How Many Rides Can You Get On Per Day With Genie+ in Disney World?! We Dig In!

Earlier this week, Disney updated the language on their Genie+ website to say that guests can expect to reserve 2-3 Lightning Lanes per day if they buy Genie+. But is that actually true? Lightning Lane We’re in Disney World all the time, and we’ve done a lot of research by using Genie+ and testing out … Read more

Could a Critical Aspect of How Disney World Operates Be in Jeopardy? We Dig In

Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill (what critics have deemed the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill) has been extensively covered by the news over the past several weeks. It’s likely something you’ve heard discussed on your local news station, or seen discussed online and a variety of news sites. Welcome to Disney World Here at DFB … Read more