Bob Chapek Just Had the Most Important Earnings Call of His Life

If you own stock in The Walt Disney Company, you’ve experienced a different kind of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride lately. Now, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has hosted a quarterly earnings report call and revealed information about the state of the parks. Credit: Disney Let’s talk about what we just learned about Disney’s upcoming plans. Let’s … Read more

NEWS: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Comments on the Park Pass Reservation System

the Park Pass theme park reservation system has been in place at Disney World and Disneyland since the parks reopened following the COVID-19 closures. Easter crowds The system helps Disney control capacity in the parks and know how many guests will be there each day. We’ve seen Disney executives comment on the park pass system … Read more

Will Bob Chapek Survive Disney’s Latest Setbacks?

For the first time in 17 years, my friends and I didn’t live blog the Academy Awards. We just weren’t excited about the various nominees. However, as a movie lover, I still watched the admittedly surreal proceedings. Some of the funniest moments involved obvious camera cuts to Disney CEO Bob Chapek. He looked as comfortable … Read more

REPORT: Iger and Chapek Barely on Speaking Terms According to News Report

Could the bro-mance between Disney’s current CEO Bob Chapek and former CEO Bob Iger be over? According to a recent piece on CNBC which you can check out here, the two executives are barely on speaking terms these days. If you’ve been following along with MickeyBlog you’ll know that bob Iger surprised the Disney community … Read more

Bob Chapek Gets 94% of the Vote and Other Notes from Disney Investor Day

March 9th means one thing for Disney fans: It’s the 2022 Disney Investor Day! As was the case the last two years, the Disney Annual Meeting of Shareholders is a virtual webcast rather than an in-person affair. Several moments of note occurred during this conversation between CEO Bob Chapek, Chairperson of the Board Susan Arnold, … Read more

NEWS: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Comments on Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Over the past several weeks, a controversial Florida bill has been the topic of several news stories. rainbow donut The bill has been heavily criticized by some individuals and groups, and some had called for Disney to issue a statement in response to the issue. Disney ultimately did issue a statement of sorts that was … Read more