase over 10 days: $10 increase)

scanning in!

park hoppers tickets have also seen price increases when it comes to multi-day tickets. Here’s a break-down of the changes for these starting prices:

  • 1-day park hopper: no change, still $174
  • 2-day park hopper: no change, still $144
  • 3-day park hopper: no change, still $131
  • 4-day park hopper: no change, still $127
  • 5-day park hopper: $107 to $108 per day ($1 increase per day over 5 days: $5 increase)
  • 6-day park hopper: $91 to $92 per day ($1 increase per day over 6 days: $6 increase)
  • 7-day park hopper: $80 to $81 per day ($1 increase per day over 7 days: $7 increase)
  • 8-day park hopper: $73 to $74 per day ($1 increase per day over 8 days: $8 increase)
  • 9-day park hopper: $67 to $68 per day ($1 increase per day over 9 days: $9 increase)
  • 10-day park hopper: $62 to $64 per day ($2 increase per day over 10 days: $20 increase)

Ticket Booth in 2021

So, you may find that the dates you’re looking to purchase tickets, for now, fall under a HIGHER price tier, and select multi-day tickets will cost more as their starting cost per day has increased.

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Food & Drinks

In January, we saw hundreds of price increases on food and drinks all around Walt Disney World. yep, DOGS. We’re not going to list them all in this post (but you can see most of them in our post here!), but we are going to point out some significant items that went up in price. Note that some of these items are at multiple locations around Disney World.

We love you Dole Whip!

Buffalo Chicken Chips

Mickey AND Minnie Waffles


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Flower & Garden Festival

the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival has seen numerous price increases this year compared to last! One of the most significant increases was for a special activity — Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration.

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration

This is a scavenger hunt at the festival that sends you around the park looking for Spike the Bee in various locations. Once you find Spike in all of the locations, you can then get a prize! The scavenger hunt costs $9.99 (plus tax) this year. Last year, the activity cost $7.99 (plus taxes).

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration takes you all over EPCOT!

There have also been price increases on food and drinks at the festival. A lot of the items are returning from last year, and many have gone up in price. First, beer prices have gone up from $4.50 for 6 oz. other $8.50 for 12 oz. at least $5 for 6 oz. other $9 for 12 oz. The cost of a beer flight has also increased from $9.50 to $10.

Beer Flight from The Citrus Blossom

Food has increased in price around the festival as well. At booths like Northern Bloom in Canada, the Seared Scallops went up from $7 to $7.25the Beef Tenderloin Tips went up from $6.75 to $7and the Griddle Maple Pound Cake went up from $4.75 to $5.

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Magic Express

This price increase is a big one, because it went from being FREE to now costing money. Disney’s Magical Express service was discontinued at the beginning of this year. it was a free service that would take you to and from Orlando International Airport and your Disney World hotel.

Magic Express

Now the free service is gone, so you have to pay your way to get to and from the airport and your hotel (unless you have generous friends who will pick you up!). There are still 2 services available that are very similar to Magical Express, the major difference being that they cost money. The first service is Mears Connectwhich has a default and on express service.

Mears Connect Bus

default service is $32 per adult other $27 per child (ages 3-9) for round trip service. A one-way standard service trip right now costs $16 per adult and $13.50 per child.

Mears Connect

express service costs $250 round trip for up to four (4) people. Additional guests cost another $55 each. express service includes a limited waiting time as well as direct service to your hotel.

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The second service is available The Sunshine Flyer. Tickets are $17 per adult other $12.50 per child for a one way tripand round trip tickets are $34 for adults other $25 per child. Kids under 2 ride free.

Sunshine Flyer

These buses also are more themed than the Mears Connect transportation options.

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If you don’t want to take either of these 2 services, your other option is to use a rideshare service or get a rental car. Rideshare services prices change depending on demand, but you can look at an example comparing the costs to using Mears Connect here. Renting a car obviously depends on how big of a vehicle you need and how long your trip will be.

Rideshare pickup zone

Those are the major price increases we’ve seen around Disney World so far in 2022! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news, updates, and info.

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