Cast Members Blown Away with First “Cosmic Rewind” Previews

After years of ancitation, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind” finally began its first previews yesterday, inviting lucky Walt Disney World cast members to be among the first to experience the new EPCOT thrill ride. It comes as no surprise that the overwhelming response to the first Marvel-themed attraction at the resort is rather out-of-this-world.

Our friend Nick at MagicalNewsLIVE was among the very first to board the attraction yesterday, quickly sharing that the ride is “incredible.”

“MIND IS FREAKING BLOWN! WOW!” Nick said in an earlier tweet yesterday, adding, “I HAVE NO WORDS!” just as he stepped out off the exciting new coaster.

@corispruiell I have a lot of roller coaster anxiety so riding this alone was very scary but I did it!!!! 🚀 #epcot #cosmicrewind #guardiansofthegalaxy ♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Single Version – Tears For Fears

“Guardians” Coaster: A Smooth Ride

“It is very smooth. It’s very fun. It is a coaster, truly a coaster. It is such a smooth motion, but I did think I was going to barf,” commented Cori Spruiel during her TikTok review. To be fair though, Spruiell does attribute the possibility of her motion sickness to a three-hour wait to ride. As expected with any preview, the attraction did need to close for a bit yesterday, pushing the wait for many cast members into the multiple-hour-range.

Though the ride does not go upside down, the tunes, launch system and overall level of insane energy provided by the attraction itself had Disney College Program Cast Member Zoe (@zoealexak) making a stellar comparison of “Cosmic Rewind” to a couple of other popular WDW attractions: Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain and Hollywood Studios’ Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

Guardians coaster 2022

The ride features the longest indoor track ever made at Walt Disney World and one of the longest indoor coaster tracks in the world. It also uses new ride cars that are able to turn riders 360 degrees mid-ride. Through a series of screens, the attraction immerses riders in the storyline, which we know involves efforts to save the galaxy.

Cosmic Intensity Levels Vary Based on Rider

Nick also commented on the intensity of the ride, noting that “its not a baby ride” in a tweet yesterday. Though others disagreed, commenting that the smooth launch makes the ride more family-friendly than others. One cast member (@bahnanna4) commented on Nick’s Tweet that “none of the drops were intense, the “launch” was so smooth, [and] going backwards wasn’t scary.”

Debates may continue regarding the rides perceived intensity, but the overall response continues to be exceptionally positive with many even including at the top of their must-do attraction lists now for Walt Disney World. “Listen, I will say it. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT is in the Top 5 Attractions in Disney World … Rating solely on the ride portion, this is the best ride experience Disney World has to offer,” cast member Dakota said in a Tweet (@itscampdakota) .


With a series of early offerings available to select guests over the coming weeks, the attraction officially opens to the public on May 27th. Stay tuned for more previews as the weeks approach the grand opening.

Feature Image Credit: @MagicalNewsLIVE/Twitter

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