MickeyBlog News for May 2nd, 2022

Friends, I have the best possible news for you this week! Your favorite Halloween offering will return in less than four months! It’s a great week for Mickey Blog News.

Not-So-Scary and Oh So Wonderful

I referred to Disney’s 2021 Halloween campaign as a half-measure. The ongoing constraints of the pandemic forced park officials to readjust.

Boo Bash guide map

Many of our favorite spooky activities weren’t even possible last October. So, Disney refused to besmirch a beloved after-hours event.

Instead, Magic Kingdom hosted a new event, Disney After Hours – Boo Bash, a modified (ie limited) version of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Boo Bash tickets

Credit: Disney

We all happily accepted what we got because it was literally that or nothing. Everyone took “something” over nothing.

Still, we all not-so-secretly feared that we’d seen the last of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP), the beloved Halloween event.

Disney Halloween Party return

Image Credit: Disney

Well, I am THRILLED to tell you that MNSSHP will return in August. Boo Bash is dead and apparently just a one-year thing.

In its stead, we regained the real deal, the Disney Halloween party that fans inexorably connect with October at the parks.

Not So Scary Halloween 2022

Image Credit: Disney

MNSSHP will return on August 12th, and that’s not even the best news! This year’s event will generally cost about $20 less than Boo Bash.

Here’s Doug Jones of Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2 announcing the event:

You may recall that Disney+ will air the Hocus Pocus sequel this fall. As such, we should expect heavy connections between the film and this year’s party.

Disney has already announced the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular starring the Sanderson Sisters. They attempt to “conjure the ultimate Hocus Pocus party potion.”

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

For fans of classic events, I’m pleased to say that Mickey’s Boo-To-You Halloween Parade will return as well. And yes! The Headless Horseman is kicking off the parade!

PS: While we don’t have full details yet, Oogie Boogie Bash will return at Disney California Adventure, too!

Oogie Boogie Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Tickets and Dates

The nights for this year’s Halloween event are:

  • August: 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30
  • September: 2, 5, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30
  • October: 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31
Not So Scary Halloween 2022

Credit: Disney

Prices start at $109 and then max out at $199 for Halloween night itself.

The pricing structure works in a straightforward manner. Disney increases the cost by $20 every three weeks or so.


As such, you’ll pay the least in August and the most during the final days before Halloween.

The one exception is the first night, August 12th. Tickets cost $139 that night due to the anticipation for the party’s return.

After that, the other August and early September dates come at a price of $109. In early- to mid-September, the rate increases to $119.

During the final days of September, the price goes up to $139, and so forth.

Boo Bash dates

Credit: Disney

If you’re budget-conscious, you should target August or September as the best time to attend this year’s show.

More good news is that Disney is offering $10 discounts for annual passholders and DVC members for all events. So, children aged 3 to 9 pay $10 less each.

Disney Halloween

Photo: Disney

Contrast these numbers to Boo Bash, which started at $129. You’ll appreciate that Disney is clearly adjusting to complaints about excessive price increases.

Finally, we shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees here. This version of MNSSHP will feature character interactions and ride overlays.


We’re talking about the full version of the event, not a modified one that doesn’t quite feel right.

With this news, we can confirm that Magic Kingdom is 100 percent back this holiday season!!!

Boo Bash characters

Credit: Disney

The Tokyo Disneyland Update

I don’t mention international park construction updates often, but this one deserves some attention.

Tokyo Disneyland has announced that it’s going to tear down one of its most famous rides!

Disneyland Tokyo

In 2023, Disney’s Japanese theme park will celebrate its 40th anniversaryth anniversary. Afterward, Space Mountain wants those in 2024.

That statement feels a bit misleading, though. Space Mountain must die to live again.

space mountain at tokyo disney resort

Tokyo Disneyland officials have accepted that the current version of the attraction has lost its edge in a world overflowing with mega roller coasters.

So, Imagineers will tear down the entire ride building. Yes, I’m talking about the entire MOUNTAIN!

Custom Mickey wreaths

In that same location, Disney will build an entirely new and stunning looking Space Mountain, one that will anchor the park for the next 40 years.

The ETA for the project isn’t until 2027, which means we have five years to go before this becomes possible.

Space Mountain

However, the fact that this is happening creates some intrigue about various American Disney attractions.

Some of them could feasibly undergo similar changes at some point.

I’m not saying that this will definitely happen, but Tokyo Disneyland just cracked open the door.

Disney World vs Disneyland

Park News and Notes

We’ve got nothing but positive Disney news for you this week! Isn’t that refreshing?!

To wit, Disneyland Resort hotels have announced the return of several beloved amenities.

Disney capacity

Photo: Disneyland

The two biggies are the impending returns of early theme park entry and shopping purchases shipped to rooms.

We don’t have specifics yet on how theme park entry will work in 2022, but it’s coming back later this summer.

Grand Californian

Credit: Disney

As for the shopping purchases, I’m referencing how you can buy goods at theme park stores. Then, Disney will deliver those items to your hotel room.

I’ve really missed this at Walt Disney World and am hopeful that a similar announcement will occur soon there. Until then, Disneyland guests are the lucky ones!

Paradise Pier Hotel

Photo: Yesterland.com

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock also stated that Paradise Pier Hotel will receive a Pixar re-theme soon.

That’s a rumor that has floated around for years and has honestly seemed inevitable since park officials did the same at Paradise Pixar Pier.

I’ll write a full article about the changes this week. However, you should know that Disney is also constructing a walkway from this hotel to Disney California Adventure!

At the parks, Disney is celebrating Halfway to Halloween with some picture options.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can add a Twilight Zone Tower of Terror lens that gives you the bellhop cap!

Meanwhile, Haunted Mansion guests are in for a surprise with their ride photos. A random Hitchhiking Ghost appears in your Doom Buggy!

Haunted Mansion

Photo: Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

Finally, Disney has found a temporary use for the abandoned NBA Experience building. It’ll host ILM x LAB’s Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, it’s a “Meta Quest VR” experience formerly found at Downtown Disney.

This offering will be free to guests from May 2nd through July 27th.

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