9 Walt Disney World Restaurants Where You Can Usually Book a Reservation

We’re in summer, and that means crowds. When you’re at Walt Disney World, you’ll need to eat. However, you may have already waited too late.

With crowds surging, if you don’t have an Advanced Disney Dining reservation for your trip, you may already be too late. That’s okay, though!


Photo: Walt Disney World/David Roark, photographer

Here are nine Walt Disney World restaurants where you can usually find a table, even during peak season.

Cape May Cafe

Disney’s Beach Club Resort embodies the finest of Disney hotels. You’ll find a slew of amenities here, and I strongly recommend the place overall.

However, even if you don’t stay here, you should still dine at the resort. Several places here are worth your time.

Ordinarily, I recommend Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, but it’s probably already booked for your summer vacation.

Cape May Cafe

Cape May Café works well as a backup choice, especially if you’re a seafood fan. It’s one of the best seafood places in Orlando…but beware. It’s a bit pricey.

Jungle Cruise Ltd. Skipper Canteen

There’s an explanation for why you can get a reservation here on most occasions. Many Disney fans aren’t in love with the menu at Skipper Canteen.

Skipper Canteen

This Adventureland restaurant expands the story of Jungle Cruise, complete with new Jungle Skipper dialogue.

Thematically, Disney considered an international menu vital to Skipper Canteen. That choice has proven divisive, as the flavors here are decidedly exotic.

Photo: Disney

Notably, foodies love the place. As I type this, TripAdvisor voters rank it highly by theme park standards. Please check the menu before you book here, though.

Maria & Enzo’s

This place often offers availability due to its sheer size. Maria & Enzo’s features an air travel theme, and it’s about the same size as an airplane hangar.

Disney Springs restaurants

Image Credit: The Patina Group

Seriously, if you lose your party here, you’d better have location sharing on your phone. Otherwise, you’ll need to text them or play Marco Polo to track them down.

The cuisine at Maria & Enzo’s trends toward Italian fare. In reality, it’s general Disney Springs fare, though.

Weekdays at Disney Springs

Image Credit: Disney

Everyone in your party will find something that they like here. And they’ll likely consider the food bland. Seriously, it’s not that well-regarded.

You’ll still enjoy your time spent here because the building’s so fascinating, though. Just don’t expect a five star meal.

Maria & Enzo's

Olivia’s Cafe

This place counts as niche because you’ll need to make an effort to get here. However, the ends more than justify the means.

Olivia’s stands as one of the hidden gems among Disney restaurants. Frankly, it deserves a much higher profile.


Photo: Disney

You’ll find the place right by the main lobby at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. It’s a quirky restaurant with a seemingly haphazard style that makes sense once you know the backstory.

I won’t spoil it for you. Instead, you should ask your server for details when you eat here.

Olivia's Cafe

Credit: Disney

So, order the Southernmost Buttermilk Chicken, presuming you eat meat. It’s the restaurant’s staple and among the best overall entries on the Disney campus.

Paradise 37

We have a running joke that when all else fails, we know that two restaurants will have reservations available. Paradiso 37 is one of them.


Photo: Disney Springs

This Disney Springs eatery serves American cuisine…and I mean all of America. You’ll find North, South, and Central American dishes here.

Also, you’ll have the option of dining outside, an experience I strongly recommend.

Paradise 37

Photo: Paradiso 37

Nothing makes a meal better than watching the Friendship Boats sail by in the background.

Again, the drawback here is the fairly ordinary cuisine. Unfortunately, Disney fans know most of the good places as well as the bad ones.

Paradise 37

Photo: Paradiso 37

If something is on this list, it’s probably either lacking in food quality or hard to reach or…Skipper Canteen.

Planet Hollywood

Here’s a blueprint example of the food quality issue. You’ll spot Planet Hollywood from a mile away, and I mean that literally.

Planet Hollywood Disney

This Disney Springs establishment includes an observatory theme. So, you’ll notice the giant glowing dome whenever you’re in the general vicinity.

Planet Hollywood features raucous (albeit 1990s-ish) flair-based theming, loud music, spectacular milkshakes, and…really bad food.

Planet Hollywood Disney food

Photo: Planet Hollywood

TripAdvisor voters rank it at the bottom of the restaurants we’re discussing today.

So, you’re choosing the vibrant atmosphere and boisterous crowds over a meal that will leave you smiling. The milkshakes may make everything okay, though.

Magic Extras

Photo: Planet Hollywood


This option surprised me, as nothing on this list can measure up to The Plaza’s location.

You’ll find this place at the end of Main Street, USA at Magic Kingdom. It resides across from Cinderella Castle.

Some of the indoor tables and most of the outdoor ones offer a view of the castle’s courtyard and/or the surrounding guest hubs.

In other words, if you like people-watching, this place will never disappoint…unless you’re hungry.

Let’s be clear. The Plaza is a burger joint that extends into an ice cream parlor. You may prefer to grab some ice cream here rather than a meal.

When you’re hungry, you should walk the extra steps to Skipper Canteen. It’s better…but seriously! Check the menu first!

Skipper Canteen Interior

Photo: Disney

As for The Plaza, we wind up here a lot because of the view. It’s impossible to beat.

Rix Sports Bar & Grill

Here’s the other restaurant that I’m not even sure can sell out. Seriously, Disney all but begs people to dine here.

Super Bowl at Disney

Photo: Disney

Unless there’s a big game on, this sports bar at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort doesn’t ever have a crowd. Even then, it’ll be less crowded than you think.

Notably, Rix features an extremely large menu, at least by Disney resort standards. It’s on a par with many places at Disney Springs.

Rix sports bar

So, you should find something that you want to eat at Rix. Plus, you can watch the game here…pretty much any game.

Remember this place if you’re visiting during the playoffs or on a weekend with high-quality college sports competitions.

Rix sports bar

Photo: Disney

Terralina Crafted Italian

The final place on the list doesn’t involve much intrigue. The name says it all.

You should eat here when you want a Table Service meal on a last-minute reservation and are in the mood for Italian food.

Photo: Terralina

Of course, you’ll be better served to dine at EPCOT’s Italy pavilion if you have a choice. The menu and cuisine there are better.

Similarly, Trattoria al Forno at Disney’s BoardWalk serves better Italian food as well.


You should think of Terralina Crafted Italian as the safety net when all other options are unavailable.

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