BUG Ice Cream?! The BIZARRE Flavors You May Find at Disney World’s New Ice Cream Shop

We’ve had some pretty WEIRD food at the Disney parks. space sandwich We’re talking treats that looked better than they tasted, some with some really strange ingredients, and even a few that looked like downright disasters. But some of the strangest things we’ve tried were (shockingly!) ice cream flavors…all from Salt & Straw at Disneyland … Read more

We Hereby Demand That These 7 Salt & Straw Flavors Come to Disney World. Please and Thank You.

There’s a new ice cream spot coming to DisneySprings this year and we are SO excited. Salt and Straw at Downtown Disney What makes it such an anticipated shop? It’s Salt & Straw! Salt & Straw is an ice cream shop that’s known for scooping up unique ice cream flavors made with local, organic, and … Read more