Help! I Got Sick at Disney World!

There are few things more frustrating than getting sick at the most magical place on Earth. It can already be taxed to plan a Disney trip. Finding reasonable flights, grabbing in-demand dinner reservations, and navigating Genie+ are not for the casual traveler.

After all the preparations, falling ill on a trip is unthinkable. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

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After years of modified travel and COVID restrictions, my husband and I planned an extra special Walt Disney World trip. Not only would we see all four parks, but we were also visiting the Universal Orlando Resort, seeing the new Cirque Du Soleil show, and eating at several Signature restaurants.

You can imagine my disappointment when my throat started to feel raw on day number three. Brushing it off as seasonal allergies, I continued on my way. By day four, I found myself napping in public. And by day five, I gave in to the inevitable. I was sick.

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While lying in bed that morning, I scoured the internet. Fortunately, I found one pandemic silver lining. Disney World now has more health care resources than ever before.

I learned that the folks who used to do temperature checks at the park gates, AdventHealth, were the official health providers of Disney World. There is a slew of medical resources available for onsite guests, but the most appealing feature to me was the virtual health care visit. As someone who wasn’t experiencing an emergency and didn’t have a car, this was heaven-sent.

(171) New Health & Wellness Resources From AdventHealth | Walt Disney World Resort – YouTube

As instructed, I searched for ‘AdventHealth’ through the My Disney Experience app and found a page entitled ‘Guest Health Services Presented by AdventHealth’. On that page, I quickly scrolled to the section entitled ‘Video Visits’.

Next, I downloaded the AdventHealth app and got connected to a doctor for a virtual appointment. (Pro Tip: I initially had some frustrations getting connected to my video visit and creating my AdventHealth profile. I found that occasionally disconnecting from Disney’s complimentary Wi-Fi helped me get through technical hiccups.)

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Considering cost, the virtual appointment costs a total of $59.00. (Keep in mind, this may be cheaper depending on your insurance plan coverage.)

After a brief conversation, the doctor I spoke to was able to diagnose my illness and recommend a handful of prescription medications. Fortunately, she was able to recommend I use the AdventHealth Pharmacy in Celebration, Florida – which would deliver my medications directly to my Disney resort.

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They also provided an expedited delivery option, albeit at a higher cost. Desperate to get better, I opted for the upcharge fee, and I received my medication by the early afternoon.

While that day was a bust park-wise, AdventHealth was an end-of-trip lifesaver. A day of rest (along with some meds) revived me so I could enjoy my last full day.

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I sincerely hope that I never have to utilize AdventHealth services again, but I couldn’t have been more grateful for their partnership with Disney. Allow me to leave you with more advice to have on hand –

  • Disney Wi-Fi is not always your friend, especially when utilizing the AdventHealth app. Be willing to experiment with turning it off and on or walking outside for better reception
  • Even if you travel light, never travel without your health insurance information. At the least, have a picture of your health insurance cards on your phone.
  • AdventHealth is supposed to send your phone a push notification when your medication has arrived at the resort, but I personally never received mine. If you think the wait has gone on too long, give the pharmacy a call directly. They will be able to verify delivery without you checking at the resort’s front desk.
  • Medications are supposed to be technically held at the luggage check area, but they get delivered to the front desk first. Check the front desk before waiting in a long line of people dropping off/checking a week’s worth of luggage.
  • Bring some preventative items and follow best practices to avoid sickness in the first place. Airborne makes a variety of immune-boosting supplements, like gummies and powdered drinks. Drink plenty of water daily. And lastly, pace yourself. Wearing yourself out is only going to weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to viruses.
  • Most importantly, while no one wants to give up even an hour of vacation, a rest day can save your trip. Whether you’re napping by the pool or recovering in your room after talking to an AdventHealth doctor, give your body a break. The quicker you recover, the quicker you’ll be walking towards Cinderella Castle.

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I wish you many happy and healthy Disney trips! But if any kind of bug does get you down, take comfort in the fact that Disney World is well equipped to get you back on your feet.

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