Prepare for Some STORMY Weather in Disney World Next Week!

Lately, the weather in Florida has been WEIRD. The typical chilly weather we see up north made its way to Disney World this past winter, and the rainy May showers are starting in March! Between the unpredictable crowds and the weather, even us seasoned Disney professionals can’t figure out what’s up.

Look at that DARK sky!

If you’ve got a vacation to Disney World coming up during the third week of March (how is this month going so FAST?!), you might want to check the weather forecast in Orlando before you leave. It’s been pretty rainy in Orlando lately, but will the rain, rain, go away? Let’s find out as we take a look at the upcoming weather forecast at Disney World!

Weather forecast

Spring break is here, Saint Patrick’s Day is coming SOON, and the Flower & Garden Festival has us in a spring-y mood! Last week, the temperature reached a high of 90°, with lows in the 60s. this week, prepare for some rainy spring weather!

Yuck! Rain!

The good news is that the temperatures look pretty comfortable. According to The Weather Channel, you can expect your days to be nice and sunny for the third week of March, with lows hovering around the 60s all week.

March 14th

Monday, March 14th starts off the week with a nice day! The temperature will be around 76° during the day, and it will go down to 63° in the evening. There might be some clouds, but make sure to bring your sunglasses!

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

There’s a pretty low chance of rain — yay!

March 15th

Tuesday, March 15th, the weather is warming up! Based on the forecast, there’s a pretty high chance of precipitation. Make sure to pack an umbrella and some water-friendly shoes. Today is NOT the day for your espadrilles.

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

Don’t let the forecast scare you — in Florida, rain blows through in no time. If you’re lucky, the rain will disappear by the time you finish your lunch.

March 16th

on wednesday, March 16th, there might be a thunderstorm or two! There’s a 75% chance of precipitation during the day. The good news is that be the evening, the chance of rain is wayyy lower.

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

We also suggest that you take note of the humidity! On Wednesday, the humidity hovers around 81% to 84% throughout the day. That pesky humidity can really mess with our hair, what about yours?

March 17th

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and we’re feeling LUCKY! on thursday, March 17th, the temperature reaches 80°. The low is 59°, with 60-70% (ish) humidity throughout the day. The wind is predicted to come in at 5 to 10 mph, and there’s a low chance of rain all day — woohoo!

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

Look out for special Saint Patrick’s Day offerings all around Disney World; you never know where you might find a fun treat!

March 18th

For Friday, March 18th, expect to see the temperature reach around 87°. It’s going to be another cloudy day, but the sun may peek through the clouds, so don’t forget that sunscreen!

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

As long as the forecast doesn’t change, it should be a lovely day; not too hot and not too cold.

March 19th

on saturday, March 19th, there will be a high of 85° and a low of 63°. There’s a chance of thunderstorms again on Saturday, so plan to visit some indoor attractions. The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a classic!

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

All week long, the temperatures seem to stick to around 80°, so you’ll probably be comfortable in shorts and short sleeve shirts. Don’t forget to pack a rain jacket or a poncho, though!

March 20th

Finally, Sunday, March 20th ends the week with a high of 77° and a low of 57° at night. The good news is that there’s only a low chance of rain on Sunday!

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for nice weather and short spurts of rain!

Overview of the week

Here is a full overview of the week from The Weather Channel. The temperature will range between 76-85° during the day, then drop to the 60s at night. Keep in mind that the weather predictions can changebut for now, this overview should give you an idea of ​​what’s in store for the week.

©The Weather Channel | Screenshot as of March 13th

We checked a few other websites, like Click Orlando News 6…

©Click Orlando 6 | Screenshot as of March 13th

…and WESH 2 News. It looks like everyone is reporting fairly similar forecasts.

©WESH 2 News | Screenshot as of March 13th

Remember that Florida weather can change at any time! Keep your eyes on the forecast so you know what to expect.

How Should You Plan?

Now, let’s look at a few ways you prepare for the week ahead!

Pack a poncho

Most Disney gift shops sell official Disney World ponchos, but those suckers are expensive! Bring a few ponchos from home so that you don’t get stuck paying (literally) for your mistake!

Sometimes a poncho is essential

If you hate the feeling of a poncho on your body, there’s always the option to wear a rain jacket instead! We recommend finding one that folds up easily so you can stash it in your bag.

Click here to see some rainy day essentials!

Don’t be afraid of the rain!

Of course, we don’t recommend dancing around out in the open during a thunderstorm, but you can still enjoy a dip in the pool during a light rain shower! (Hey, you’re wet anyway!) Our point is, don’t throw away a perfectly good day at Disney World just because of the rain. make the most of it; even rain can be fun!

Rainy Day Cavalcade

Like Annie says, “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Take a Rainy Day Disney World Walk With Us

That covers this week’s update on next week’s weather! Enjoy spring break and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! As always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney tips!

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