9 of the Best Snacks Under $10 in Disney Springs

Of all the destinations in Disney World, Disney Springs is by far the best place for bargains!


Aside from the simple fact that Disney Springs doesn’t require an admission ticket (or even charge for parking!), there are TONS of affordable things to buy here (by Disney standards at least), including LOTS of budget-friendly snacks!

Unlike the parks, where something as simple as a macaron could put a dent in your wallet, Disney Springs’ restaurants sometimes offer more affordable deals! And a large part of that is because many shops and restaurants in Disney Springs aren’t Disney-owned, so they have some additional flexibility in their pricing structure which allows for pretty neat values! Basically, if you’re in the mood to go on a snack spree and NOT break the bank, this is the place to do it!


So the next time you’re feeling hungry at Disney World, these are 10 of the best snacks under $10 at Disney Springs:

Egg Rolls at Morimoto Asia Street Food

Not to be confused with the main restaurant at Morimoto Asia, where a sushi dinner could cost a pretty penny, the more casual Street Food section is LOADED with deals! When you find the chic Morimoto Asia building, instead of going inside walk along the walkway past the entrance toward Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’. There, tucked inside a covered patio, is the Morimoto Asia Street Food window!

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

If you’re craving a quick bite, or couldn’t secure a reservation in the industrial-meets-elegant dining room, this spot offers a quick (and dare we say, cheap?) option to grab some of its menu options. Of all the affordable snacks here, though, we’d recommend the Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls .

You’ve gotta try this!

These crispy bites, filled with pork and cabbage, could give other Disney World egg rolls a run for their money! Especially since you get two for JUST $8!

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Cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse

To the casual observer, You might initially scoff at a $6 price tag for a cookie. But cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse are anything but standard. The casual Disney guests might pass Gideon’s Bakehouse by when they hear about a virtual queue for a cookie and sometimes hours-long waits.

Lining up for Gideon’s

To make sure you get one of these coveted cookies, you may have to do some planning, you might have to rearrange your Disney Springs plans, and it couldn’t hurt to scroll through Gideon’s Instagram account to discover any secrets or surprises to make sure you’re in the know! But after you sink your teeth into one of these gems, you’ll thank yourself. There’s definitely a reason these cookies warrant long lines and such a following — they’re sooooo good!

Just look at those chips!

These whopping half-pound cookies are HEAPED with toppings and FILLED with flavor, from classic chocolate chip to more inventive seasonal offerings like key lime and orange. And when you consider that these things are basically the size of a double cheeseburger, suddenly $6 doesn’t seem so bad after all.

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Donuts at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Donuts have been in vogue at Disney World for a bit, but nowhere will you find such fun and exciting flavors at such bargain prices as Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew.


If you love donuts, this is your spot. If you don’t love donuts, Everglazed might convert you! Everglazed perfected the concept of the “over the top” donut with options covered in breakfast cereal, candy bars, cookies, and even bacon! Or if savory is more your vibe, grab The Grilled Cheeeeeese for just $7.

Here, classic donuts like Fruity Pebbles, Vanilla Iced, and Purple Glazed Ube go for a scant $4.75while the “Funky Bunch” flavors like Peanut Butter Explosion and Nutella Boston Cream are $5.75 a pop.

Cloud 9 with Butterscotch Caramel Craze Donut

Since these things are HEFTY enough to split with an entire family, that’s quite a steal!

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Dole Whip Nachos at Marketplace Snacks

Folks tend to walk right by Marketplace Snacks. It’s located across from the Marketplace Co-Op, and usually, when folks get a whiff of the sugary air surrounding the nearby Ghiradelli Shop, they make a bee-line there and pass right by this humble snack stand.

Marketplace Snacks

Dole Whip and Nachos are two of our favorite snacks in general, so when you put them together at Disney World, you get one huge SUPER SNACK.

Dole Whip Nachos

Found at Marketplace Snacks, this behemoth of a snack consists of colorful waffle cone chips, vanilla and pineapple Dole Whip, pineapple chunks, mango Boba balls, whipped cream, strawberry drizzle, sprinkles, and a white chocolate piece. That’s a LOT, and somehow it only costs $8.99 for this sugary feast?!

