PHOTOS: FULL TOUR of the NEW Connections Cafe in EPCOT

EPCOT is undergoing a BIG transformation right now that includes new rides, restaurants, stores, and more.

There’s a LOT going on over here!

We’ve already seen some of the new stuff open up, like a revamped Club Cool and a new flagship store. Disney announced previously that a new quick service food location would be coming to the park called Connections Cafe & Eatery. We’ve been tracking the progress of the new spot, and were waiting for an official opening date, but we don’t have to wait any longer because it is NOW OPEN!

Connections Cafe opened up today in EPCOT, but just the coffee portion is open right now, not the Eatery.

Let’s go on in!

The Cafe is actually the new permanent Starbucks location in the park! The previous location closed down permanently a few days ago. We’ve already given you a first look at the space, but now we’re going to show you a FULL TOUR of Creations Cafe. So, let’s get into it!

Let’s go!

Starting with the outside, we have the Connections Cafe sign that we’ve seen numerous times already on our recent trips to EPCOT, but now there’s nothing blocking the entrance since the Cafe is open!

It’s OPEN!

You can see the Starbucks logo on the side so you know exactly where to go for your cup of Joe in the morning (or afternoon, we’re not judging!). There’s actually another entrance/exit around the side as well.

Another Starbucks logo!

Once you walk inside the main entrance, you’ll immediately see the queue area to order.

We’re in!

You also can check out these GIANT panels with the EPCOT logo on them!

These are fun!

The queue is where you can find some Disney Starbucks merchandise, like those iconic tumblers that are so popular!


We recently noticed that a lot of Starbucks merchandise was missing in EPCOT, and it looks like we found where it went!

What is your favorite Starbucks merch item?

you can get cups, mugs, pins, and more over here.

Merchandise in the queue

The queue was pretty busy when we were inside — news of the opening spread fast!

Busy busy!

Once you get closer to the front, you’ll be able to see the case with all of the food inside. If you’ve been to a Starbucks before, you’ll recognize some of these classics!

A look at the food

You’ve got your Muffins, cake pops, croissants, and more. But, you might recognize something a bit different…

What are you getting?

…yep, it’s that Lie Waffle! We knew this was coming over here, and now we’re going to try it (More on that in a minute!).


You can also see some bottled drinks near the front of the queue, like waters and sodas, as well as some packs of Cutie’s Mandarin Oranges!

SO many cuties!

You can see the menu on the wall above the Cafe area, which is just your typical Starbucks menu!

A peek at the menu

So, you can get those classic refreshers, iced coffees, and more while you’re over in EPCOT.

What is your usual order?

Now, let’s check out some other details in this space! There’s a nice waiting area to the side of the ordering area so you can be out of the way. It even has some stools!

A great area to wait!

There is some less-traditional seating in here, which is fun!

Seating area

But, you can still sit at traditional tables with chairs.

Normal table

Something really cool about the seating areas is that they have outlets for you to plug in things like your phone charger!

These are going to come in handy!

You can see there’s a traditional plug as well as some USB ports.

10/10 ideal

There is also a lot of seating inside…

Very similar to the inside of Creations!

…Like a LOT of seating

We love how open it is!

…seriously SO MUCH seating!

There’s some great natural light!

There are also some comfy arm chairs in here around a table with the EPCOT logo!

This was right before the Cafe opened!

We love that there’s a lot of room to sit and hang out in here. There’s also an awesome display of coffee pots from all around the world!

Look at all of them!

How cool are these? It really ties in the coffee with the idea of ​​the World Showcase in EPCOT, and makes this location unique!


Some of these coffee pots are stunning, so you should definitely check them out next time you’re in here!

Don’t miss these!

You can see that the display wraps around to another seating area. If you look closely, you can see there’s an area blocked off down there. This is the area that leads to Connections Eatery, which isn’t open yet.

You’ll see the area that’s blocked off in the back.

But, even though the space isn’t opened, we were able to get a peek at what it looks like!

Click here to see a FIRST LOOK at Connections Eatery!

Okay, now it’s time to get back to that waffle we told you about! This is a Liege Waffle, which is a Brioche dough with pearl and powdered sugar. There’s also supposed to be one of these coming to Connections Eatery, but that one will have Strawberries, Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Sauce!

Look how golden this waffle is!

Of course, we had to have a lil photoshoot with our before we tried it! It’s just such a beautiful waffle!


Once we did try it, we found that this was really tasty! Even though it looks kind of plain on the outside, the dough itself almost tastes like the same kind of dough used in a breakfast danish.

We’re fans of this one!

They outside is actually encrusted with that pearl sugar, which is amazing. That combined with the warm waffle was giving us some caramel flavors!

Would you try this?

There’s also a nice crunch on the outside from the sugar.


The dough itself isn’t super sweetso overall, this wasn’t an overwhelmingly sweet dessert, but it still made for a great little treat!

Just beautiful

The waffle was so $3.99, which we think is a pretty good deal at Disney World for this delicious dessert! If you like Danish breakfasts, this is a fun spin on those. It’s also not super filling, so it would make a good snack or a light breakfast.

A look inside!

So, there you have it — a FULL tour of the new Connections Cafe, and a review of the newest waffle in Disney World! We’ll be on the lookout for when the Eatery opens up over here, so stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and updates!

Click here to see the FULL MENU with PRICES of Connections Eatery!

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