If You Like Beaches and Cream, You Might Also Like the Fountain in Disney World

We know, we know. You only get to Disney World so many times each year and you might have a long list of reasons why every trip you’ve simply GOT to hit up that one beloved spot. But, what if one year your go-to spot doesn’t have any reservations available? Or maybe you’ve got some in the group who are starting you to change things up, just this once! 🙏🏻 Well, whether you’re looking to explore a new spot, need to find another reservation, or want to change things up but not change them up too much, we’ve got a very special tip!

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There are some incredible ice cream spots around Disney World, and you don’t even have to enter a Disney Park to get to some of the best! If you’re a diehard Beaches & Cream fan, you might think that going to ANY other ice cream spot on property is blasphemous! But hear us out — have you ever been to The Fountain? Both locations serve Retro ice cream parlor vibes, classic diner eatsand huge portions of ice cream and sundaes. It’s not a question of which spot is better, but if you do love Beaches and Cream, here’s why you might want to visit The Fountain during your next trip.

Before we can get into why you might want to try The Fountain, let’s break down each restaurant and their specialties.

Breaking Down the Restaurants

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop Generally

Beaches & Creamlocated at Disney’s Beach Club Resort hotel, serves classic diner food including HUGE ice cream sundaes other over the top milkshakes.

Beaches and Cream

it has Beachfront retro vibes and there’s even a to go counter for quick service!

Retro vibes

Beaches & Cream is famous for its Giant Kitchen Sink Sundae, which has scoops of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies ‘n cream, and mint chocolate chip. It’s topped with hot fudge, peanut butter, pieces of Snickers, and a fresh-baked brownie. Then it’s essentially SMOTHERED in every additional topping they’ve got. Basically, it’s paradise. 😍

The Kitchen Sink Sundae is meant to serve four people and it’s not for the faint of heart.

The Kitchen Sink Sundaes at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

But, this spot isn’t just about the ice cream. You’ll also find a variety of entrees here, pretty much along with the likes of what you’d find at a diner.

Good sammies HAVE to come with a pickle

And don’t forget that while the Kitchen Sink is the star, there are also specialty shakes and smaller sundaes that’ll still satisfy that sweet tooth. Try the No Way Jose, just trust us!

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The Fountain Generally

The Fountain is another ice cream shop located close by, in the Disney World Dolphin Resort hotel. Like Beaches & Cream, The Fountain features retro diner eats other hand-dipped ice cream cones and sundaes.

The Fountain Entrance

The Fountain is styled with 1950s soda shop decor and it also has a to go counter.

The Fountain

You can Create Your Own Sundae or go for a boozy milkshake like the Grasshoppermade with minty chip ice cream, Bailey’s, crème de cocoa, whipped cream, crème de menthe, and a grasshopper cookie on top.

Grasshopper Shake at The Fountain in the Disney World Dolphin

What’s better than a regular ole milkshake? A boozy milkshake, of course!

Philly Cheesesteak and Fries

Again, like Beaches & Cream, this spot also serves up some fairly standard eats like chili, burgers, and a grilled cheese.

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Both restaurants serve throwback diner vibeswith Beaches & Cream giving a little more of a beachy, boardwalk feel. Beaches & Cream has a brighter, lighter interior

Inside Beaches and Cream

…whereas The Fountain’s interior is a little darker.

Beaches & Cream tends to be busier, probably because of its overall popularity and its proximity to the Stormalong Bay pool area. Chili cheese fries and an ice cream sundae seem like the perfect fuel for a day-long pool adventure in this sandy-bottom oasis! If you’re planning to stop at Beaches & Cream, it’s best to plan for an advanced reservation.

The Fountain

Because it’s a little more tucked away within the Dolphin Resort, The Fountain can usually accommodate walk-ins. But you could look into getting a reservation for this spot as well.

Both restaurants are located in the EPCOT resort area, which makes them accessible to people staying in nearby hotels, or people who don’t want to enter a Disney Park for a special ice cream treat!

Here’s a specialty milkshake The Fountain has featured in the past!


the prices for both shops are fairly comparableand they’re both some of the cheapest options for table service at Disney World.

Both ice cream shops obviously serve ice cream (of course!), and they also serve diner-style food. Beaches & Cream features Classic diner food entreessearch as Angus Beef Burger for $19 other Grilled cheese for $14

Beaches and Cream Lunch Menu©Disney

…whereas The Fountain has quite a few more entry optionsincluding several different burger optionsa Classic Hot Dog for $12a Grilled Chicken BLT for $15.50and more. The Fountain’s prices for burgers are about the same as Beaches & Cream, and there are a few more options for a range of palettes. The Fountain’s menu also includes saladsif you want to eat some greens before nomming on ice cream.

