Review! Shh, This Disney Springs Seafood Spot Has a SECRET MENU

We certainly hope you’re hungry, because we’re headed to an eye-catching Disney World restaurant for a review.

Secret menu burgers

Odds are you’ve seen this spot before if you’ve been to Disney Springs; maybe you went in for a bite or maybe you just strolled by, casually remarking at the idea of ​​a restaurant IN A STEAMBOAT. Yep, we’re talking about Paddlefish today. This spot has garnered mixed reviews from us in the pastso let’s find out if YOU should visit!

You’ll probably spot Paddlefish during a visit to Disney Springs due to its unique structure: It’s located in a steamboat! Expect a menu of fresh seafood, chops, and steaks with sweeping views of Disney Springs and the water.


We’ve got some tried-and-true favorites on this menu but we don’t always love the eats here. Let’s see how Paddlefish is holding up!


Paddlefish is located on Village Lake in Disney Springs with its entrance between T REX other Terralina Crafted Italian.

Waiting area seating

Of course, the biggest thing to note about the atmosphere here is that the restaurant is a HUGE boat! It’s a very unique and cool-looking spot.


With the seating ON the wateryou can peak out to see the Amphicars cruising in the lake.


there are multiple dining rooms. Because it’s a boat, the rooms have a more unique shape to them and you can be seated on three different floors. Plus, there’s a rooftop lounge!


The interior decorations are modern and use an ocean-inspired color palette with lots of whites, blues, blacks, and wood.


Seating options vary with the spot offering standard tables and chairs, booths, bar seating, and outdoor seating. Pro tip! You might want to request a window seat!


When we got to our table, we spotted a reusable menu, a cloth napkin, and a set of utensils.

table setting

But enough about the atmosphere, let’s eat!


Let’s take a look at the Paddlefish menu. You’ll spot mostly seafood options with some other upscale entries as well.


There are a few starter options (You’re in luck if you like crab; there are THREE crab choices!) as well as a solid Soup & Salad menu.

Starters and Soup & Salad Menu ©Disney

As seafood stands, Paddlefish features some From the steamer and some Chilled & raw seafood as well.

From The Steamer and Chilled & Raw Seafood Menu ©Disney

Then there are the seafood mains other sandwiches! But don’t worry, you can also find chicken, beef, pork, and vegetarian options.

Main and Sandwiches Menu ©Disney

Can’t decide? go for a Half and half combinations for some lighter fare. You can also complete your meal with Sides to share other dessertof course!

Half & Half Combinations, Sides to Share, and Desserts Menu ©Disney

the Kids’ Menu has options for seafood and non-seafood, plus a few appetizers and some desserts. We bet kiddos love that Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae.

Kids’ Menu ©Disney

On to the drinks! You can select from mocktails, beer (Draft, American Craft, Imported, and Domestic)…

Mocktails and Beer Menu ©Disney

…a number of Signature cocktails and well-known ones, Liquor Flights

Cocktails and Flights Menu ©Disney

…and red or white Wine!

Wine Menu©Disney

But we’re not so interested in the main menu as we are here for a special SECRET menu! That’s right! This spot has a secret pairing menu for lunch, Monday through Friday from 12PM to 3PM.

Secret Menu

And THAT menu is what we gave a try today! The servers will NOT bring up this menu. You will have to ASK for it! Let’s DIG IN!

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

We started with a cocktail that is a seasonal item before jumping into our pairing — the Shamrock Sour for $16.

Shamrock Sour

This drink is made with Jameson, Midori, Sour Apple Liqueur, Agave, and Ginger Ale. It comes out VERY green, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Sour

We thought this drink was delicious! It tasted like an apple-y lemonade with a hint of ginger to it. The apple was the most forward flavor, but you could certainly taste the sweetness from the agave and the kick from the Jameson.

Shamrock Sour

The drink was sweet so it might not be for you if you were hoping for a more Jameson-forward beverage. It’s the kinda drink that could sneak up on you if you know what we mean. 😉🍀

Shamrock Sour

But now, on to that secret pairing menu. We opted for the burgers (Cryptic!) paired with the Paddlefish camp for $25.

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

The Paddlefish Lager is a special beer for the restaurant and we found it to be light, crisp, and refreshing. It had a slight citrus note to it and we noticed that the finish wasn’t bitter at all. If you like an easy-to-drink beer with more delicate flavors, this one might be for you.

Paddlefish camp

The Burger on the Secret Menu is a 9-ounce Proprietary Blend Patty with Housemade Pickles, Red Onion, and Pimento Cheese on a Brioche Bun.

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

First impressions? This was a HUGE burger, but man was it good. The patty itself was very moist and well-cooked with classic restaurant-style burger flavors. The brioche bun held everything together nicely and had nice butteriness to it.

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

Our favorite part of the burger was the combination between the onion and the pimento cheese. The red onion added a vinegar flavor to balance the cheese’s creaminess. The trophy goes to the pimento cheese for keeping the burger unique and interesting!

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

The house made pickles were not overly tangy and instead were a lot lighter — still seeming a lot like cucumber. They added a nice coolness to the burger and rounded out the flavors overall.

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

The pairing comes with a side of Fries or house made chips and we asked our waitress for the more popular option which turned out to be the fries.They were fresh-cut and slightly salty with a softer texture. We enjoyed them! Overall, we were fans of the pairing! It perhaps could’ve used more sauce but we might recommend asking for a side of the pimento cheese for dippin’ those fries!

The Burger and Paddlefish Camp Pairing

This is a top notch burger and it pairs well with the beer. If you’re looking for a solid restaurant burger to fill you up, Paddlefish just might have you covered here. Now that we’re stuffed, let’s bring up some final thoughts.

Nosh or Not

You SHOULD eat aboard Paddlefish if…

  • You’re a seafood or boat fanatic. The location at Paddlefish is super unique and the seafood, although not the best we’ve ever had, is tasty!
  • You’re looking for a more upscale option. The vibes at Paddlefish are on the fancier side, even if you’re just snagging a burger and beer!
  • You’ve visited many restaurants in Disney Springs and want to try something different. Paddlefish is not one of our favorite restaurants in Disney Springs, but the food can be tasty!

You should SWIM PAST Paddlefish if…

  • You’re looking for a great spot for kids. This restaurant seems a LOT more geared towards adults. The kids’ menu is various, but little ones might enjoy a meal more elsewhere.
  • You don’t like seafood. There are SOME non-seafood options (like our burger!) but if no one in your party likes fish, there are certainly more fitting options in Disney Springs.
  • You want something that feels “Disney!” Outside of the outstanding customer service, this spot doesn’t have much of that Disney feel to it.


Though we have had some mixed reviews in the past from Paddlefish, we had a pretty good experience this visit! The service was excellent and our food and drinks were tasty as well. With the atmosphere and the VIEW, we can’t complain!

Now, keep in mind that we have had some disappointing eats at Paddlefish (Including their Mac and Cheese, and you KNOW how we feel about Mac and Cheese!!!). You might not want to stop into a seafood restaurant just to order a burger — even one as tasty as the one we had today! On the other hand, we COULD see ourselves swinging by for a visit if we’re tired of the usual Disney Springs suspects.

There are a lot, and we mean a LOT, of dining options in Disney Springs. Certainly, many of them have earned rave reviews over and over again from us, where Paddlefish can be hit or miss. Still, if you’re looking for seafood, or happen to be around during the secret pairing menu times, you could have a great meal!

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