Popcorn Lovers! 🍿 We Found 3 NEW Flavors in Disney World!

We had an unconventional breakfast at Disney World this morning, and we don’t even kind of regret it.


We weren’t planning on eating popcorn for breakfast, but when we spotted 3 NEW flavors in EPCOT, we just couldn’t resist! Come along with us to see this classic snack’s updated look and try out the brand-new flavors.

While we were inside the Creation’s shop in EPCOT (located in the World Celebration part of this park), we came across a shelf full of pre-packaged popcorn. Now, we usually prefer the fresh popcorn that you can find at the snack carts around the parks, but if you’re looking for some more exciting flavors or want to take it home with you, then pre-packaged might be the way to go.

New pre-packaged popcorn!

The first thing we noticed about this particular shelf of popcorn is that all of the packaging has been updated! The bags used to say “Disney Main Street Popcorn Company,” but now they’re all “Mickey Main Street Popcorn” instead.

Updated packaging

And this new packaging has a press and seal close at the top, which is great for keeping the popcorn fresher once you’ve opened the bag. The old bags didn’t have this feature, and we have frequently been left trying to tie them with a hair tie or clip them shut to keep the popcorn fresh and prevent it from falling out in our bags.

Press and seal top

But once we finished admiring the new bags, we spotted something even MORE important: 3 NEW flavors!

3 NEW flavors

The new flavors include Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream

Mickey Fruity Mix

Mickey Fruity Mix

…and churros!


Of course, we had to try them all out.


The Mickey Fruity Mix reminded us a lot of the Confetti flavor that’s been around for a while. It’s basically the same concept of candied popcorn with artificial fruit flavors.

Fruity popcorn mix

We could kind of taste the different flavors between the various colors in the mix (some were more tart than others), but in general, it was just very sweet! All of the different flavors sort of run together because they’re in the bag together.

Mickey Fruity Popcorn Mix

The Cookies and Cream popcorn was very good! It definitely had a creamy, chocolatey flavorespecially if you got a bite with a little piece of cookie in it.

so good

We were surprised that it didn’t taste overly sweet, although that could be because we ate it right after the very sweet fruity popcorn. If you love Oreos, this is definitely the right choice for you!

Not too sweet

The winner for us was hands down the churro popcorn! As soon as you open the bag, you’re hit with the strong, sweet cinnamon smell.

The BEST one!

And the taste lives up to that amazing smell. The flavor was a great combination of salty, sweet, and spicy (not hot spicy, just cinnamon spicy). Like the Cookies and Cream popcorn, this one wasn’t too sweet for our taste. If you’re a big fan of churros, this popcorn needs to go on your must-try list pronto!

So. Good.

All of the popcorn will likely get pretty sticky once the package has been opened and it’s exposed to the Florida humidity, so it’s best to eat the popcorn quickly and maybe share it with your friends or family. But with the new resealable packaging, it might stay good for longer if you keep it in a bag and out of the sun!

The fruity popcorn will get REAL sticky

We think kids will love the fruity mix especially because of the sweet flavor and bright colors, and make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to try that Churro popcorn! If you’re not a big sweet popcorn fan, there are still a couple of good options for pre-packaged flavors like cheddar popcorn and the kettle corn.

There are savory options too!

You can get these snacks at the Creations Shop in EPCOT for $5.99 eachexcept for the Cookies and Cream flavor, which is $6.99. Keep following DFB for more of the latest updates from Disney World!

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