Guardians of the Galaxy Merch Arrives at EPCOT

If you’ve been following along with MickeyBlog you’ll know that our MickeyBloggers Greg and Elyssa had a chance to check out Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time and all we can say is WOW! We’re also pleased to share the news that the Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise has already arrived at EPCOT and we’re excited to give you a first look.

Above is a look at one of the Star Blaster replicas that available for purchase.

We managed to pick up one of these really cool Nova Corps keychains.

We love the copper metallic strips and logo on this Nova Corps t-shirt.

Patches are also available like the Terra Division version above.

There were smaller items for purchase including magnets, notebooks and keychains.

There’s also a Nova Corps shoulder bag.

The Nova Corps t-shirt below features a style that mimics those of the cast member uniforms for Cosmic Rewind.

There was a whole display of cool Nova Corps mugs.

We loved the raised arm of the mug as well as the Terran Division written on the platform.

You can complete look with Nova Corps cap.

It features a slight graph pattern.

One of our favorite items has to be these cassette tape crossbody bags.

It shows one of Star-Lord’s mix tapes.

Kids are sure to be amazed at the awesome apparel and ship models available for purchase.

We love the backpack below that features the iconic Starblaster.

There’s also some real retro items.

Just check out the Guardians t-shirts and water bottles.

You can cosplay as Star-Lord with your very own jacket.

There are several different types of water bottles in stock. we love the green to blue ombre design of the one below.

These bottles have the Guardians logo.

A woman’s tank top below was done in a traditional rock n’ roll poster style.

There’s also a faded black t-shirt version.

Modeled after a vintage tour shirt the back reads “Galaxy Tour” with a list of dates.

Below are one of the displays in the shop featuring hats, cosplay items, stickers, tees and more!

The ball caps feature a portrait of each of the Guardians.

In addition to the Star-Lord jacket you can also get a Gamora top.

Similar to the ball cap are also t-shirts that feature the Guardians portraits.

The Star-Lord jacket is definitely proving to be wildly popular!

It retails for $99.99.

The retro Guardians shirt features racing stripes up the side.

It features multi-colored Guardians logos.

It matches the water bottles that also feature a multi-colored logo design.

This line of merch has a great 80s feel.

Also featuring the Guardians logo is the faded black tank below.

It features a bright multi-colored logo.

You can even get a fanny pack to match your tank top.

We love the Guardians of the Galaxy ceramic mugs above. They feature some of our favorite characters as well as Spaceship Earth.

Also in the same style are 5 x 7″ photo frames that feature an white Spaceship Earth pattern.

Another cool item of apparel is the retro-style ringer t-shirt below Starblaster, Spaceship Earth and the Milano.

The shirt features the Guardians of the Galaxy logo and says Spaceships in large letters.

There are matching notebooks in the collection.

There’s a scoop neck sweatshirt that features Groot, Rocket, the EPCOT pillars and Spaceship Earth.

You can also see the Wonders of Xandar Pavilion in the image.

Add some Guardians of the Galaxy magic to your home with this throw blanket.

It features a retro-style graphic of the Xandar Pavilion and has the Guardians of the Galaxy logo.

There’s a fun array of items for tiny Guardians fans.

The includes this youth-sized t-shirt that features different phases of Groot.

There’s also this pink 700 jumps fuchsia tank.

Along with a blue “I am Groot” Youth Sweatshirt.

It shows Groot as a child, a teenager and an adult.

How cute is this v-neck t-shirt that shows Groot peeking out from the pocket.

We suspect that the Groot plush dolls will definitely be a hit

As a matter of fact, there’s a whole wall of them!

Other household items include Cosmic Rewind glasses.

There’s also these succulent pots featuring Groot.

They come with faux plants but can easily be used for your favorite flowers.

Another item that Disney teases on TikTok were these squeezable Groot dolls which you can use to make his eyes really pop!

There’s also a comic-book style 700 jumps youth t-shirt featuring Groot and Rocket.

You can start your morning with a smile with an adorable I am Groot mug!

It features his grinning face.

You can celebrate Groot on your fridge with the magnet set below.

Again it features images of Groot at various ages.

Want to look like an official Nova Corps member?

Then how about one of these hats or t-shirts.

The shirts feature a raised Nova Corps design.

They even say “Honorary Guardians.”

The hats do as well and feature a geometric pattern on the brim.

We love the metallic gold hues on this hat.

Matching the t-shirt and hat is a zip up jacket.

It features an Honorary Guardian patch on the arm.

It is made of a thick knit fabric and features metal embellishments.

We love the two-tone blue colorway of the Nova Corps ringer t-shirt below.

The Nova Corps logo is in a light maroon color.

You can get a closer look at the Gamora shirt from the mannequin below.

As well as the Wonders of Xandar Starblaster display.

Readers are encouraged to keep following along with us here at MickeyBlog for further news and updates! We’ll be coming to you LIVE! from the theme parks each and every week.

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