PHOTOS: Check Out the PRIZES for Disneyland’s Easter Egg Hunt!

Have you ever done a scavenger hunt INSIDE a Disney Park?!

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration

There are several different kinds you can do, like the ones at EPCOT’s Flower and Garden or Food and Wine Festivals. They’re a great little activity to do while in the parks, and at the end, you get a prize! disneyland so has scavenger hunts, like that come with us to check out the most recent one (and see our prize!).

*Sports announcer voice* It’s time for the 2022 EGG STRAVAGANZA! This takes place at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, but we’re doing the one over in disneyland today! There are actually 3 options for the scavenger hunts over here — Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney. We decided to do the Disneyland Park hunt!

Let’s go!

It costs $9.99 to do the Egg-stravaganza and you can purchase the scavenger hunt card at different retail locations around the parks and Downtown Disney. We got our giant paper egg where we could keep track of what we were looking for and were on our way!

We’ve got our egg!

On the back are stickers so you can mark down when you find each egg.

Here’s who we’re looking for

We found donald duck

Donald is up high!

…and Daisy Duck! But all of the other ones we are keeping a secret, so you can look for them on your own during your scavenger hunt.

Daisy just chillin’ in the grass

Once we found all of the eggs, we returned to the redemption location at Plaza Point

Let’s get our prize!

…but you can also redeem your scavenger hunt over at World of Disney — there should be signs outside telling you if a store has the prizes.

World of Disney

The prizes for this year are collectible character eggs! There are 6 different eggs to choose from — Marie, Dopey, Genie, Cheshire Cat, Robin Hood, other patch from 101 Dalmations.

All of the egg options

You get to choose one egg as your prize, so we chose the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland!

This one seems fitting for April Fool’s Day!

The redemption location we visited also had fun giant eggs with cutouts that you could put your face in for a photo op!

You KNOW you want this picture!

Our Easter egg hunt is complete! This is a fun way to pass the time while in the parks or a change of pace from the usual activities. You can also just buy your scavenger hunt at the beginning of the day and complete it throughout your visit. even better, do all 3 different scavenger hunts and collect even more eggs! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disneyland news and updates.

Click here to check out the Easter Egg hunt at Disney World!

Which prize would you have picked? tell us in the comments!


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