Should You Ever Leave the Parks or Not?

When you purchase admission to a Walt Disney World theme park, you automatically earn the right to come and go as you please. Disney doesn’t make you stay at the park all day. Instead, you can re-enter whenever you like. After all, it’s a little slice of paradise, not a prison. Still, some Disney guests … Read more

Could Disney Leave Florida? –

My non-Disney friends rarely ask me about anything Mouse-related. When they bring something up, I know the subject has entered the collective consciousness. The last time this happened was when Disney switched from free FastPasses to the paid Disney Genie+ service last Fall. Now, people are asking me about something that shouldn’t pass the laugh … Read more

Eight Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Animal Kingdom Out of Your Disney World Plans

I cry inside every time I have a client tell me that they want to plan a Disney World getaway but have been told by friends or family to leave out Disney’s Animal Kingdom. When Animal Kingdom first opened back in April 22, 1998, it quickly became one of my favorite Disney theme parks and … Read more