Travel Trends We Wish Would Come to the Orlando International Airport

As technology and innovation evolve, so does the need for companies like Disney to keep up. Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom We’re not just talking about theme park technology, either. More and more travel restrictions are being lifted, and with that comes even more travel across the globe. So, how are airports (and the travel … Read more

NEWS: Universal To Partially Fund the Airport Train to Disney World

Does anyone else still miss Magical Express at Disney World? With that free service gone, guests must now choose between a few different paid options to get from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World. You could use Mears Connect (which is run by the same people who ran Magical Express) or try out Sunshine … Read more

The Airport Train to Disney World Could be Partially Funded by…Universal?

Disney’s Magical Express is gone, which has left guests with a few different options for getting from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World. There are a couple of bus services (similar to Magical Express), including Mears Connect and Sunshine Flyer. Or you can choose to use rideshare or rent a car. But many guests … Read more

What’s Going On with the Airport Train to Disney World? We’ve Got an UPDATE

It’ll still be QUITE some time before anyone hops on a Brightline train to go from Orlando International Airport to Disney Worldbut some progress on this future transportation method is being made. ©Brightline Last year, things came to a stop and decisions regarding the train’s route from the airport to Disney World were infinitely delayed. … Read more

Review: Is the Sunshine Flyer the best option for Disney World airport transportation?

Credit: Monica LATEST VIDEOS LIVE – Just Mousing Around Tonight! JUST MOUSING AROUND LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND After speaking with the Vice President of Sunshine Flyer, I was able to test out their airport transportation service for myself! Here’s how it went. Sunshine Flyer Credit: Monica Disney’s announcement that they were discontinuing free Magical … Read more

A NEW Proposal Could Mean Actual Progress for Airport Train to Disney World

With Magical Express gone, guests now have to choose a new way to get from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World. There’s Mears Connect, Sunshine Flyer, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft…but what about that high-speed train that was announced a while back? ©Brightline Brightline is in the process of creating a train service … Read more

The Airport Train’s Path to Disney World Could FINALLY Be Coming Together

Looking to get from the Orlando airport to Disney World? Really wish that airport train they keep talking about what was already available? ©Brightline Well, while some of the plans for this train had hit a BIG stumbling block when it comes to train routes, it looks like things might be CHANGING! What’s Been Going … Read more