Should The Rolling Stones Take Over Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster?! Here’s What Disney World Guests Think.

Disney World has rides for just about everyone — from thrill rides to attractions that the whole family can enjoy.

Expedition Everest

We have to say though, the thrill rides do have a special place in our hearts! With Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, and more, there’s a reason why these rides usually have really long wait times. One of the most popular fan-favorite thrill rides is Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and we recently asked our readers a very controversial question about the ride! Over on our Facebook, we asked “Which band do you think should REPLACE Aerosmith on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?” Let’s check out what everyone had to say!

Now, before you get worried, Disney has said nothing about actually getting rid of Aerosmith from the ride — this is simply a hypothetical that we were curious about! So, while the overwhelming majority of responses was for Disney to keep Aerosmith and not change the ride at all, let’s just have a little fun and see what our other readers thought about the idea!

Changing the band

Let’s start out by talking about the responses our readers gave for if Disney actually just changed the band who was featured in the ride (because some of you want to change the WHOLE theme — more on that later!). A super, SUPER popular answer to replace Aerosmith was queen!


The majorly successful British rock band fronted by Freddie Mercury has had some mega hits over the years, like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody To Love,” and “We Will Rock You.” BUT, the most popular answer for the song that would be the main jam in the ride was “Don’t Stop Me Now.” We have to agree that that would be pretty awesome!

©Walt Disney Studios

Another favorite answer was KISS. Rushing along to “Rock and Roll All Nite” would be pretty cool, but the band in their full makeup and costumes might freak out a few of the younger ones who want to ride! They would probably have to ditch the makeup for the pre-show.

©Charles Sykes/Invision/AP via USA Today

We also saw some calls for Ozzy Osbourne and “crazy train.”

©Sony Music Entertainment

Keeping with the classic rock theme, The Rolling Stones were brought up several times by our readers as well, with one person even saying they’re “the greatest rock and roll band EVER.” We honestly do think this would be a great fit for the ride, as long as we get to see some of Mick Jagger’s awesome dance moves at some point!


And, of course, there were a few shout outs to The Beatles! Someone suggested the premise of the ride could be you getting in the stretch limo to get away from fans during the height of Beatlemania.

The Beatles©Getty Images

There were a lot more great classic rock bands mentioned, like Led Zeppelin (imagine launching to Robert Plant’s screams in “Immigrant Song!”), AC/DC, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Metallica (probably too heavy for Disney), The Who, Journey (get it, because you’re in a car), and even Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Led Zeppelin ©Wireimage via Rolling Stone

We also saw a lot of people say Guns N’ Rosesand as fun as shooting off to “paradise city” or “Sweet Child O’Mine” would be, the name would be a mouthful! Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Guns N’ Roses has a lot going on there (like how no one apparently likes the word “and”).

©Ross Marino/GI via Billboard

There were also some responses suggesting a more psychedelic rock with artists like Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix

©David Redfern/Getty Images via Vogue France

…and some people brought it back to 70s disco by suggesting ABBA or the Bee Gees! It would be a wonderful moment to listen to “dancing queen” or “stayin’ alive” on a roller coaster!


For a little more recent music, we saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers other Foo Fighters be suggested multiple times as well. Some people thought Dave Grohl’s goofiness would lend itself well to a Disney ride!

©NLM via variety

There was also a mention of Prince, whose music would go pretty well with a roller coaster! So, you could repaint the red guitar PURPLE! How fun would that be?!

©Liu Heung Shing/AP via NBC News

And, some people had humorous responses too, like one reader who suggested the artist should be changed to Rick Astley (of Never Gonna Give You Up fame) and be renamed the Rick Roller Coaster, which is pretty clever! Then everyone would literally be getting Rickrolled!

Courtesy of Sony BMG Music UK via Variety

A few of our readers suggested artists more in the pop genre, like those suggesting the Back Street Boys. One person even said they should re-do the ride to have a dueling track and you could go head to head with NSYNC! That would be larger than life, if we do say so ourselves.

