BEST of the FEST! What to Eat and Drink at the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival!

We spent our day eating and drinking our way around the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival! There were TONS of new snacks this year that seriously impressed us, so if you’re planning a visit to Disneyland sometime soon, you’re in for a good time.

California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

This year’s festival runs from March 4th through April 26th and brings DELICIOUS eats and interesting drinks to Disneyland Resort. You KNOW we tried allllll of that food; that means we got our snack on at 13 FOOD BOOTS.

Well, we wouldn’t want to disappoint you, so we made it through EVERY. SINGLE. MENU. and you know what that means! We now have the HONOR of bringing you the very best of the best. So, without further ado, here is the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival BEST of the FEST! Buckle up, we’re bringing you some goodies!

New bests

We tried these items for the first time EVER at this year’s festival and they wowed us enough to make our list of bests!

Glazed BBQ Pork Belly at LA Style

Meet the new Glazed BBQ Pork Belly. This (artfully plated) snack is served with Furikake togarashi mac salad and will cost ya $8.50. We were SO impressed by this dish; the pork was cooked perfectly and tasted sweet and tender. They did a GREAT job with this! It had a really great flavor we couldn’t stop thinking about.

Glazed BBQ Pork Belly with furikake togarashi mac salad

Even the macaroni salad on the side was a big hit! We would definitely order this again, which is why we’re passing the tip on to YOU!

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Blueberry Buttermilk Pie at Berry Patch

This may not be a gooseberry pie, but the Blueberry Buttermilk Pie gives us Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs vibes! We loved this fresh, sweet-yet-tart little pie SO much. In our experience, pies can get overly mushy or chewy if they’re not done right, but this dessert had the perfect texture. Also, we’d like to give a special shout-out to the pie crust for doing its job in the BEST way; the crust complemented the rest of the ingredients, helped maintain the structural integrity of the pie, AND has a nice crunchy texture.

Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

Try this pie for $6 — especially if you love fruit!

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Black & Tan Beef Potato Puffs at D-Lish

What can we say — we love potatoes! the new Black & Tan Beef Potato whoops are with Karl Strauss Wreck Alley stout gravy other stock microsponge. Thing ding ding, we’ve got another winner! These potato puffs were amazing. The meat was tender and flavorfulthe gravy was rich, and the tots were crispy and warm.

Black and Tan Beef Potato Puffs

You can get this snack for $8.50. We’ll admit, it’s hard to take a good picture of beef, but the taste is well worth it.

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IPA Sausage Dog at California Craft Brews

the IPA Sausage Dog is on a soft pretzel roll with onion-pepper jardinière, cheddar cheese sauce, and malt vinegar-jalapeño crunch for $7. As you can probably tell from both the photo and the description, there are LOTS of different flavors and textures going on here, but somehow, it worked. Make sure to get a nice, big bite so you can really taste everything at once!

IPA Sausage Dog

The sausage had a nice texture that reminded us of Kielbasa, and the pretzel roll was soft and fresh. If you’re like us, you’ll appreciate that there is lots of gooey cheese saucetoo.

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Frozen Guacamole at Avocado Time

It’s weird, but you know what? We embrace weird here. the FROZEN GUACAMOLE (yes, caps-lock is essential here) is made of an Avocado Paleta with Lime Crema, Pico de Gallo, Chile-Lime Seasoning, and Tortilla Crunch. Frozen. Guacamole. Who would’ve thought?

Frozen guacamole

It’s priced at $5.50, and despite our initial reservations, we LOVED this! The bar is creamy and the toppings are crunchy yet fresh. It all just works. trust us

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Snickers Caramel Macaron at Nuts About Cheese

It’s high time we showed you a dessert! the new SNICKERS Caramel Peanut Milk Chocolate Mickey Macaron is a chocolate Mickey macaron filled with caramel ganache and SNICKERS pieces. You can grab this DELICIOUS dessert for $6.50.

SNICKERS Caramel Peanut Milk Chocolate Mickey Macaron

It pretty much just tastes like a (tasty) macaron filled with Snickers flavor. What’s not to like?!

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Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail at I Heart Artichokes

OK, so what about a drink? If you like POG juice (passion, orange, and guava juice), you’ll like the passion Fruit Rum Cocktail. The drink is made with White Rum, Cynar, Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava, Orgeat, and Lime and is $15.

Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail

This is a refreshing little drink with strong citrus notes. Give it a try!

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We had a BLAST at Food and Wine at Disney California Adventure. The best part? This festival is sticking around for a while so you’ll have plenty of chances to grab seconds (and thirds!) of all your favorites. Don’t forget, we’ll be right here throughout the festival for all of the tips and planning needs you might have!

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Which of these best do YOU ​​want to try? Tell us in the comments!

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