PHOTOS: EXCLUSIVE INSIDE Look at the Disney World Event You’ll Likely NEVER Experience

Disney World is a magical place for many reasons — the incredible theming, the fantastic rides, the amazing shows, and the delicious food (of course). But, perhaps, the most important thing that makes Disney World the Most Magical Place on Earth is something else entirely. It’s…


the Cast Members. We’ve said it time and time again, Cast Members are the true magic makers in the Disney parks. They are what makes things so incredibly special. Just a kind gesture, a free sticker, or a small sprinkle of “magic” from a Cast Member can MAKE your trip. Special Cast Member interactions are often the things we remember for years and years to come. Cast Members sometimes get special celebrations to mark big work anniversaries with the Company. Recently, we got the chance to attend one and now we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE look inside!

We were able to attend this Cast Member exclusive event as a guest of a Cast Member, so first we have to give a HUGE thank you to that Cast Member for allowing us to experience the magic with them!

On May 3rd, 2022, Magic Kingdom closed EARLY (like REAL early — around 4:30PM) to allow for this special Cast Member celebration to take place.

Closing early sign

If you’re wondering exactly what this Cast Member event is, it’s called a “Disney Service Celebration.” These events are meant to honor Cast Members who are celebrating “milestone anniversaries” of working with the company, starting at their 10th year of service.

According to Disney, these celebrations actually date back as far as the early 1970s! This month (May of 2022) Magic Kingdom will actually close early TWICE for these special celebrations. The next event will take place on May 15th.

This year, the celebrations will honor Cast Member anniversaries from 2020 and 2021.


The planning that goes into these events is actually really extensive. The events usually include access to many Magic Kingdom rides, buffet-style dinners and desserts, DJ parties, rare characters, and SO much more.


So, just what did we experience during the event? Well…a LOT! Our journey began by passing some special “Service celebration” signs and banners.

time to go

We then passed by a special photo op area where Cast Members could take pictures with trophies representing the years of service.

Take Your Photo

Then we saw the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, Josh D’Amarowalking around, saying “hello” to the cast members in attendance.

It’s Josh D’Amaro!

There was a GIANT red carpet for Cast Members to walk down on Main Street, USA — truly proving that the Cast Members are the STARS of this show!

Red carpet time!

And some Cast Members along the red carpet hero signs of appreciation for the Cast Members attending the celebration. Is someone cutting onions in here? JEEZ. 🥺


One of the biggest parts of the celebration is the chance to see Disney characters, especially super RARE characters. So next it was time for us to check those out! What characters did we get the chance to see? Well, prepare to be verrrrrrry jealous. We saw Merida and her bear-brothers (a true rarity since she hasn’t been meeting in Magic Kingdom as of late)…

WOW! Hey Merida!

…Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum…

What Trouble Are You Getting Into?

…the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland…

Time for a tea party?

…Mike and Sulley…

Love Them!

…the Evil Queen…

Oh No…Hide Your Apples

…Ariel, Prince Eric, and SEBASTIAN…

A Terrific Trio!

…Robin Hood and Friar Tuck…

Hey There!


No One Takes a Photo Like Gaston

…Belle and the Beast…

Such a gorgeous dress!

…Elsa and Anna…

The Cold Doesn’t Bother Them Anyway

…some faces from The Haunted Mansion…

Check it out!

…even MORE Haunted Mansion folks…

So cool!

…Abu and the Genie…

So nice to see you!

…and MEEKO. LIKE, IT IS ACTUALLY MEEKO. We are not freaking out, we are not freaking out, we are not freaking out. Like seriously y’all — this was the jackpot of all jackpots of rare and just generally awesome Disney characters.


Not to mention, there were dancers by the Haunted Mansion…


…and a silent DJ party at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

party on

And don’t even get us started on the fireworks. Prepare for some waterworks friends. Do you want to know what Disney did to celebrate these special Cast Members?

They truly pulled out ALL the stops and did a portion from the Wishes fireworks, a portion from the Happily Ever After fireworks, AND an extended version of Enchantment. 😭😭😭 WE CANNOT HANDLE IT.

enchantment | Photo from January 2022

Seriously, it was a fantastic night full of fun all made to celebrate these fantastic people who fully deserve a sprinkling of magic for themselves. A major congratulations to all Cast Members who celebrated big anniversaries during that night or will celebrate during an upcoming night.

So awesome

You are the magic. We thank you so much for how much you’ve dedicated to our own magical vacations and we cannot wait to see more spectacular Cast Members celebrated in the years to come.

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