©Getty via Rolling Stone

Speaking of boy bands, some people also mentioned The Jonas Brothers taking over the ride (be still our middle school hearts).


Going in a completely different direction, a few of our readers also said John Williams music should take over, so that you would be riding along on a roller coaster to some of cinema’s most iconic scores! Indiana Jones other Starwars would be included, obviously, but it would probably be a bit harder for Disney to get the rights to properties like Jaws other Jurassic Park!

Galaxy’s Edge Theme ©Disney

One of our favorite suggestions was dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem band from The Muppets! Of course, there would have to be a bit of re-theming, but could you imagine a Muppets coaster?! How fun would it be to have Animal going wild on the drums while you speed off in your limo — plus, the Muppets are already in Hollywood Studios!

©Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

A reader also suggested that you could switch the ride to different famous bands playing rock covers of classic Disney songswhich could be cool!

But, another point many of our readers brought top that made a lot of sense was to have the ride switch over to multiple classic rock bands. So, the music would either be randomized OR you could pick your own song that you want to listen to before you launch (which is extremely similar to another popular ride at a different Orlando theme park).

Rock ‘n’ roller coasters

This way, you could keep Aerosmith as part of the ride, but also add other favorite from bands like The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, as well as some newer music so that everyone is happy. The storyline could even be switched over to the riders going to a music festival instead of a singular concert so it made more sense!

Changing the theme

Other readers suggested changing the entire theme of the ride so it’s not even Rock ‘n’ Roll anymore! The most popular suggestion for re-theming by far was for power line from A Goofy Moviewhich is a great idea.

power line

Another popular idea is to switch the ride over to a cars theme (since Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy is right next door) and use music from the film like “Life is a highway” by Rascal Flatts.

It’s Lightning McQueen!

Keeping with Pixar, a few people suggested making the ride a Monsters, Inc. Theme and the story would be similar to chasing Randall through all of the doors like in the movie.

Monsters, Inc.

And, from Monsters Universityone reader said the band should be switched to “whatever band Squishy’s mom is listening to” when she’s waiting for the kids in her mini van! This would be absolutely hysterical and we are here for it.

©Pixar via Twitter

Other suggestions included re-theming to movies like the new Cruella, Encanto (“We Don’t Talk About Bruno, obviously), Wreck It Ralph, Descendants, Camp Rock, other Big Hero Six (and use Fall Out Boy’s music!).


Phineas and Ferb were also included among suggestions, especially because in one episode they literally build a roller coaster! Bowling for Soup could be used as the music, since the sing the show’s theme song.


One of the best ideas was for an Emperor’s New Groove coaster, with the launch taking place right after the famous “Pull the lever, Kronk!” line from Yzma (honestly, how has Disney not made a ride like this yet?!).

Wrong lever! ©Disney

There were some calls for a Marvel re-theme too, since there are a lot of classic rock songs included in the MCU. However, getting the rights to use a lot of Marvel characters would probably not be possible due to the whole Universal situation. But, we did enjoy the suggestion that it should be a Doctor Strange ride through the Multiverse!

©Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Some of our readers also said it should have a Lilo & Stitch theme and use “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride!” That way, you could also include some Elvis songs to tie it back into classic rock ‘n’ roll — the best of both worlds! Wait, that’s it Hannah Montana. Should they re-theme to Hannah Montana?! The music DOES fit — “You get the limo out front…“We may have thought of your next big idea, Disney. 😉

Ohana means family ©Disney

Finally, the funniest response out of all of these was definitely from one reader who said Disney should move Country Bear Jamboree over here, because it would be WAY more scary. Uh, that’s for sure! Could you imagine those ancient animatronics popping out around you on a roller coaster?! No thank you!

Country Bear Jamboree!

But, as we said before, this was all just for fun! Disney hasn’t announced plans to change this ride from Aerosmith in any way. And, as one of our readers put it best, “If Steven Tyler isn’t screaming in my ears, I am not riding it!” Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news, info, and updates.

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