REVIEW: This EPCOT Festival Booth Had More Ups and Downs Than Tower of Terror

We’re back at the 2022 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival! You guys, we made it. We’re visiting the festival food booth that’s Home to one of the most ICONIC Flower and Garden snacks ever — we’ve even seen people make t-shirts inspired by this treat.

We’re so excited that the Flower and Garden Festival is here!

We’ve been trying ALL the newest foods and drinks (and doing a little shopping along the way), but now it’s time to check out another popular Flower and Garden food booth. OK, enough waiting; let’s get to it! We’re heading to the hanami booth!

The Hanami booth is located in the Japan Pavilion in the EPCOT World Showcase. Why is this booth so popular? This is the home of the fan favorite Frushi!


Yes, they serve Frushi here, but there are some other new and exciting items on the menu that we’re just as excited to try!

2022 Hanami Menu

Will this food booth live up to the hype? Let’s find out!


It’s fruit, it’s sushi, it’s FRUSHI! If you’re unfamiliar, this is basically a “fruit sushi,” made with Strawberry, pine appleand cantaloupe wrapped in sweet rice other Pink Soy Wrap with whipped cream, Drizzled Berry Sauceand Toasted Coconut. We’ve shared our love of Frushi in the past — it’s fruity, sweet, and shareable (though we tend to eat it all ourselves)! You can grab it for $7.


This year, we’re welcoming the Chicken Yakitori to the menu! This little snack is made with grilled chicken, scallions, red pepper-shoyu emulsion, and pickled onions. The exact word we would use to describe this chicken is “incredible!” We absolutely loved the addition of the grilled scallions and the pickled onions — we’d eat those as side dishes any day.

Chicken Yakitori

The red pepper sauce has a little kick to it, and it’s pretty oily, even though it looks like it should be creamy. It pairs well with the chicken, but the chicken is so phenomenal that it honestly doesn’t even need it. You can grab the Chicken Yakitori for $7.50.

We want ten more of these, please!

the Beef Tataki is also new to the Hanami menu this year! The Beef Tataki is made with seared sirloin with red shiso sauce, watermelon radish, and sprouts. The seared sirloin is pretty straightforward, and we would describe it as being cooked medium-rare. The red sauce it’s served with has a little bit of a kick to it, with mostly a sweet flavor. The watermelon radishes were fine, but they’re probably more of a garnish than a bonus flavor addition. Just like the chicken, the beef is exceptional on its own. It’s available for $8.

Beef Tataki

The food this year was pretty good, but now let’s try some drinks!

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You might need a little drink to go with your meal! New to the Hanami booth this year is the Yuzu Tilted Tonic Hard Seltzer for $5 for a 6-oz serving, $9.50 for a 12 oz. We were a little surprised that this one comes in such an unassuming and boring cup, but honestly, it matches the tone of the drink. It’s just your basic hard seltzer, with nothing really exciting or special about it.

Yuzu Tilted Tonic Hard Seltzer

We also tried the new Ozeki Pineapple Nigori Sakewhich what $9.50. We actually quite liked this one because there’s a fun tanginess from the pineapple! It’s not overly sweet and it was very refreshing. It was our favorite of the drinks, so we would definitely order it again!

Ozeki Pineapple Nigori Sake

Finally, we checked out the Cucumber Cooler, which is sake, vodka, and cucumber garnished with a cucumber slice! It’s pretty syrupy in flavor, and while you do get a hint of cucumber, the sweetness of the drink is really overwhelming. If you’re looking for that sugar boost, then the Cucumber Cooler is available for $8.50.

Cucumber Cooler

Of course, don’t forget to snap a cute picture before you finish your drink!


Wow, this booth was just a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs! The chicken was the real standout, one of our favorite things that we ate today! The beef was pretty good, but the garnishes served with it didn’t live up to its reputation. As far as drinks go, the pineapple sake was the clear winner, with the other two options falling a little flat.

All in all, we’d come back here again and next time, we’ll know exactly what to order to have the most delicious experience possible!

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