It’s a Jolly Holiday With Mary Poppins Festival Merch!

We’ve been keeping tabs on all the new food and merchandise from the Flower and Garden Festival today and one of the most popular new merchandise booths is definitely the new Mary Poppins gear at a stand near the American Adventure pavilion!

This new Festival specific collection has everything from teapots to signage. Let’s take a look at all the practically perfect offerings!

A pot of tea

Perhaps the most quintessentially “Mary” item on the shelves is this teapot! The white ceramic pot has a picture of Mary with her umbrella surrounded by penguin waiters straight ouf of the sidewalk drawing. We also get a small background sketch of a London streetline and a flying kite with the words “Practically Perfect in Every Way” in pink. The word “London” shows up in black script as part of the floral background print.

There’s fun details to the teapot, like the handle shaped like Mary’s talking bird umbrella handle!

The back side of the pot shows a pink silhouette of Mary Poppins with more subtle details. A pigeon, handbag, and carousel horse are all tucked neatly in silhouette beside our favorite nanny. The colorful “Practically Perfect in Every Way” is emblazoned across the graphic. This beauty is priced at $34.99.

You can drink your tea with a spoonful of sugar from a sugar bowl with the same design with the same image on the front and a nested spoon included. The top of both is pink with “jolly holiday” on top and a handle shaped like Mary’s sun hat!

Poor that tea and sugar right into a matching teacup, complete with saucer.

The same image of Mary graces the front of the white ceramic cup as it sits on a perfectly pink saucer.

The teacup with saucer is priced at $24.99.


If you don’t plan to drink tea, maybe you’d just like to eat a meal with Mary Poppins. We’ve got a dish for that, too!

A pretty pink plate features a nearly identical Mary graphic with a few additional background items. “London” is accompanied by “United Kingdom,” a typical London street lamp, and “Jolly Holiday” under Ms. Poppins.

The pretty pink dish will cost you $14.99.


Matching all this drink and dishware is a pair of Practically Perfect tea towels.

The first pink towel has an all over version of the scene we saw on the drinkware above. Mary is sitting on her chair, floating amidst penguins, carousel horses, London bridges, kites and other very “Mary” things!

The second tea towel is white with “Practically Perfect in Every Way” emblazoned in large letters with a pink Mary Poppins silhouette. The towels come in a set of two for $19.99.


In addition to all that lovely kitchenware, there’s a few new shirts in the Mary Poppins line as well! The same beautiful print appears on a pretty in pink tee shirt, shown below.

There’s also a cropped version with white eyelet lace shoulders with the same print.

These shirts are priced at $39.99 and $29.99, respectively.

If this Mary design isn’t your style, there’s other options too! Like this practically perfect, flowy pink tunic tank top in a soft knit material with a cowl neck.

This graphic features the “Practically Perfect in Every Way” tag line with a silhouette of Mary and her umbrella with a few other familiar sights sprinkled throughout. Mary’s handbag, “United Kingdom”, a flying kite, a carousel horse and a little glimpse of Cherry Tree Lane. This one rings up at $34.99.

If that’s too much pink for you, there’s a white style too! This white t-shirt ups its game with a delicate lace neckline, shoulders and sleeves. And a new graphic!

Mary’s silhouette is a sparkly dusty rose this time, with a pink sketch of a London double decker bus against the lovely London sky.

You can layer that dainty white tee under this soft pink cardigan!

Practically perfect down the back with a “London” penguin on the front, this cardigan is soft and flowy. With pockets!

That long-sleeved comfort will cost you $49.99.

Disney Bounding

For the Mary Poppins Disney bounders out there, you’re in luck! The new kiosk offers a classic skirt and sun hat in picture perfect Jolly Holiday style.

The skirt has a red waistband and multi-layered white skirt with authentic flower overlay detail.

Those tiny red bows are the perfect touch! This classic Mary Poppins look will run you $84.00.

You can top your look off with Mary’s signature brimmed sun hat, white with red flowers and a classic white bow.

The hat is priced at $39.99.


You can also take Mary home for your tree! This ornament features the same Mary Poppins with the penguins scene as the dishware above with a white “Jolly Holiday” base and pink ribbon.


Other home decor options include a 3-D Mary Poppins magnet.

The now familiar scene is a little more colorful with Mary and the penguins layered on the pink background.

This heavy magnet is priced at $9.99.

Cherry tree sign

Last but not least, this adorable Cherry Tree Lane sign!

The metal street sign features the famous 17 Cherry Tree Lane address in black and white with a pink background.

Corner holes are precut for hanging. The fan favorite sign is priced at $21.99.

And that wraps it up for Mary Poppins merch at the brand new Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival! These items were flying off the shelves faster than Cast Members could stock them!

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