Look at How Much Disney Has Changed Over the Past Two Years

Have you visited Walt Disney World since the pandemic started? If not, you’ve missed plenty.Management has changed several policies, some of them temporarily. Others represent permanent updates to longstanding Disney rules. Photo: Disney Here are the ways that Disney is different now than two years ago. Park Passes Now Required One update requires more adjustment … Read more

NEWS: Mask Requirements CHANGED for Disneyland Transportation

To ensure we are equipping our readers with all the information they need, we will continue to report on all travel, safety, and COVID-related news that could impact a Disney Parks visit. Disneyland may have reopened to guests just one year ago, but the resort has seen quite a few changes to health and safety … Read more

Full List of Airlines that Have CHANGED Face Mask Requirements

You might not need a face mask for your next flight to Disney World. The CDC recently extended the federal face mask mandate on public transportation, but a Florida judge ruled this mandate unlawful. Since then, the TSA has stated that it will NOT enforce the mandate on public transportation. So what does that mean … Read more

5 Critical Ways That Social Media CHANGED Disney World

POP QUIZ! What’s the ONE thing that you can’t forget to take with you on a trip to Disney World? 🤔 Any guesses? That’s right! It’s your…smart phone! MagicKingdom We used to be able to plan Disney World trips without looking at a screen, and while it’s still technically possible, it’s much more challenging. Nowadays, … Read more

Has the Plan Changed at EPCOT?

Over the course of several events, Parks Blog updates, and social posts, Disney revealed grand ambitions for EPCOT. At the time, park officials promised three new pavilions, multiple attractions, and even a re-theming of the most iconic ride at EPCOT, Spaceship Earth. Credit: Disney Well, we’re a few years down the road now, and it’s … Read more

5 BIG Ways Disney World Has Changed Over the Past Few Years

Like it or not, Disney World is constantly changing. Even Cinderella Castle looks different right now From little changes like menu updates at restaurants to bigger changes like completely retheming an attraction, Disney is always working on something and whether the changes are for better or worse is up for debate. But, if you haven’t … Read more