13 Rides Had Average Wait Times Over an Hour in Disney World This Week

easter is almost here, which means Disney World has been BUSY this week! It’s the Easter Bunny! Even though a lot of festive things have been going on, like the giant decorative chocolate eggs, the Easter Bunny, and the special bakery, that hasn’t been enough to draw people away from all of the rides in … Read more

What’s New in Disney’s Hollywood Studios: A 3.5 Hour Wait and ‘Encanto’ Items

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Would You Wait Over an Hour for These 16 Rides in Disney World?!

It’s MARCH at Disney World — Spring is around the corner, we’re starting to see consistently warm weather, and it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! spring is coming Buuuut with the warm weather and springtime come even more crowds. We’ve already seen the parks be very busy during January and February, so we are just a … Read more

18 — Yes, 18 — Rides Had Average Wait Times Over an Hour in Disney World This Week

February is almost over, and usually that would mean the end of the slow season in Disney World and the beginning of Spring Break crowds…but not this year! Big yikes, y’all! This year, there have been unusually high crowds in the parks during the “slow” season, and it seems as if things are just getting … Read more