REVIEW: Did Two NEW Eats Turn a Quick Service Restaurant Into a Must-Visit Disney World Spot?

We spotted NEW 50th Anniversary eats in Disney World today, and they might make you reconsider skipping one Magic Kingdom quick service restaurant.

Frontierland Entrance

Normally Magic Kingdom isn’t our favorite park for food. In fact, it’s close to the bottom of the list since the other theme parks have more unique and interesting options. But one quick service spot just got a couple of fun, new options on its menu, so of course we had to try them! Let’s see if these new eats are worth the stomach space at Disney World.

We’re visiting a restaurant with a rich and entertaining backstory as well as some of the only Mexican food you’ll find in Magic Kingdom. Do you already know which spot we’re talking about?

Pecos Bill

If you guessed Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, you’d be correct! This restaurant is counter service, so you won’t need a reservation to eat here. It also has Mobile Order, which means you can order your food, select a return time, and then skip the line when you come to pick it up.

Mobile order pick-up stations

Pecos Bill isn’t exactly one of our top choices when it comes to eating at Disney World. The food here doesn’t usually blow us away (although we won’t ever say no to the queso!). But we’re re-thinking everything after trying the latest snacks.

Let’s go in!

Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is an ongoing celebration that lasts 18 months and began back in October 2021. For the occasion, Disney is releasing all kinds of new treats. Now there are TWO new eats at Pecos Bill, and they’re both celebrating an iconic Frontierland attraction: the Country Bear Jamboree!

Country Bear Jamboree

As an opening day attraction, Country Bear Jamboree deserves a little love during the celebrations. And now it’s getting the due attention with the new Sun Bonnet Trio Strawberry Salad other Teddie Berra’s Swingin’ Shortcake, which are both available now at the nearby Pecos Bill in Frontierland. We headed in to see how these offerings measure up to the rest of the 50th eats in this park.

We see you!

Let’s start with the healthy stuff. the Sun Bonnet Trio Strawberry Salad is a Mixed Green Salad with Strawberries, tomato, Red Onionand Edible Flowers.

You can get it on its own for $9.99 or add chicken or pork to it for $11.49 total.

Sun Bonnet Trio Strawberry Salad

We got the salad with chicken on top, and we have to say that we were super impressed with it! The berries on top were very fresh and delicious, and the greens were super crisp as well. The chicken is the same as the normal chicken at Pecos Bill, and it had a little bit of spice to it but not much heat at all. It was very tender, which we loved.


The red onion and edible flowers didn’t really add much flavor to this salad (except maybe a slight crunch from the onion), but the flowers certainly made it look pretty. The vinaigrette, however, was full of flavor and added a great tang that was very refreshing.


The portion size was perfect, and we think one person can enjoy the salad and feel full afterwards, especially if you add meat to it. That being said, if you’re super hungry when lunch rolls around, you may want to opt for a more filling option (like the nachos or tacos here).

Very tasty!

We wished there were a few more strawberries on top because our salad only had a few pieces. But in general, we think it’s great to have this cold and refreshing option for lunch in Magic Kingdom, especially if you’re visiting on a very hot day!

Light, refreshing option

that being said this is still just a salad. We don’t think it’s really worth skipping the more special or iconic foods in this park (like Casey’s Corner corn dog nuggets with plastic cheese and Cinderella Castle views) if you only have a limited time to snack, but if you’re craving a fresh and light meal, it’s a solid choice.

Ready for a bite?

For dessert, we tried the Teddie Berra’s Swingin’ Shortcakewhich is a Peach and Raspberry Truffle with Crumbled cake, Strawberry Pearlsand Flowers.

It’s available for $5.99.

Teddie Berra’s Swingin’ Shortcake

We’re about to make a bold statement here, so get ready. This was one of the best desserts we’ve had in a long time from a quick service restaurant! The whipped cream on top was nice and fluffythere was real fruits in the sauces, and the flavors were very well balanced between tart and sweet.

Very pretty!

The peach sauce had actual peaches in it, and the raspberry sauce had pieces of raspberries. This made the sauce taste nice and fresh, and the different fruits really contributed to the balance of flavors. The sweetness came from the peaches, and the raspberries provided a great tart contrast.

All the layers

Even the strawberry pearls had a little flavor to them, and they kind of reminded us of a strawberry milkshake flavor. The extra crunch they provide with all the other soft textures is great as well. The crumble cake is very buttery and soft.

A delicious dessert!

If you’re a fan of fruity desserts and shortcake, we think you’ll love this treat! like the salad, it’s a great, lighter option for a hot day at Disney World.

Time to eat!

If you don’t like berries, you probably won’t enjoy either the salad or the dessert. But for fruit fans, these are a couple of dreams come true! Head to Pecos Bill Tale Tale Inn and Cafe to give these new offerings a try. And keep following DFB for more reviews of all the food at Disney World!

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