How Can You Get Ready for Disney Park Tech?

MickeyTravels experts Greg and Elyssa Antonelle recently performed an interview with Insider.

During that conversation, Greg spoke about the rising importance of technology at Disney theme parks.

Frankly, if you haven’t visited in a while, you could feel overwhelmed by the newfound reliance on tech. But thankfully, there are plenty of steps you can take.

Here are several ways to prepare for Disney park tech and position yourself to enjoy a relaxing vacation at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Use mobile ordering at home

Let’s start with the easiest one, as you can practice it more than anything else.

You should get in the habit of using Mobile Ordering at restaurants in your own area. Presumably, many of you already are.

mobile order

However, I’m speaking to those who don’t rely on tech as much. You folks should pick two or three of the restaurants where you eat regularly.

Then, download their apps and order your food that way. You’ll quickly discover that Mobile Ordering makes your life so much simpler…when it works.

Disneyland dining reopening

Some businesses operate better Mobile Ordering options than others. Unfortunately, the worst of them might leave you kicking and screaming.

My wife just tried to get something at Subway for me the other day. By the time she got home, she was in such a rage that I ate in another room.

Disney mobile ordering

Bad tech can really frustrate even the calmest among us, which my wife is. That’s why you should practice now to learn the ins and outs.

Book in Advance

Part of Disney’s advancement in tech has come with a desire to know guest behavior ahead of time.


Apple App Store

Disney added Park Passes as a requirement during the pandemic. Now, they seem likely to stay, as management really likes them.

Similarly, Disney reduced the booking window on Advanced Dining Reservations from 180 days to 60 days.

Also, you can and should purchase admission tickets ahead of time. Otherwise, you won’t even possess the ability to book a Park Pass.

So, you can get an early start on dealing with Disney tech by booking early. You can buy tickets, book Park Passes, and schedule Advanced Dining Reservations.

Now, I would suggest that you save yourself the stress by speaking to a Mickey Travels agent. These professionals can do all those things for you.

advanced dining reservations

Photo: Disney

However, you may want to dip your toe in the water on some stuff as well. I’d especially recommend that you try the dining reservations, even if you’re not sure you will use them.

You’ll better understand the mercurial nature of Disney’s booking windows.


Photo: Disney

When you try to grab a table, you’ll recognize just how many other people are visiting Disney at the same time as you.

Use a digital key at a hotel

Now that the pandemic has mostly ended, many of us have returned to the office. But, unfortunately, this reset also means that we’re traveling for work more.

So, we’re taking more trips of the weekend getaway variety. So, you may have opportunities to stay at hotels before your next big Disney trip.

What you may not know is that many hotels utilize digital keys now. So your smartphone can unlock your door and handle other aspects of your folio.

Dury Hotel Disney World

Image Credit: Dury Hotels

You can bill meals to your room via smartphone at these forward-thinking establishments, just like at Disney.

Spending a day or two at one of these places will better prepare you for Disney’s tech enhancements.

Mickey cell phone

Research! Research! Research!

Okay, here’s a non-technical way you can prepare for a better Disney park experience, one that Greg drove home in the Insider article.

Research is crucial to a high-quality Disney vacation.

Mickey blog

If you show up without having done your homework, it’s like you’re playing a videogame with a broken controller. You’ve got no hope.

Sites like Mickey Blog exist to aid you in preparing for your dream trip. We warn you about emerging park issues like the 7 am Struggle.

Similarly, we post how-to articles about topics like Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane, park pro tips, the best/worst restaurants, and the like.

When you read these articles, you’ll have a deeper understanding of potential problem spots during your vacation. You’ll know that you’ll rely on Disney tech the most from 7 am until you’re inside the park.

After that, everything is straightforward. You look at attraction wait times, order meals, and possibly book Lightning Lane experiences.

Play Disney Parks app

Getting to that point smoothly is what differentiates the Disney veterans from the noobs.

By doing your research, you’ll know that Disney resort guests can enter the parks early and ride something ahead of everyone else.You’ll also be aware of which attractions require the longest average waits.

Finally, you’ll know which Disney Genie+/Lightning Lane options justify the expense vs. waste your money.

Never underestimate the value of knowledge in visiting a Disney theme park.

This information can and will help you with Disney tech as well. You’ll know all the changes before everyone else!

Magic Kingdom 50th

Add Batteries and Cables to Your Travel Pack

One of the drawbacks of Disney’s tech changes underscores the challenges of the modern world.

Your smart devices contain a limited amount of juice. Unfortunately, that percentage readout becomes your worst enemy as your park day continues.

Photo source: Engadget

By 3 pm, you may find yourself worrying about whether you have enough battery remaining to do everything on your itinerary.

You need a charged phone for Disney Genie+, Lightning Lane, dining reservations/Mobile Orders, and park admission.

Disney phone charger

When you’re short on juice, you’re in a world of hurt. Now, Disney does sell plenty of batteries and cables at the parks…but the price mark-up stings.

Instead, you should order an extra battery and some charging cables on Amazon. Then, you should add them to your park visit travel pack. Having a fully charged smart device will go a long way in keeping you calm during your vacation.

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