Every Disney World 50th Celebration Tip You Need for 2022

🛑 STOP. 🛑 You’re thinking of going to visit Disney World in 2022, huh? Well before you put on those Minnie ears and stroll right down the middle of Main Street, USA, or scream your heart out on Slinky Dog Dash, there are some things you NEED to know.

Are you ready to GO?!

There’s a LOT to look forward to at Disney World this year. We’ve been holding out for a new rollercoaster for a while now and that’s not all! Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration started on October 1st of 2021, but the party doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. In fact, the 50th Anniversary celebration will run all the way through 2022 into the spring of 2023. With such a long run-time, it’s easy to forget what’s going on with the 50th Anniversary, so we put together a list of ALL our tips, tricks, and guides to help you navigate Disney World in 2022.


Your Guide to Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration!

If you’re looking for a quick reference guide that will help give you an idea of ​​what’s up with the 50th Anniversary, read this.

Let’s Celebrate!

This handy catchall page discusses ALL the new 50th Anniversary shows, decorations, dining, and more! It’s a great overview of the celebration and a wonderful place to start when planning your adventure.

Click here for our FULL guide to the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The 50 Best Ways to Celebrate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Need a little help getting into the 50th Anniversary spirit? Not really sure how to celebrate the occasion?

Nothing says ‘party’ like FIREWORKS!

Check out our top 50 suggestions that will have you excited in no time! From getting a special button to riding classic rides, you can start here if you’re looking to plan the ultimate trip with a 50th Anniversary twist!

Find Out How to Celebrate HERE!

10 Things You NEED to Bring If You’re Going to Disney World for the 50th Anniversary

No need to worry about that you’re forgetting something — DFB to the rescue!

As Scar would sing, “Be prepared!”

Click the link below and you’ll get to see our list of 10 things you’ll absolutely want to pack so that you’ll be ready to go on Day 1 at Disney World during the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Click here to Find Out EVERYTHING You Need for the 50th Anniversary!

50 Pieces of Advice for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and now we’re here to help YOU!

Stick with us and you’ll navigate the parks like a PRO!

Don’t make the same mistakes as us, follow our advice for a vacation full of smooth sailing during this extra special time.

Read ALL of Our Best Advice for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary HERE!

Disney World Has Released Over 100 (!!!) Pieces of NEW 50th Anniversary Merchandise

A BIG part of the 50th Anniversary celebration involves merchandise. There are new earsshirts, stickers, CANDLEShats, shoes, and so.much.more.

New season, new merchandise

Take a look at all the merchandise before your vacation so you can plan out all the must-get items on your wish list and establish that budget. (And maybe buy a Disney gift card or two to help keep your budgeting in check!)


New 50th Anniversary collections just keep coming, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get all of the latest updates!

Take a Look at the 50th Anniversary Merchandise HERE!

And click here to see the 50th Anniversary merchandise you can get without leaving your couch!


ALL the Treats at Disney World For the 50th Anniversary

Looking for a breakdown of ALL the 50th Anniversary exclusive treats and snacks around Disney World? We’ve got you covered!

Don’t worry, there are PLENTY of cupcakes to choose from!

Enjoy a quick and easy itemization of each and every snack created for Disney World’s birthday, and maybe make yourself a list of snacks you want to try!

Just remember that this list can also change! In early 2022 we saw some 50th Anniversary snacks go away, while new ones appeared. We even got a new specialty dish over at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Crooning Flowers Float

We’re constantly keeping an eye out for any other changes and details, so check back with us for updates.

Click here to See ALL the 50th Anniversary Treats that Were Initially Announced for Disney World

Photos AND Reviews: Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Eats and Treats!

Okay, so you know the names of all those treats that are available as part of the celebration, but how do they taste? Which ones are worth it and which are a total skip? Lucky for you, we’ve tried SO. SO. SOOOO many new 50th Anniversary foods, desserts, drinks, and snacks! (And yes, our mouths were blue for like…ever. 50th is all about the blue dye it seems! 🤣)

Why is everything so BLUE?!

You name it, we’ve probably reviewed it. Take a look at our honest opinions before spending your money on a potentially overpriced and underwhelming treat!

Check Out ALL of Our 50th Anniversary Food Reviews HERE!

And check out our video below to see 50 NEW snacks you’ll want in Disney World!

MORE 50th Anniversary Snacks (Including GIANT Lollipops)

The fresh snacks are great, but even the pre-packaged snacks have gotten a 50th Anniversary makeover! And yes, we have the photos to show you!

Rainbow popcorn!

If you’re looking for some souvenir inspiration or want to know what kind of snacks you’ll find, take a look at this post!

Click HERE to Discover All the 50th-Themed Snacks!

DFB BRACKET: Our Readers Rank Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Treats!

Don’t want to just take our word for it? Our readers have tons of helpful feedback too! That’s why we made a giant food bracket full of 50th Anniversary treats!

We’re hungry!

Torn between two tasty-looking snacks? See what everyone else voted to keep (and what to skip) before you head to the parks!

Take a Look at the Ultimate 50th Anniversary Bracket!

Our Readers’ Pick for THE BEST 50th Anniversary Snack in All of Disney World!

Who won the bracket? Don’t worry, we would never leave you hanging!

