How to Pack for a Summer Trip to Disney World

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It feels like spring just started, but summer will be here before you know it!

It got really busy this morning.

And, if you’re planning a summer trip to Disney World, you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind when it comes to packing. There are certain strategies that’ll come in handy to assure your summer travels go as smooth as a leisurely boat ride on Gran Fiesta Tour!

With summer comes glorious visions of summer vacation, and it doesn’t get any more magical than a trip to Disney World.

Crowds in Magic Kingdom

But you know what isn’t glorious? Being unprepared or under-packed for a vacation in the Most Magical Place on Earth! Nothing magical about getting caught unprepared in a downpour, after all.

Rainy weather

Here’s how to pack for a summer trip to Disney World


If there’s one crucial necessity for a summer packing list to Disney World, it’s sunscreen. If you’re gonna be visiting the Sunshine State at its most scorching time of year, you need to be prepared!

Sunscreen is available at many stores around the parks and hotels!

Sure, sometimes Disney World has been known to show mercy and dole out free sunscreen, but that’s a rare treat and not something you can bank on.

Free sunscreen in EPCOT! But, this doesn’t happen often.

instead, you’d be wise to pack some high-SPF sunscreen ahead of time. Obviously, there are plenty of places you can buy some in the parks and resorts, but rest assured they will be a lot more expensive than your neighborhood pharmacy.

Reusable water bottles

Here’s a tip that’ll save you money and keep you quenched! Ensuring you’re drinking enough water on a consistent basis while you’re hoofing it around the sweltering parks all day is essentialbut rather than continuously buy overpriced bottled water, just bring your own reusable one!

Water bottles in EPCOT

Not only are they much more eco-friendly, but they’ll save you money since you can just refill your own bottle for free throughout the day!

Baby Yoda water bottles

There are loads of options out there, including in the parks, but if you want to stay on brand and save some money, check out this blueberry-themed Mickey cutie!


You can buy the Blueberry Mickey Water Bottle for $13.99 on Target.

Click here to buy the Blueberry Mickey Water Bottle

sun protection

lists, there’s only so much sunscreen can do. It’s not a superhero! When you’re vacationing someplace as sunny and hot as Disney World, you’ll need all the help you can get. That means sunglasses and a sun hat!

Sunglasses at Disney Springs

happy, these are accessories that you can make fashionablelike with these retro polka-dot sunglasses giving us Minnie Mouse vibes!


You can buy the Polka Dot Sunglasses for $12.99.

Click here to buy the Polka Dot Sunglasses

And you know what would pair nicely with those shades? A Minnie Mouse bucket has, of course!

Minnie Mouse Bucket Hat

The Minnie Bucket hat is available for $29.99.

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handheld fan

Between the sun and the heat, it’s pretty obvious that a recurring theme for your summer packing list is going to include things that’ll keep you shaded and cool.

Ah Shade

Case in point: the handy-dandy portable fan! As convenient as they are cooling, these things make a huge difference in regulating body tempespecially as you’re waiting in line for hours in the direct sun!


You can buy this handheld fan on Amazon for $11.04.

Click here to buy the Handheld Fan


On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s good to remember that summer is hurricane season in Floridaso you more than likely will get wet!

Rainy day at Hollywood Studios

So you’re better off coming prepared, and having things like a rain jacket, small umbrella, and water-repellant shoe-protectors in tow!

Rain jacket

Obviously, you can find endless versions of Disney-themed rain jackets online, but we do love this Mickey Mouse Snacks Rain Jacket you can get from shopDisney!


You can pick up this adorable jacket for $54.99

Click here to buy the Mickey Mouse Snacks Rain Jacket

Another helpful accessory to bring along is an umbrella! Available for $24.99, this Reactive Starwars umbrella is particularly fun. While it starts out black and white…


…in the rain it changes colors!


Click here to buy the Reactive Starwars umbrella

Comfortable walking shoes

Speaking of footwear, one thing you’ll definitely need (regardless of the forecast) is a good pair of comfy, durable walking shoes.

Be sure to find a comfy pair of shoes for your park days!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you’ll do a lot of walking at Disney World! Like, a lot more than you expect! So you’ll need proper footwear that won’t hurt your feet, cause blisters, or fall apart!

Native Shoes

In other footwear-related needs, it’s a good idea to pack a pair of comfy flip-flops or waterproof sandals for when it rains and you don’t want to get your shoes wet! Native Shoes, Crocs, and slip-on sandals are all great options for this. For example, these Magic Kingdom Map Crocs are a fun themed pair to have on hand.


You can pick these up for $59.99.

Click here to buy Magic Kingdom Map Crocs


Another thing you’ll need for the pool, of course, is a cute swimsuit! It’ll be hot, it’ll be sunny, you deserve a dip in the pool.

Disney’s Grand Florida Resort & Spa

Fortunately, there are lots of adorable Disney-themed options out there!

Lightweight clothes

Another good thing to keep in mind when packing for a summer trip is to keep things light — and as dry as possible.

Your clothes might get soaked

Since you’ll need to be wary of both intense heat and sun, as well as rain, this means you’ll want to emphasize short sleeves (much more breathable in the sun), lightweight layersand clothes that won’t become a sopping-wet mess in the rain (ie avoid the cotton).

Lots of options

conveniently, lighter layers and shorter sleeves so pack up nice and snuglyso you’ll be able to maximize your suitcase space as well!

Portable phone chargers

Since technology and smartphones are practically a requisite for visiting Disney World nowadays, you can bet that you’ll be on your phone a lotwhether you want to be or not.

phone cases

Coupled with the fact that you’ll be killing time in line on your phone for hours, it won’t take long to drain the battery! And having a dead phone at Disney World is never a good idea — how are you going to place a Mobile Order?! Or, literally anything else?

You might need your phone for this

That’s why bringing a portable phone chargerthe kind that can easily get folded into a back pocket or tucked into a purse, will be a game-changer for you and your family, assuring you’re not left stranded without access to PhotoPass or dining reservations.

PhotoPass Card at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

With the summer travel season coming in hot, it’s important to come prepared and pack smartlyand that means strategizing with the right layers, the right tools, and the right fashion sense!

How to Pack Light For a Day at Disney World (And Not Regret It)

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What are your key strategies for a stress-free summer day at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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