Should You Go to a Disney Water Park?

Here’s a question I get asked a lot, and I’m happy about that for a simple reason. This question doesn’t have a bad answer.

No matter what you decide, you’ll be happy. So, should you go to a Walt Disney World water park? Let’s evaluate the pros and cons.

Blizzard Beach swim

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About Disney Water Parks

Walt Disney World doesn’t earn enough credit for its high-quality water parks.

In fact, before the pandemic, the Orlando campus hosted two of the three most popular water parks in the world. You can look at the data here.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon

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The gist is that Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon was hosting more than 2.2 million annual guests, while Disney’s Blizzard Beach was approaching 2 million.

The only other water park in the world with that sort of traffic is Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou, China, a water park known for viral images of overcrowding.

Disney Typhoon Lagoon

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That’s not what you’ll find at Walt Disney World. On the contrary, the parks feature manageable crowds and highly themed attractions.

At Typhoon Lagoon, inclement weather from a tycoon has torn as under various parts of the area. You’ll notice flotsam and jetsam throughout the park.

Typhoon Lagoon

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Meanwhile, Disney’s Blizzard Beach comes with the legend that a freak snowstorm occurred during the 1970s.

Some misguided folks believed this weather would turn permanently and built a ski resort, only for Florida’s regular temperatures to return.

Passholder Water Park tickets

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At this point, inspiration struck, and they converted the ski resort into a water park. So, you’ll enjoy the disconnect of snow season gear at a water park.

In short, both Disney water parks justify a visit at some point in your life, if not many trips.

Disney Spring 2021

The catch when you’re visiting Orlando is that you must leave the theme parks to spend time here.

So, the debate stems from whether you’re getting enough enjoyment. And nobody’s right or wrong here. It all comes down to personal choice.

Pros of Water Parks

In terms of thrill rides, Blizzard Beach is secretly one of the top three options at Walt Disney World.

Imagineers ramped up the excitement element here in designing attractions like Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher.

Blizzard Beach

In fact, Blizzard Beach also hosts thrill rides that can seat four to six family members at once. Teamboat Springs’ name references that it’s multi-person ride.

When you’re traveling with fewer than four people, you’ll need someone else to join you.

The ride’s structure requires the weight of at least four but no more than six individuals. Here’s a video:

Typhoon Lagoon also hosts a remarkable number of high-quality rides, although it’s not as aggressive as Blizzard Beach.

As such, I recommend that thrill seekers visit Blizzard Beach while casual water park guests should choose Typhoon Lagoon.

Currently, Miss Adventure Falls claims the title as crown jewel at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s the newest and best ride. Here’s a clip:

The Audio-Animatronic at the start of this attraction represents the pinnacle of Disney Imagineering circa 2016. You’ll definitely want to listen carefully as you approach it.

Honestly, that’s the best pro about either water park. The Disney touches permeate through both parks. You’ll appreciate the best of Disney on display.

So, these places never garner the same crowds as the theme parks. Magic Kingdom’s attendance is roughly a factor of 10 higher than Blizzard Beach.

So, when you spend a day at the park, you can relax in the sun, cool off in the water, and be away from the crowds.

Disney Spring 2021

That’s one of my favorite things about Disney water parks. I can jump in the lazy river and float all my cares away for a few hours. It’s a much more serene experience than at the parks.

Cons of Water Parks

I’ve already mentioned the big one, but let’s explore it a bit more.


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No matter how long you’re staying in Orlando, it’s never enough.

There’s a reason why Disney fans immediately book their next trip the moment they return from the last one.


I’ve spent two weeks at Walt Disney World and still not accomplished everything I intended to do.

For example, I never quite find enough time to spend a full day roaming the World Showcase.

world showcase


The opportunity cost is real at Walt Disney World. So, when you spend a day at a water park, it’s time you cannot get back at the theme parks.

On top of that, you’ll pay more to visit the water parks. This could happen in one of two ways.


You’ll either purchase single-day admission for the water park, or you’ll add Park Hopper Plus to your theme park tickets.

Now, the price has remained reasonable over the years, but it’s still more money, especially for large families.

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On top of these factors, water parks come with ancillary concerns. You could get cut up a bit on some of the rides.

In my experience, bruises and scrapes tend to happen at water parks. Now, I’ve got cats. So, I’m plenty used to it, but concerned parents should take note.

Water Parks

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Similarly, you will need to use generous portions of suntan lotion.

Otherwise, you could get burned, which will cause discomfort during the rest of your vacation.

extra tickets

I swear to you that I once forgot to apply sunscreen to the soon spot on the top of my crown. The tip of my skull felt like it had just been in a volcano.

Nobody wants that sort of aggravation on vacation. Thankfully, this particular con is avoidable.

Water Parks

Should You Go to a Water Park?

Seriously, there is no wrong answer here. I’ve visited water parks during Disney vacations, and I’ve skipped them on other occasions.

Personally, I prefer a day at a water park, although I sometimes choose Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club instead.

Stormalong Bay

That resort offers a mini-water park that’s exclusive to guests staying there or at the adjoining Disney’s Yacht Club.

Still, I love to swim on vacation, and I’m a sucker for lazy rivers. My wife…isn’t with me on this.

When she’s on vacation, she’s either at the parks or thinking about what she will do the next time she’s there.

Seriously, we will be in the middle of a meal, and she’ll say, “We’re doing Haunted Mansion after this, right?”

haunted mansion

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So, the opportunity cost of water parks is too high for her. Thankfully, she allows me to get my way occasionally.

For this reason, we have historically purchased annual passes that include water park admission. Disney charges $99 extra for this package now.

typhoon lagoon reopening

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Like I said, a water park comes with added costs, but additional benefits are terrific as well.

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