REVIEW: This EPCOT Booth Went ALL IN on the Flower and Garden Theme

We’re LIVE from the 2022 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival!

2022 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

there is so much to see and do over here at EPCOT during this festival. We’ve checked out some of the exclusive merchandise, and have been looking forward to the Garden Rocks Concert Seriess since the bands were first announced! But what we’re REALLY excited for is the food! So, let’s check out another booths from this year’s fest!

We went over to the Lotus House in the China pavilion and we can’t wait to dig in!

2022 Lotus House Outdoor Kitchen

There are some new and some returning menu items on this year’s menu. In the past, we’ve seen things like Papa Cakes and a Bon Bon Chicken Skewer.


This year’s menu has two new items — the Spicy mala chicken skewer and the Rose Bubble Milk Tea!

2022 Lotus House Menu

Let’s start with the food!


We got both of the new items on the menu this year AND a returning favorite!

Who’s hungry?

We started with the new Spicy Mala Chicken Skewers for $6.75.

New item alert!

This item is topped with a Spicy sauce, sesame seeds, and green onions. The sauce itself has a sweetness to it as well as a punch of vinegar flavor. You can taste the fresh chili flakes in the sauce, but the sweetness helps make this not overly spicy. We would say these skewers have a medium spice level!

The sesame seeds add a nice crunch and green onions have a good flavor that brings some freshness to the dish.

Spicy Mala Chicken

This wouldn’t be our first choice when it comes to a snack at Flower and Garden (just because there are SO many other great things), but if you are wanting something you can eat on the go, this is a good option!

Spicy mala chicken skewer

Next up is a returning favorite from last year, the House made crab and cheese wontons for $7.75.


Fried. wontons Filled with crab. and.cheese. Need we say more? We can count on these to be tasty every year!


There are four returning drinks on this year’s menu and ONE new drink — the Rose Bubble Milk Tea. This non-alcoholic treat can be enjoyed for $8.75.

The cup has a very cute panda on it!

the rose flavor definitely comes through in this milk tea! And, it’s also topped with rose petalsso there is double the rose.

Rose Bubble Milk Tea

The boba on the bottom has a gelatinous texture, which wasn’t our favorite — we really enjoyed the flavor of the tea, though!

This is a sweet drink, but we think this is a great option for kids since it’s non-alcoholic and it looks fun and playful!

Rose Bubble Milk Tea

Next up, we got the returning Marco Boba made with amaretto, iced coffee, milk, and boba for $12.50. This one uses the same kind of boba as the Rose Bubble Milk Tea, so it is a gelatinous texture as opposed to some of the chewier bobas you can find in milk teas.

It’s back!

This drink basically tastes like a nutty vanilla iced coffeewith a strong amaretto flavor! It’s not too sweet, but it is heavy on the coffee flavorso ya gotta like coffee to enjoy this one.

If you love iced coffee, this is a good treat to grab, especially on a hot day!

Marco Boba

Also returning to the booth for this year’s festival is the Jasmine Draft Beerwhich is $5.25 for 6 oz. and $9 for 12 oz

Jasmine Draft Beer

…the Kung Fu Punchwhich is made with Vodka, triple sec, mango, orange juice, and soda water for $13

Kung Fu Punch

…and the Tang Dynasty, which is made with gold tequila, light rum, strawberry, pina colada mix, white boba pearls, and soda water for $13.75!

Tang Dynasty

If you like stronger drinks and boba, this is a good booth to stop by!!


Overall, this booth has some tasty snacks that are easy to eat on the go and aren’t too heavy on your stomach. They won’t fill you up, so you can keep happily snackin’ around the festival! There are a lot of drink options here, including a fun one that kids can enjoy, too. If you enjoy these flavors, you should stop by and check out Lotus House!

Stay tuned to DFB as we review MORE food from the 2022 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival!

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