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Poutine at Daily Poutine

For some quintessential comfort food in Disney Springs, it’s hard to beat a mountain of fries slathered in gravy. other The Daily Poutine knows what’s up offering up seasonal varieties on this cheesy, meaty, melty delicacy. This little gem is around the corner from the Lego Store and next to World of Disney, across from Amorette’s Patisserie.

Daily Poutine

Each of the menu items at this Canadian-inspired kiosk clocks in at $9.49-9.99, which feels like a bargain considering the sheer amount of food you get here. And options change out seasonally, so every time you visit, you can find a new variation on this French fry dish.

The Daily Poutine

Our go to is the classic Loaded friesmade with French fries, Queso Blanco, Iceberg Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, baconand Garlic ranch dressing for $9.49. Grab the classic poutine or try a creative seasonal dish — for under $10, this is a great snack to share or a whole meal!

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Slice at Pizza Ponte

Speaking of HUGE portions of food, it’s entirely possible to get a giant wedge of pizza the size of your head for just a few bucks! That’s right, we’re looking at you, Pizza Ponte. Have you been here? Most likely, you haven’t because you have to be on a Pizza Ponte Mission to spot this location, it’s tucked in next to Maria and Enzo’s and often overlooked.

Pizza Ponte

This casual counter service spot is a staple for quick on-the-go eats on the cheap. There is some indoor seating and a few tables on the patio, but you’re not really here for the ambiance, you’re here for a solid slice of New York-style pizza. You know, the kind that’s thin enough you can fold into a makeshift pizza taco to shove in your face and needs a thousand napkins. Yeah, you know what we’re talkin’ about.

Lots of good food

The Big Roman, for instance, is a massive slice with tomato sauce and mozzarella for just $6.95while the slightly pricier Parma Cottostrewn with Parma ham, mozzarella, and ricotta, is a mere $8.25 for a meal that’ll fill you up for a week!

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Patatas Bravas at Pepe by José Andrés

It’s pretty shocking that we can dine at a restaurant from one of the world’s most famous chefs for less than $10, but that’s just the magic of Disney! In fact, José Andrés more casual Disney Springs offering, Pepe, is teeming with deals! And in truth, this is sooo on brand for Chef José Andrés as he is a philanthropic powerhouse who founded the World Central Kitchen which provides meals to communities that have experienced a natural disaster.


Our favorite is the patatas bravasa crispy Spanish-style snack made with potato chips, alioli, and creamy-spicy brava sauce, all for $8.

patatas bravas

Now, your wallet and your bank account may be in shock from some of the expenses of a Disney World vacation, but luckily Chef Andrés even cares about that and has made some of his classic dishes accessible!

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Mickey Mousse at Amorette’s Patisserie

Considering the detail and artistry that goes into each and every beautiful pastry at Amorette’s Patisserie, we’d sooner expect to be dropping an Andrew Jackson note (…that’s $20) for dessert here. Which is why we’re so pleasantly shocked that we can practically pay for some pastries in change!


There are so many options to choose from, and their specials and seasonal offerings are even more tempting! From brownies to crepes, there are several options below that $10 mark, and several more just above the mark. So you can get some Instagram-worthy snacks at a bargain! But our choice? Hands down, it’s the Mickey Mousse Dome Cake!

Holiday Mickey Dome Cake

thesis Gorgeous mousse cakes are made with chocolate chiffon cake and layers of dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse, with a red and yellow patina made to resemble Mickey Mouse himself! All this for $9?! We’re in!

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Fudge at Goofy’s Candy Co.

Another go-to for classic Disney sweets like cupcakes and cookies is our FAVORITE bite from Goofy’s Candy Co. has got to be the rotating roster of fudge flavors!

All the candy

Throughout the year, flavors include pumpkin, eggnog, creamsicle, vanilla, and peanut butter, and each one goes for $3.95. Once you order a piece of fudge, which is large enough to anchor a boat, you’ll be pretty blown away by this buttery bargain!

Goofy’s Candy Company Fudge Counter

So whether you have a serious sweet tooth or a need for cheese, There’s no shortage of discount snacks to be had at Disney Springs!

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