What Just Happened with Reedy Creek?

Okay, The Walt Disney Company has made the news again, as it continues to struggle with negative headlines during the Bob Chapek era. Previous CEO Bob Iger and his strategist, Zenia Mucha, mastered the art of the news cycle. Image Credit: Morse/Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chapek has proven either amateurish or inexperienced, depending on … Read more

8 Unexpected Things That Happened in Disney World This Week

Buckle up folks. Disney decided to choose this week to keep surprising us! OVER AND OVER. MagicKingdom Pretty much every day this week had at least one surprise. From ride testing to restaurant news to a permanent dinner show closure, we’re feeling the unexpected vibe this week. So come along as we recap everything you … Read more

Flooding, Genie+ Updates, and More Unexpected Things That Happened in Disney World This Week

Y’all, it’s been a WEIRD week at Disney World. Floods, unusual closures, a ridiculously LONG line…a lot has happened. What’s new at Disney World? Unexpected surprises can happen all the time in Disney World, but sometimes we have to wonder how ALL of these things happen in one single week?! We’re here with the 7 … Read more