Is Disney’s Star Wars Hotel JUST for Fans of the Series? The Answer May Surprise You.

We’re going to infinity and beyo…oh wait wrong space movie. Let’s try that again — for the first time EVER, guests visiting Disney World can travel to a galaxy far, far away for a 2-night immersive experience onboard the ✨fanciest✨ starcruiser there is!

Galactic Starcruiser

That’s right, we’re talking about Starwars: Galactic Starcruiser! This first-of-its-kind hotel plops guests directly into the middle of a conflict between the First Order and the Resistance where they get to choose their allegiance in the 2-night part escape game, part murder mystery-style experience. But, if you’re not in the camp that LOVES Starwars, will you find yourself regretting every single cent that you spent to stay there? Probably no, but maybe yes. Let’s explain.

What the Star Wars hotel is and is not.

First up, let’s do a quick overview of what exactly the Starwars hotel is like. While the Galactic Starcruiser is known as a hotel, really the only thing that makes it a hotel is that there are beds and a big ‘ol building. But, that building is much more than just a Starwars-themed concrete box, it’s actually a Starcruiser and the only views you’ll be getting out your window are those in space.

Star cruiser cabin

Is it more like a cruise ship? Kind of! All guests arrive and depart in the same time block, stay at the hotel throughout the entire 2-night, 3-day experience (aside from a “planet” excursion), and have their meals and drinks included in the cost (among other things). But, the comparison to a cruise ship doesn’t go much further than that. And, of course, none of this comes without a hefty price tag. This experience can cost upwards of $5,000.

Unlimited Snackssss 😋

So, it’s not a regular Disney Resort and it’s not a cruise ship — instead, Disney has described it as “part live immersive theaterparts themed environmentparts culinary extravaganzaparts real-life role-playing game—and yet so much more.”

The Halcyon Atrium

The entire experience revolves around guests creating their very own Starwars story by encountering and interacting with characters, completing missions, and buying into the greater storyline going on throughout the ship. But, will you be out of place if donning your Jedi best sounds like an absolute NIGHTMARE? And, what if you’ve literally know nothing about Starwars? Or worse, what if you HATE Starwars?

Do you NEED to have seen all the Star Wars movies to participate?

While you’re certainly going to be immersed in the Starwars galaxy while you’re onboard, full knowledge of the movies, series, and comics is NOT necessary. In fact, one of our reporters who visited the Starcruiser for a media event admitted that she hadn’t seen all the movies and didn’t really care about any of the characters beforehand but still loved the experience.

This is exactly what Disney was hoping would happen when they first started working on the hotel!

Your Cruise Director (Left) and Captain (Right)

We had the chance to speak with the Imagineers and representatives from Lucasfilm who worked on the hotel and they stressed that they made the Galactic Starcruiser experience both for people who love Starwars AND for the people who love the people that love Starwars.

Sabacc Table

So, how does Disney get even those who hate or just don’t really care about Starwars involved in their own story within the franchise? Well, it all lies in the characters! Almost all of the people that you’ll meet onboard and the story are completely brand new to the Starwars universe. This makes it so that everyone who visits is on a level playing field as far as the interactions go — while we DO know what happens to Rey and Chewie (because their stories exist in the movies) we DON’T know what happens to, say , Sammie the mechanic.

By introducing a brand new story and characters, Disney has made it so that no one knows what’s going to happen next, making it even easier to immerse yourself into the experience.

Meet Gaya, the onboard performer!

What exactly DO you need to know about Starwars before heading into the galaxy? Disney’s Imagineers and Lucasfilm reps boil it all down to a space battle between good and evil — that’s it.

that being said if you DO love Starwars then this could be even better for you! The Galactic Starcruiser was built by people who LOVE the franchise themselves so there are a TON of easter eggs onboard to discover and you’ll literally come face to face with Chewbacca and Rey. But, the BIGGEST key to enjoying your stay is your willingness to participate in the interactive experience, NOT your knowledge of the movies.


All in all, you’re going to get out of the experience what you put into it at the Starwars hotel. Even if you really HATE or just don’t really care at all about Starwars but you love role-playing or other immersive games, you could still end up loving your stay at the Starcruiser. Of course, being a Starwars fan can enhance your enjoyment (After all, you are LIVING out your very own Starwars story and can full-on USE a lightsaber), but it’s not a requirement.

And, on the flip side, even the biggest Starwars fan could walk away hating their experience if they’re not fully bought into the immersive aspects.


So, if you’re trying to decide whether you’ll give into the Starwars fan in your life even though you can’t stand Jar Jar Binks, don’t fear! You could walk away enjoying the experience even more than you think!

And, we’re not done talking about the Galactic Starcruiser just yet! Be sure to stay tuned to DFB for all of the latest coverage and answers to your biggest questions!

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