7 Random “Must-Bring” Items to Add to Your Disney World Park Bag

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When you’re heading off to a Disney World park, there are a few essential things you should remember to pack in your park bag.


There are the essentials like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and maybe a portable phone charger. But what are the more random necessities that people must have in their park bag? We wanted to know, so we headed over to our Facebook page and asked our readers (that’s you!): What is your most random “must-bring” item packed in your Disney bag? Here’s what you said!

Dryer Sheets

We asked for random, and you guys did NOT disappoint. One reader said that they always pack dryer sheets in their Disney bag! Why? “I pack dryer sheets to stick down inside shoes after each day and also extra in the suitcase to make sure the clothes stay smelling fresh.”

Maybe we should be sticking dryer sheets in OUR shoes??

And this reader wasn’t the only one sticking things in their shoes. Another said that they use tea bags in their shoes for a similar effect: “They keep your shoes fresh and absorb any water in them.” Who knew?

If you’re interested in trying this dryer sheet trick, we found these All Dryer Sheets on Amazon!


These ones are the All brand are free of perfume and clear of dyes. It comes in a box of 120 dryer sheets and is available for $4.47.

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food tray

We know we’ve been there. You’ve gotten to the front of the line for the Mexico booth at the Food and Wine Festival, placed your order, and you’ve got your food… but you don’t have enough hands to hold everything! One of our readers plans ahead and brings “A small tray from the dollar store for holding food from the festival booths at Epcot.”

Mexico Booth at the Food and Wine Festival

That is SUCH a good idea!

If you’re looking for a tray to bring with you on your next Disney trip, we found this food tray on Amazon!


This tray is 10″ x 14″ and available on Amazon for $4.40.

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Water flavoring

This was a popular one. A lot of people said they didn’t like the taste of the water at Disney World, so they bring some flavoring to make it taste better.

A lot of people don’t love the taste of Disney World water

Another reader suggested a water bottle with a filter instead: “A Brita filter water bottle takes any taste out of the water.”

We found this Mio Water Enhancer from Target! This one is pineapple strawberry flavored and even is the energy version, so it has some caffeine and vitamin B boosters, which could help with any tiredness you might be feeling on a Disney vacation!


This bottle is $3.99 and contains about 18 servings.

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If water flavoring isn’t your thing, we also found this Brita Water Bottle from Amazon!


This filter comes in several different colors and even two different sizes! This one is a 36 ounce bottle and it comes with the filter. It is $23.49.

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chip clips

More than one reader said they brought chip clips with them when they headed to Disney World, but not for chips! They use them to keep the curtains together in their hotel room! Genius!

Gotta keep them closed somehow!

And curtains aren’t the only use for them! So you can “clip your pool towel to your chair, hang items to dry in the room” and you know, clip a bag of chips closed.

If you’re in need of some chip clips for your next Disney World vacation, we found this pack of 16 multicolored clips on Amazon!


This pack of 16 clips is available for $10.99.

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If you didn’t know, Disney World does not sell gum in any of its stores in an effort to keep the property clean.

You won’t find gum in a Disney store!

Many of our readers said they brought gum with them to Disney World because of this! One reader said: “Gum. They don’t sell it at the parks, hotels or airports. And yes, I dispose of it properly!”

If you need to stock up on gum before your Disney World trip, we found this Extra spearmint gum on Amazon!


Each pack has 15 sticks of gum in it, and the order comes with 10 packs in total. You can grab this gum for $7.15.

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disposable gloves

Now, this is an interesting one. One guest said they bring disposable gloves with them when they head to the Disney parks. They said: “I suggest bringing latex/vinyl gloves for messy snacks or quick service meals. It’s so much easier to keep your hands from getting sticky and dirty while you eat if you’re wearing gloves!”

You might consider bringing gloves to your next Disney meal!

Another reader commented that, while it seems strange, they also bring gloves because they never know what mishaps may occur.

If you want to grab a box of disposable gloves, we found these disposable gloves from Target!


These gloves are power-free nitrile gloves. The box comes with 50 gloves and they are one size fits most. The box of 50 is $8.89.

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Tupperware/Ziploc bags

Have you ever been there? You’re enjoying a fabulous quick service meal or snack but it’s too big and you can’t finish it and there’s no way for you to take it with you. Enter: Tupperware and Ziploc Bags!

Splash Mountain Ziploc

One reader said they always bring a Tupperware for their Wookiee Cookie with another saying they bring Ziploc bags in varying sizes because “My eyes are inevitably bigger than my stomach and I’m not a fan of wasted food 😂 I always end up taking something back to the room with me.”

If you need some Ziploc bags, we found this box of Ziploc sandwich bags (which are the pretty perfect size for whatever you need them for in Disney).


This box of Ziploc bags comes with 90 bags and is available for $4.36.

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If you want to go the Tupperware route instead, we found these small, sandwich-sized plastic containers from Target!


This pack comes in a set of five and is available for $3.69.

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There are a lot of things that we highly recommend bringing with you to Disney World. You should remember to pack your sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a portable phone charger, and a comfy pair of shoes!

Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

If you’re still unsure of what to pack, we have lots of resources to help you, like deciding what your Disney World park bag essentials should be, and even what you should pack if you’re going to Disney World with kids. After reading through some of these reader responses, it may be time to add a couple of these to our bag, too!

As always, make sure to stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and information!

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