50th Celebration Hot Dog

Find out the results of the food bracket and see if you agree with the #1 BEST snack at Disney World!

Find Out Who WON the Bracket Competition HERE!

Ranking ALL the 50th Anniversary Treats in the Magic Kingdom

Speaking of rankings, we made a list ranking each special treat in MagicKingdom!

Mr Toad Dome Cake

Check out our rankings so you can narrow down your choices and avoid a snack that just doesn’t deliver compared to the other treats in the park.

Click HERE to See Our Ranking of Magic Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary Treats!

Ranking All the 50th Anniversary Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is full of iconic rides AND delicious treats, but there can only be ONE top 50th Anniversary treat.

50th Anniversary Sandwich Cookies

How do the snacks in the park stack up? Read our post and find out!

Find Out How We Ranked ALL of the Hollywood Studios 50th Anniversary Treats!

Ranking ALL the 50th Anniversary Treats in Animal Kingdom

Were there any Animal Kingdom winners in the 50th Anniversary food department? We’d say YES!

EARidescent Firefly

From colorful drinks to savory snacks, we’ve broken it all down to show you what we think about all the 50th Anniversary treats in Animal Kingdom.

Check Out Our Ranking of Disney’s Animal Kingdom 50th Anniversary Treats HERE!

Ranking All the 50th Anniversary Treats in EPCOT

Of course, we couldn’t exclude the ultimate foodie park in our rankings!

Just one of MANY 50th Anniversary Treats at Disney World!

While EPCOT doesn’t have as many exclusive new treats as some of the other parks, we still found some great new foods and drinks!

Click HERE to see How We Ranked EPCOT’s 50th Anniversary Snacks!


Disney Enchantment—Magic Kingdom

We won’t deny it. It was sad to see Disney’s Happily Ever After fireworks show leave the Magic Kingdom 😭, but luckily a NEW show has replaced it!

We 💙 fireworks

Along with the fireworks came dessert parties and more sweets! We’ve got FULL reviews of the dessert parties (including the ones that take place before the fireworks, during the fireworks, and after the fireworks).

Disney Enchantment Fireworks Party

Learn all about the new nighttime spectacular, complete with more projections, new fireworks, and a new soundtrack by clicking the link below.

Click HERE to See More About Disney’s Enchantment!

Harmonious — EPCOT

Over in EPCOT, Harmonious now lights up the World Showcase every night in a stunning display full of projections, water effects, a unique soundtrack, and more! (Again, a moment of silence quickly for those still sad about the loss of IllumiNations.)


One thing that could make or break your experience is standing in a bad spot for the show. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our FULL photo guide of the best and worst spots to view Harmonious in EPCOT!

Strawberry trifle

Dining packages are also able to be booked for Harmonious at select restaurants, and we’ve got a FULL review of this experience here.

Find Out EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Harmonious Here!

Kite Tails — Animal Kingdom

While some of the other parks got nighttime spectaculars for the 50th, Animal Kingdom got a new daytime show called KiteTails. This show has had quite the special reaction with audiences! And some people (including quite a few on our team) are DEFINITELY on the KiteTails hype train. Let’s just say, giant kites being pulled around on fast-moving jet skis can lead to some pretty epic moments (and epic, yet purposeful falls 😂).

Disney Kite Tails🧡

Take a look at the kite-tastic show on the water and let us know your thoughts!

Click HERE to See KiteTails in Action!

Beacons of Magic

Hopping back to time in the parks at night, one special thing the 50th Anniversary brought with it are new “Beacons of Magic” looks and effects for the 4 major park icons (and EPCOT’s is actually a permanent new look!).

Spaceship Earth Beacon of Magic

Some of these nighttime “Beacon of Magic” looks are truly spectacular and a must-see during your trip.

Click here to see the new nighttime looks for all 4 of the Disney World icons

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure — EPCOT

🚨 New ride alert! 🚨 Aside from new snacks and entertainment, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary has also brought some new RIDES with it too! Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure debuted not too long ago in EPCOT.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Learn all about the adorable new attraction and find out some hidden secret details about it before you go explore Paris with Remy!

Learn About Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure HERE!

NEW 50th Anniversary Cavalcade — Magic Kingdom

Oh, yeah, and there’s a new 50th celebration cavalcade in the Magic Kingdom, too!

Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade

The cavalcade features Mickey, Minnie, and some of their friends all dressed in their 50th best. It’s a 50th Anniversary treat you won’t want to miss.

Click HERE to see the NEW Cavalcade!

But Wait…There’s MORE!

And that’s all just the tip of the iceberg!! In terms of 50th anniversary celebrations or new things that have arrived during the 50th, we’ve already experienced the opening of La Creperie de Paris other steak house 71, the arrival of the Fab 50 Golden Sculptures, a 50th Anniversary celebration at California Grillat update to the Electrical Water Pageantand SO MUCH MORE!

New 50th Anniversary scene added to the Electrical Water Pageant

And there’s more to come, including MagicBand+, “Hey, Disney!”, and more. Just keep in mind that 50th Anniversary offerings can come and go or change at any point, so be sure to see what’s available during your trip.

By the time you read all these posts, you’ll be the most knowledgeable vacationer in your family! But don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from, so stay tuned for even more Disney news and information.

Click here for more about how to celebrate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary!

Are you planning a trip to Disney in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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