Will You Watch the Avatar Sequel in 3D? Disney Hopes the Answer is “Yes”

It’s been 13 years since avatar was released in theaters, earning over $2.8 billion, making it the highest grossing movie of all time. It inspired an entire area in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora — The World of Avatar (which is celebrating its 5th anniversary soonby the way), and since the initial movie’s release, many have … Read more

Are Wait Times STILL Long in Disney World? We Have the Answer!

Have the Spring Break crowds fizzled out at Disney World, or did the Easter holiday bring crowds that lingered throughout this week? Easter crowds! We’ve definitely seen some long wait times in the parks lately, but we’re not sure if they’ll stick around or not. So, let’s check out How long the lines were this … Read more

Is Disney’s Star Wars Hotel JUST for Fans of the Series? The Answer May Surprise You.

We’re going to infinity and beyo…oh wait wrong space movie. Let’s try that again — for the first time EVER, guests visiting Disney World can travel to a galaxy far, far away for a 2-night immersive experience onboard the ✨fanciest✨ starcruiser there is! Galactic Starcruiser That’s right, we’re talking about Starwars: Galactic Starcruiser! This first-of-its-kind … Read more