MickeyBlog News for May 29th, 2022

This week in MickeyBlog News, Radiator Springs Racers may have literally burnt rubber, Mobile Ordering improved, and Captain Marvel appeared out of nowhere.

Radiator Springs

Photo: DisneyDreamer.com

Where There’s Smoke…

Disney California Adventure received the worst possible news on Tuesday.


Photo: Disneyland

Guests on Radiator Springs Racers understandably freaked out when they noticed smoke emanating from the back of the ride cart.

This commotion caused quite a stir, creating awkwardness for Disney this holiday weekend.

Paid Lightning Lane

Credit: Disney

Apparently, Radiator Springs Racers sometimes has tires blow out.

You may not know this, but they’re actual vehicles, even if their engines don’t work like a regular car.

One suffered a mishap. This turn of events forced Disney to reevaluate the ride’s safety. As a result, Radiator Springs Racers never opened on Wednesday.

On Thursday, The Orange County Register confirmed that the ride will remain shut down this weekend.

That’s pretty much the last thing park officials want for Memorial Day Weekend, as Radiator Springs Racers is its most popular attraction.

Of course, safety always comes first for Disney. So, the company made the obvious choice here.

Radiator Springs Racer

Photo: Disney

Cast members have run ride tests this weekend and will continue until Radiator Springs Racers passes all safety tests.

That hasn’t happened as of this writing, but MickeyBlog will update you when the ride returns.

Mobile Order and Mobile Checkout Improvements

mobile order

Photo: Disney

Our friend Nick at Magical News Live broke another story the other day. Here’s the tweet:

If you have used Mobile Ordering at Walt Disney World, you should recognize why that’s good.

Before now, Disney’s final screen for Mobile Ordering came with a lot of confusion. It didn’t do a good job of highlighting the most crucial information.

This new update clearly displays the pickup location and order number. So, when you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll know where to go and which item is yours.

That has definitely been a problem in the past. So, this latest My Disney Experience update helps a great deal.

Disney Magic Mobile

Similarly, Mobile Checkout has historically caused problems for impulse shoppers.

Once you reach a certain point in the ordering process, your shopping cart wouldn’t allow you to add anything, at least not conveniently.

Now, Disney has updated this cart screen so that the button on the left allows you to add more items. Meanwhile, the button on the left proceeds to checkout.

Mobile orders

Photo: Disney

These quality-of-life improvements may not sound like much, but I can assure you that you’ll appreciate them when you’re at stores and restaurants.

I’ve got two other shopper updates for you. First, annual passholders will use My Disney Experience to verify they qualify for discounts now.

My Disney Experience

Photo: Disney

The physical cards no longer list expiration dates. So, Disney is taking this step, which is frankly more convenient for most guests anyway.

Less convenient and MUCH more awkward is Disney’s decision to make cast members ask whether we’re paying with Disney Visa cards.

Disney visa card

If this irritates you – and it might – please remember that it’s not the cast members’ fault! Disney is making them do this.

Festival of the Lion Updates

I’ve got one good update and one bad one about the current Celebration of Festival of the Lion King.


Thankfully, the bad update directly leads to the good one. OnJuly 5ththDisney will close Celebration of Festival of the Lion King, presumably forever.

Don’t freak out, though! Disney is doing this so that it can spend 10 days preparing for the return of the real show, Festival of the Lion King.

Yes, on July 16ththe Tumble Monkeys and aerial bird show will finally return to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

What we have had lately is a half-measure, a modified version of Festival of the Lion King that tells the story well but lacks the attraction’s heart and soul.

Now, the full version is ready to make its triumphant comeback on July 16th.

You should keep in mind a few things about this change, though.

For starters, if you want to watch Celebration of Festival of the Lion King, you’ve got about six weeks left.


I never say never about anything park-related, but I doubt this one will come back anytime soon.

Also, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World for the July 4th holiday, you should know that the show won’t operate on Tuesday, July 5th.

Disney world entertainment

Photo: Disney

So, Independence Day represents your last chance to experience it. Then, the show will shut down until July 16th. Plan accordingly!

The Next Avengers Campus

Orlando Airlines

Credit: Breeze Airways

International travel options are finally opening up now the pandemic has waned in strength. And you have a new reason to visit Paris.

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody ever needs a reason to vacation in Paris. It’s marvelous.

Photo: Disneyland Paris

Still, Disney fans will discover something new and spectacular on July 20th. Did you know that Disneyland Paris is getting its own version of Avengers Campus?

Yes, the park will add the world’s second Avengers Campus in late July. Better yet, the themed land will host an entirely new attraction.

Photo: Disneyland Paris

You may recall that Disney announced the re-theming of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Aerosmith.

The new version of that ride is Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. Disney has shown off the new ride carts for this vehicle, and I’ll say it like this.

Photo: Disneyland Paris

If Disney sells a Funko Pop! of these things, I’m buying it asap. Imagine an elongated PeopleMover with Iron Man colors. It’s like that, only somehow even better.

So, Brie Larson has confirmed that she will appear as Captain Marvel in Avengers Assemble: Flight Force.

Here’s a preview of the next Avengers Campus:

Park updates

I’ve got a few other quick updates for you this holiday weekend. For starters, EPCOT’s Guest Relations has reopened with a sleek new look.

Disney may have killed Future World, but all its EPCOT updates show stylish, futuristic colors and sleek aesthetics.

Also at EPCOT, Disney has brought back live music performances at the United Kingdom pavilion.

Unfortunately, the marvelous British Revolution hasn’t returned yet, although I’m holding out hope that they will.

For now, the hooligans are appearing at the gazebo. This marks a double booking for the local band, as they’re also playing at Garden Rocks tomorrow through Thursday.

Seriously, though. Disney, please bring back the British Revolution. I need my Oasis fix.

Their cover of Rock and Roll is terrific, too. (I want whatever the dancing guy is drinking.)

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can catch a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Lightyear, which I can assure you I’m watching on opening day.

Finally, we have this TikTok:

Yes, reservations are now available for the impending return of Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue.

If you’re visiting the parks at any point on or after June 23approx, you should schedule this meal! It’s like a rite of passage for Disney fans!


Photo: Mickey Blog

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