BREAKING: The Walls are Down, Get Your First Look Inside New Connections Cafe at Epcot!

We’re so happy to be able to share with you a first look inside the upcoming dining location at Epcot!

The construction walls which have been surrounding the highly anticipated Connections Cafe have been removed overnight, giving us an exciting peek inside the swanky new establishment!

This all-new dining location, housed near to the Creations Shop, will also be the home of Starbucks at Epcot. The cafe was announced near the start of the year, with an expected “Spring 2022” opening date. Now the walls are down, we’re thrilled to say that the opening is right around the corner!

Looking at the cafe from the outside, we are faced with huge glass windows which let us know the inside is sure to be bright, light, and airy. The cafe boasts a big marquee sign that matches that of the Creations Shop, affirming that the store and dining location will be something of a double-act.

It’s always a good sign when you can see Spaceship Earth reflected in the windows, as it means guests visiting the cafe will have the most spectacular view as they dine!

Now, there’s a bit of a hubbub surrounding Connections Cafe this morning, and this sign lets us know why.

It looks like Cast Training is currently underground, meaning all the employees at this location will be busy learning how to make magic in this brand-new, sparkling location.

I have to say, I particularly love that bold red paintwork on either side of the cafe’s entrance. With the Starbucks logo printed boldly on each wall, the color really pops against the sleek grays of the building’s exterior.

Alright, I can’t wait any longer! Let’s have a peek through the windows, and see what this cool cafe looks like on the inside!

Peering in, the first thing we spot is this vast counter area, where guests will be able to place and collect orders.

The queue area for this main service point is very spacious, and we’re sure it’ll be packed with guests very soon! Meanwhile, it’s great to see the cast members busy learning the ropes behind the counter, all dressed in a smart shades of purple and blue.

Behind the counter, cast members are all smiles. The counter itself is stocked with chilled beverages – including those in-demand 50th Anniversary Coca-Cola bottles – and what appears to be a lot of bagged satsumas.

Now I don’t have enough barista training to give you specifics, but we can also see a lot of machines and contraptions behind the counter, all sparkling new and ready to serve up those frappes!

There is a big menu board displayed above the Starbucks counter, currently displaying a delicious lineup of cold brews and chilled treats for guests to choose from. Get your orders ready, as this bar will soon be open for business!

Interestingly, we also noticed that there is a film crew currently at work inside the cafe. Although we can’t say for sure, I’d assume they are filming some sort of promotion for the new venue, or taking photos to be used in marketing materials.

They’re getting a great look at the sparkling debut of the cafe, so I’m sure the footage will turn out awesome!

Especially with all those waving Cast Members, it looks like Connections Cafe is going to be a very welcoming environment indeed!

A particularly cool feature about the cafe is this unique display of teapots. “Innovation” and “Progress” are two key themes to Epcot, and the contraptions we can spot in this cabinet sure do make us happy for the invention of electric kettles! I have never seen some of these brewing devices before, have you?

The entire cafe is sleek and modern in aesthetic, with tones of gray and white looking fresh against light brown wooden features, such as this light fixture.

Another element to the cafe we ​​have been looking forward to seeing up-close is this huge mural.

A first look at the making of this mural was shared by Disney back in March, and you can learn more about the stunning piece of artwork here.

It looks like the cast members and/or filming crews have been using the tables for their drinks and belongings, getting first dibs on the best seats in the house! Looking past these items, we can see the sleek, dark brown chairs and tables, which look stylishly modern and comfy.

As a side note, I actually own a copy of that book on the table! The Walt Disney Film Archives makes a great read for Disney fans if you can find it.

In a different part of the cafe, guests can opt to sit on these blue armchairs, offering a more casual and cozy alternative to traditional dining seating.

These armchairs are positioned around the coolest coffee table I think I have ever seen, which depicts the Epcot logo engraved in the shiny, new tabletop.

Last month, Imagineer Zach Riddley shared a behind-the-scenes look at the planning and inspiration that went into the design of Connections Cafe. So, if you’re a fan of hidden details and backstage intel, click here to find out more!

Another highlight of the Connections Cafe is that it will boast a large, open-plan kitchen area, positioned behind glass windows. This means guests will be able to peek into the behind-the-scenes preparation of their food, which is a particularly great feature for any inquisitive, budding chefs!

I just love how open and spacious this restaurant is. It may be large but looks welcoming and friendly at the same time, a credit to the Imagineers behind the location!

Just like on the cafe counter, we can see Cast Members hard at work in the kitchen area, too.

This Cast Member looks like she’s cooking up a pizza – we can’t wait to see the full menus once they’re released!

We can see even more seating options lining the windows of the cafe, including light dining chairs, benches, and swanky armchairs.

If, like us, you can’t wait to head up to that counter to order a drink and a bite to eat, we have good news. Connections Cafe is set to open its doors to guests this Sunday! Will you be there to visit?

As always, stay tuned to for all the latest news on the Connections Cafe opening, and more. We can’t wait to see what this stylish, new dining location has to offer!

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