Newest Disney Rides in the World!

At Disney theme parks around the world, Imagineers are currently constructing the next generation of themed attractions.

Soon, we’ll have Zootopia and Frozen themed lands and an entirely new, modern version of Space Mountain.


Photo: Disney

Frankly, Disney adds so much at the parks that it can be hard to keep up, even for those of us who write about it for a living.

Here are the ten newest Disney rides in the world, all of which are younger than Slinky Dog Dash, which opened in June of 2018!

Slinky Dog Dash


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle! – March 31St2019

Somehow, three years ago feels like an eternity. I presume that’s the effect of the pandemic, as the days seem longer when you’re stuck at home.

Still, I was shocked to realize that this modified Buzz Lightyear attraction is only three years old. It definitely feels like the before times.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle

Even so, the ride deserves tons of credit for providing the baseline for a new, more interactive gamified attraction experience. Somehow, it just seems…shinier.

The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast – September 28thth2020

If Disney had released this attraction at any other time, the hype machine for it would have been off the charts.

This Tokyo Disneyland retelling of Beauty and the Beast has established new standards in Imagineering.

Beauty and the Beast

Photo: Tokyo Disneyland

Part of its success stems from the trackless vehicles. These ride carts allow guests to follow the dishes around the table as they perform Be Our Guest.

Little touches like this are why we adore Disney and its magical new forms of storytelling.

Beauty and the Beast

Photo: Tokyo Disneyland

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – May 27th2022

Well, we can’t get any newer than this. Cosmic Rewind debuted during Memorial Day Weekend 2022.

Disney went all-in on this concept by building an entire “otherworld” pavilion. Somehow, I can’t help but wonder what the Norway and Morocco pavilion folks think.


Those governments had to campaign Disney for their spots at the World Showcase. Xandar isn’t even a real place, yet it has an entire pavilion! The whole system is rigged!

Anyway, you know the deal here. Disney introduced a storytelling roller coaster starring the Guardians of the Galaxy. And everyone LOVES it!


The Happy Ride with Baymax – September 28th2020

Pop quiz, hotshot: Has there been a kinder Disney character than Baymax in recent memory? All that robot does is fix the human body and offer friendship!

Somehow, Disney hadn’t added much of a Big Hero 6 presence at the parks until the introduction of The Happy Ride with Baymax at Tokyo Disneyland.

Happy Ride with Baymax

Photo: Tokyo Disney

This ride employs the same technology as Alien Swirling Saucers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s more kawaii because Baymax is driving, though!

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway – March 4thth2020

Everyone remembers this ride’s opening well because nothing else happened in March of 2020. Right? RIGHT?!

Disney attractions open

Photo: Disney

OK, fine. We might have had a tiny little pandemic one week after Runaway Railway debuted.

For this reason, plenty of Disney fans still haven’t ridden the first-ever Mickey Mouse ride. And that thought breaks my heart.

Runaway Railway

This is an attraction that Walt Disney would have loved, and you owe it to yourself to experience it soon!

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run – May 31St2019

We have a quirk with the two Star Wars attractions on this list. One of them opened first at Walt Disney World, while the other debuted initially at Disneyland.

Specifically, Smugglers Run got its start at Disneyland less than three months before it arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Photo: Matt Stroshane, photographer

I’d be hard-pressed to tell the two versions of the ride apart, though. In both instances, you get in a cockpit and pretend like you’re a space pirate. It’s the best!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – October 1St2021

I couldn’t decide whether to include this attraction since it’s not technically new. The Disneyland Paris version opened in 2014.

However, EPCOT’s new and improved version of Ratatouille is less than a year old. Since it’s one of the three newest attractions overall, I felt like I had to mention it.

Plus, ratatouille is spectacular!

Soaring: Fantastic Flight – July 23approx2019

You can tell that Tokyo Disney Resort is fancy by the fact that their Soaring gets ag instead of the apostrophe like with Soarin’ Around the World.

As for the attraction, it’s undeniably the one with the best pre-show experience. Guests encounter motion pictures akin to the ones in Harry Potter movies.

Tokyo soaring

Photo: Inside the Magic

The ride itself is identical to the one at EPCOT and Disney California Adventure. Of course, all these iterations end with different stopping points.

So, people on Fantastic Flight watch fireworks explode just past the volcano at Tokyo DisneySea. That sight alone makes this version incredible!

soaring tokyo

Photo: Tokyo Disney Sea

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – December 5th2019

While other attractions here are newer, even the latest Beauty and the Beast ride cannot match up with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

This Star Wars attraction is undeniably the best in the world right now. In fact, it may remain that way until the new Space Mountain attraction opens in Tokyo in 2027.

Galaxy's Edge

Photo: Richard Harbaugh

That’s how far ahead of the curve I consider Rise of the Resistance to be.

Also, as previously referenced, it’s an oddity for a different reason.

The Hollywood Studios version opened about six weeks before the one at Disneyland.

Disney had no choice but to duplicate this ride at both parks. Otherwise, fans on one of the coasts would have been LIVID and insanely jealous.

You must ride Rise of the Resistance to appreciate what a stunning triumph in Imagineering it is.

Rise of the Resistance

WEBSLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure – June 2nd2021

The newest ride at Disneyland Resort isn’t Rise of the Resistance.

Instead, Disney California Adventure added something new after the park reopened in 2021.

Photo: Disney California Adventure

Like Ant-Man and the Wasp, this Spider-Man ride mimics the old Buzz Lightyear design. However, it has updated the tech so that the rider gains control.

You no longer need to fire a weapon. Instead, you ARE the weapon, someone capable of shooting webs out of your wrists just like Peter Parker!


Photo: Disneyland

Also, since you know people at Stark Industries, you can purchase merchandise at the park that will enable you to score even higher!

I like WEBSLINGERS to Star Tours – The Adventures Continue!

The previous versions of both rides were great, but the modernized ones are oh so much better.

disneyland paris 30th dlp

Image Credit: Disneyland Paris

Okay, so those are the ten newest rides, but the list is always changing. In fact, Disneyland Paris will debut Avengers Assemble: Flight Force on July 20th!

Disney never stops improving its theme park ride offerings. That’s why we love every vacation!

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