What Do Disney Fans Need to Know about Hurricane Season 2022?

As of June 1Stwe officially enter hurricane season. Will the weather impact your Walt Disney World vacation? Unfortunately, even Madame Leota’s crystal ball cannot say for sure right now. Still, you need to know plenty about hurricane season at Walt Disney World. Let’s Talk about Recent Hurricane Seasons Let’s start with what we “know” about … Read more

Star Wars Fans: The Vera Bradley Collection of Your Dreams Has Arrived in Disney World

We’ve got a bad feeling about this… . It’s here! By bad, we actually mean good, but our wallets might think it’s bad because the new Vera Bradley x Star Wars collection has officially arrived at Disney World! Although we’d already seen a sneak peek at some of the designs, we made a trip over … Read more

The Most Amazing Form of Disney Transportation As Chosen By Disney Fans!

Credit: KtP Writer Christina LATEST VIDEOS LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND There are so many ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort. You can fly high above the magic with the Disney Monorail or Skyliner systems, Hop aboard a Disney bus, or glide … Read more

What Disney Fans Should Know about Ridesharing in Orlando Right Now

OK, let me be clear at the start. What we’re about to discuss seems trivial relative to the cause of the matter. Yes, gas prices have increased in this country. Another country has performed an unlawful invasion and accidentally tanked its own economy in the process. Image: Encyclopedia Britannica For this reason, nobody else will … Read more

REVIEW: Disney World Released Another Cupcake — Only Frosting Fans Need Apply

It’s a rare day when we turn down a cupcake at Disney World… . Disney’s Beach Club Resort Granted, some are better than others, but we have fun trying them including some recent cupcakes like the S’Mores Cupcake, a Madame Leota Cupcake, an it’s a small world Cupcake, and more! We also love seeing what … Read more

Is Disney’s Star Wars Hotel JUST for Fans of the Series? The Answer May Surprise You.

We’re going to infinity and beyo…oh wait wrong space movie. Let’s try that again — for the first time EVER, guests visiting Disney World can travel to a galaxy far, far away for a 2-night immersive experience onboard the ✨fanciest✨ starcruiser there is! Galactic Starcruiser That’s right, we’re talking about Starwars: Galactic Starcruiser! This first-of-its-kind … Read more