9 Critical Things You Will Forget to Do During Your Disney World Trip

Planning for Disney World can be overwhelming, to say the least, and it’s HIGHLY likely you will forget certain things!

Disney World Main Entrance

You’ve got a LOT on your plate when it comes to preparing for your magical vacation, so inevitably there will be things that get overlooked. And that’s totally okay! We’re going to share some of them with you so that you have a better chance of not forgetting said things!

Sure, you remembered to book your Park Pass Reservations, buy your Lighting Lane passes, and pack your luggage, but what about ALL the other stuff?!

Lightning Lane

No matter how prepared you think you are, these are 9 critical things you will forget to do during your Disney World trip:

Pack for Rain

We’ve said it time and again, but the fact that Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State is hilarious and ironic. Rest assured that you WILL get wet at Disney Worldand you WILL regret not packing accordingly!

Rainy day in Magic Kingdom

the assumption that Disney World is always sunny and hot is a HUGE misconception, so you can be forgiven for totally forgetting to pack a rain jacket or umbrella. Rain tends to come quickly and doesn’t tend to stick around for long at Disney World. But it can totally be enough to ruin a day if you are not prepared. Pack an umbrella or a poncho so that you don’t have to drop extra $$$ in the parks to purchase the items Disney sells!

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Plan transportation to/from your hotel

When it comes to actually getting to Disney World nowadays, things can get pretty confusing! Now that Disney’s Magical Express is no morethis adds a whole new thing to stress about!

Mears Connect

As with anything new, especially something with multiple options, it takes time to get used to, which means it’s likely you’ll forget to pre-book your new Disney World transportation from the airport. You can get transportation through Mears Connect or the Sunshine Flyer which it’s best to pre-book, but you’re can also take a rideshare service. Just know it’s important to have a plan before you get there!

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Advanced Dining Reservations

Chances are HIGH that, amidst all the excitement and planning, you’ll neglect to make an Advanced Dining Reservation for one of your MUST-DO Disney World restaurantswhich means you’ll probably miss out… .

California Grill is a hot ticket

Certain restaurants are just IMPOSSIBLE to get into unless you make reservations as soon as possible, so if you find yourself suddenly scrambling to get into Be Our Guest or California Grill, you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it sooner. Right now, ADRs can be made 60 days out from the first day of your stay, and they open up at 6:45AM Eastern, so yeah, set your phone alarm right now while you’re thinking of it.

If you aren’t able to snag an ADR for your must do restaurant, look in to walk up waitlist. So keep checking! Last minute reservations can and DO pop up, so persistence is key!

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Take time to rest

Disney World can be a dizzying blur of excitement and nostalgia, and it can be hard to pry yourself away from all that joy! But that can be a BIG mistake for some. Some people are all in and want to go hard 100% of the time at Disney World. Others… well, not so much. And that’s OK!!

The beds look pretty comfy!

Since you’re certain to be swept up by all of it, tempted to keep going going all day long, you’ll probably neglect to take time to rest or nap. But napping is an IMPORTANT way to reset, recharge, and stay fueled to enjoy the rest of your vacation! There’s no shame in a little snooze. Block out time to sleep in one day in the middle of your trip (especially if you have been going to the parks from rope drop to close) or plan for a day where you’re only planning to hit one park so you can nap and then head to a nice dinner! Your body will thank you for it later!

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Mobile Order at the Right Time

On paper, mobile ordering sounds super straightforward and easy. Right?! turns out there are right times and wrong times to do thisand you’ll probably order at the wrong time at least once!

Place a mobile order!

We’re talking about placing a Mobile Order at the last critical moment when you’re starving. Huge mistake, considering you’ll likely wind up having to wait longer than usual for your food, instead of thinking ahead and placing an order a little before your typical meal time! We consider ordering early in the day (like when you are in line for a ride) or ordering food during off peak times of the day! So not right at noon but maybe at 2PM instead. Plan ahead and around this so your aren’t waiting ages on that food.

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Bring a backup phone charger

If you’re gonna be out and about in the parks all day, like most of us are in Disney World, your phone is almost certain to die. Between placing mobile orders, checking reservation availability, and simply distracting yourself in long lines, it doesn’t take long for batteries to drain!

phone cases

This is why it’s crucial to bring a battery backup or at least a backup phone charger into the parks with you, so you can find an outlet and refuel for the next line. Read you wind up twiddling your thumbs for two hours at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. You can also buy FuelRods at many locations in the parks. This is another great way to make sure your phone stays charged all day.

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Don’t Waste Money on Basic Essentials

One of the easiest money pits to fall into at Disney World is water. A pivotal essential to be mindful of when you’re in the parks all day, this is also something that can drain your budget if you aren’t careful.

Grab that free water!

Many people don’t realize that you have more options than spending unnecessary money on bottled water. Instead, find a water fountain or just ask for ice water from a restaurant, which they’re happy to give you for FREE! You can see many more ways to SAVE money in Disney World below. Water is just the most basic and easiest to remember. But there are many more ways to save that money!!! You can read about a few more below.

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Check Ahead to Ensure Your Favorite Ride Isn’t Closed

It’s a matter of fact that, as Disney World is ALWAYS changing and updating, rides randomly close for refurbishments. So this could EASILY happen to your favorite ride when you least expect it!

Closed Expedition Everest

If you have a ride that’s an absolute MUST on your Disney World vacation, you’re gonna want to double check ahead of time that it’s not temporarily closed. The shock and dismay of showing up to the parks only to find it out of commission is NOT a fun feeling! We post weekly and monthly refurbishment posts so that you, our readers, can stay in the know on which attractions, pools, and restaurants are closed. Follow our DFB newsletter for the most up to date information.

It’s official. A Major Disney World Ride is Now CLOSED for a Long Refurbishment

Bring proper walking shoes

Yeah, Florida is hot and sunny but sandals and flip-flops aren’t exactly recommended footwear for a day in the parks. trust us, walking around Disney World every day is a MARATHONand you’re gonna want to dress accordingly!

Lots o’ walking

Zipping around the parks for hours on end really does a number on your feet, so proper walking shoes are the best tool for comfort and stamina. This is not the time for dress shoes. Mickey and Minnie won’t judge your fashion choices, we swear. We also suggest bringing multiple pairs of shoes so you can switch between them from day-to-day during your trip. Break your shoes in before heading to the parks because nothing is worse than brand new shoes. New shoes = blisters!

Hub grass + chill with our new shoes!

We have tested quite a few shoes like Crocs and Natives in the parks and have done reviews on how our feet held up. Our readers have also shared their thoughts on the BEST shoes to wear at Disney World. You wouldn’t think so much thought needs to go into a pair of shoes, but when you are on your feet for 8+ hours a day for 5-7 days a week, it really does!

Clearly, a LOT goes into planning for a Disney World trip, so even when you think you’ve got everything covered, it’s all too easy to overlook certain essentials like these! But that’s what we’re here for!

The Ideal Timeline for Planning a Disney World Trip

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