How Many of These Unicorn Disney Experiences Have You Had?

Some Disney theme park opportunities rest beyond your control. Instead, they must happen organically.

In fact, you may not even recognize that some of these things can happen during a visit.

Photo: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

So, let’s talk about the unicorn Disney experiences, the random stuff. Afterwards, you can tell us how many you’ve done!

Cast Member Magic

Let’s start with the one who will explain what we’re discussing today.

Cast Members

Photo: Disney

When you visit a Disney theme park, you become a part of the show. As a result, everything you do comes with a certain amount of randomness.

You never know what will happen next. Usually, almost all the possibilities are good options, but a few unfortunate ones could occur as well.

To wit, you should always Treat cast members kindly. First, it’s just the decent way to act, especially at Disney.

Also, cast members possess special powers. When a park worker notices a guess in need of some pixie dust, they’ll sprinkle this individual with magic.

You never know what kind of Magical Moment will ensue. Someone might give you a free Lightning Lane for a ride or a snack or maybe even a free piece of merchandise.

These events can take on any form. For instance, a dear friend was talking about how she spilled her drink at Woody’s Lunch Box yesterday.

Photo Credit: Steven Diaz, photographer

Before she had time to react, a cast member had already brought her a replacement drink, sandwich, and some stuff to help with the clean-up.

Sometimes we just need a friend, even at Disney. That’s where cast members come into play!

Cast Members

There’s really no way to increase your odds of receiving a Magical Moment.

However, I do know from interacting with cast members and personal experience that buttons help.

Cast Members

Cast members want you to feel special when you’re visiting on a birthday or anniversary or graduation! So, they’ll do what they can to make your great moment even better!

Dining at Club 33

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Club 33 represents a series of private restaurants at Disney theme parks.

Club 33 Disneyland

Photo Credit: Tim Rue –

The first one opened at Disneyland during the opening days of New Orleans Square in 1967.

Walt Disney World added its Club 33 restaurants over the past four years. Each theme park operates one now.

However, you cannot eat here unless you’re a member of Club 33. And that’s NOT cheap.

Despite that obstacle, this one is the unicorn experience you can control the most out of everything I list here.

No, I’m not saying you can or should join Club 33. I recognize that’s impossible for most people.

Still, you may know someone who either owns a membership at Club 33 or knows someone who does.

I’ve never eaten at Club 33 personally, but I’ve had a standing invitation for several years now. So, I could theoretically check this one off the list soon.

club 33

I hope that you’re fortunate enough to have either dined at Club 33 or get to do it one day!

emergency evacuation

As I said, not every unicorn event at Disney theme parks is positive. That said, ride evacuation is the one “negative” experience many park guests desire.

(Brian Rokos/Riverside Press-Enterprise)

You can probably put two and two together on what emergency evacuations are, even if you’ve never heard the term before now.

Sometimes, a Disney attraction tears up in a way where the ride won’t finish its run. So, you’re stuck in your ride cart, not moving and never reaching your destination.

That’s where ride evacuations come into play. All Disney attractions include safety exits.

You’ll never notice them unless you look hard when the lights are on. I swear that they’re there, though.

Well, when things go wrong, cast members might show you where they are.

In extremely rare instances, guests must exit their stopped vehicles and depart the ride the non-magical way.

Here’s an example from Expedition Everest:

Some Disney fans LIVE for the thought of ride evacuations! But, having been on more than one, I don’t get why.

Honorary Grand Marshal

There you are, casually starting your park day at Magic Kingdom. Then, suddenly, some kindly cast member taps you on the shoulder.

This person starts asking you specifics about yourself, your traveling party, and other seemingly innocent questions.

You may not realize it, but the Disney employee is feeling you out about whether you’d make for a good Honorary Grand Marshal!

grand marshal

Photo: Disney

When you’re the Honorary Grand Marshal, you’ll ride at the front of the parade.

Disney will seat you in a classic jalopy and then chauffeur you through the parade route. you want definitely feel like the most important person at Magic Kingdom!

Knights in Belle’s Tales

Out of every unicorn event we discuss here, the two you’re most likely to experience are cast member magic and this one.

Enchanted Tales with Belle isn’t open at Walt Disney World right now, although I expect that to change quite soon.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

When the attraction returns, you’ll once again enter the world of Beauty and the Beast, retelling the story and possibly even playing one of the roles.

Cast members grab people from the audience and ask them to roleplay as knights and horses and other silly creatures. It’s an adorable experience.


Even better, if you visit Enchanted Tales with Belle five or six times, the odds are high that you’ll get cast at some point.

the spy

Finally, your shifty appearance and treacherous nature will benefit you at Disney!

Star Tours Skywalker

On Star Tours – The Adventures Continue!, every ride harbors a secret fugitive.

Yes, the First Order seeks The Spy, a cunning being who hath escaped the long arm of the law thus far.

This experience is another one you’ll eventually check off your unicorn list, as long as you ride it enough.

Disneyland secrets

There are a fixed number of seats in each attraction room. So, ride it that many times, and you’ll eventually play The Spy!

that guy

This one works similarly to Star Tours, only in a more open-ended format.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

During each Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor presentation, the unseen cast members tell a story about trying to power the building.

Each time, the narrators target an individual as “That Guy,” the one who becomes the subject of several jokes.

This role is actually more significant than The Spy, which is more of an isolated experience.

When you’re That Guy, you can make faces, ham it up, and act ridiculous, thereby entertaining hundreds of other guests in the room.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

Due to the theater seating at Laugh Floor, the odds aren’t in your favor. You’d have to visit this one A LOT to become That Guy.

Then again, you might get lucky at some point. I’ve never been That Guy or The Spy in all my time visiting Disney theme parks. So, there is substantial randomness to it.

theme park


Okay, those are the unicorn events at Disney that could happen at some point…but you’ll never know when! How many of them have you done? I’m only at 3.

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