The Fountain Menu©Disney

Both menus also include sides (or starters & shareables as The Fountain calls them). Beaches & Cream has various Tater Dead Sides for $9 and there are some fries and other things for around $6.

Beaches & Cream Menu©Disney

The Fountain’s starters are just slightly lower in price and there are a few more unique options, like the Soft Pretzel Bites for $7.50. These menu options are a reasonably priced option for families who enjoy ordering lots of side dishes.

The Fountain Menu©Disney

Both restaurants include a kids’ menu as well with some classics like cheeseburgers and mac and cheese.

Beaches & Cream and The Fountain also offer classic ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and even Alcohol spins on shakes and floats. They usually feature seasonal flavors other special limited treats at times. Beaches & Cream specializes in sundaesand they have a number of sundae concoctions ranging from $8 all the way to $35 for the Kitchen Sink Sundae.

Beaches and Cream Menu©Disney

Beaches & Cream also features double hand scooped ice cream, waffle and sugar cones, malts, shakes, ice cream sodaand specialty shakes. theirs Ice cream flavors are pretty standard, including classics like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip. But the combination of classic flavors and delicious toppings makes some of these creations beyond special!

Beaches and Cream Menu©Disney

The Fountain specializes in shakes and sundaes, with tons of unique options for guests, including the PB&J Shakewhich has Peanut Butter and Strawberry Ice Creamfor $8.50. (Just for comparison, shakes, and malts at Beaches & Cream, in comparison, cost around $8.)

The boozy Grasshopper milkshake at The Fountain costs $12and you’ll find some other alcoholic shakes here as well as over at Beaches & Cream.

The Fountain©Disney

The Fountain also has hand scooped ice cream other a lot more flavor options. You’ll find your classic ice cream flavors here, but you’ll also find more unique ones like Banana Walnut, Caramel cappuccino, Cheesecake, Rainbow Sherbetand even Yoghurt options. There’s also soft-serve ice cream, sauces, and toppings, which you can get on ice creams in a range of sizes costing from $5.50 to $8.50.

The Fountain©Disney

Unlike Beaches & Cream, The fountain also has a bakery counter where they typically sell fresh Cakes, cookies, browniesand pee for fairly reasonable prices. Cookies and brownies cost $3and slices of cake and pies sell for $4.50.

Fountain Bakery Counter

What it really comes down to (for ice cream purposes) is whether you’re looking for a ginormous sundae like the Kitchen Sink Sundaeor a smaller portion of a milkshake or float with some more unique flavors.

No Way Jose at Beaches and Cream

If you’re a fan of retro ice cream shop vibes and diner food, you’ll probably enjoy Beaches & Cream AND The Fountain. If you’re looking for a reservation that’s not as difficult to grab, try The Fountain!

You Will NOT Believe What Ice Cream Disney Almost Created.

Where Should You Choose to Eat?

Both of these dining options offer retro diner food and vibesand are even generally around the same price point (both pretty economical when compared to other table service restaurants at Disney World).

Beaches & Cream gets a lot of love and fame for its over-the-top Kitchen Sink Sundae. Couple that with some other really tasty treats here and it smallish (though recently expanded) dining room and this can be one tough reservation to secure. The noise level here can also get a bit high since it’s just off the Stormalong Bay pool area and that pool energy can sometimes filter into the restaurant.

Let’s go!

The Fountain is a little more tucked away and quiet, but still delivers in terms of nostalgic eats and ice cream treats. It’s usually a little less crowded and doesn’t have the noise level of being near a pool. It also has some more unique ice cream flavors to pick from and more in terms of appetizers and entrees as well.

Pretzel Bites and Dip from The Fountain

Beaches & Cream has a high-energy & more excitable atmosphere, while the fountain provides a calmer and tamer environment.

But rest assured both restaurants give you the opportunity to consume excessive amounts of delicious ice cream creations and diner-style food. 😂

Vanilla Mickey Confetti Milkshake

On any given day, it’ll likely be easier to get a reservation for The Fountain (or sometimes just walk on in!) over Beaches & Cream. (But remember you can try to grab something from Beaches & Cream’s to-go area if it’s a must-try for you!) Still, we think that if you like Beaches & Cream, you’ll likely also enjoy The Fountain and who knows ?! It might just become your new must-visit spot for upcoming trips! What do you think? Are you a fan of Beaches & Cream, The Fountain, or both? Which do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

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