MickeyBlog News for May 16th, 2022

The Walt Disney Company reported its revenue for the most recent quarter, introduced two superheroines at Avengers Campus, and clarified some rules about its roller coaster. Let’s talk cold, hard cash in this week’s MickeyBlog News. Disney Earns the Big Bucks Disney needed a win after seemingly playing defense for the past three months. I’m … Read more

MickeyBlog News for May 9th, 2022

Disney just threw an intergalactic party, and MickeyBlog was there! So, park officials showed off the next generation of MagicBands. We’ve got lots of fun stuff to discuss in this week’s MickeyBlog News! The Intergalactic Roller Coaster A long time ago, the former Opryland theme park operated a ride called Chaos. It was a next-generation … Read more

MickeyBlog News for May 2nd, 2022

Friends, I have the best possible news for you this week! Your favorite Halloween offering will return in less than four months! It’s a great week for Mickey Blog News. Not-So-Scary and Oh So Wonderful I referred to Disney’s 2021 Halloween campaign as a half-measure. The ongoing constraints of the pandemic forced park officials to … Read more

MickeyBlog News for April 25th, 2022

Has an era ended at Walt Disney World? We don’t know for sure yet, but it’s a historically significant MickeyBlog News. The Reedy Creek Vote Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s comical run of misfortune and unforced errors continued this week. Last month, Disney employees expressed outrage and some even walked out as a protest of Chapek’s … Read more

MickeyBlog News for April 18th, 2022

This past week, Disney stealth-posted previews for its upcoming roller coaster. Meanwhile, a beloved coaster returned after a brief hiatus. We’ll talk about these things and a welcome international theme park update in the latest MickeyBlog News. Cosmic Rewind Sneaks on Sale…SOLD! Sometimes, Disney’s decision-making drives me up a tree. Here’s the latest example. Last … Read more

MickeyBlog News for March 28th, 2022

The past seven days came with plenty of palace intrigue behind the scenes at The Walt Disney Company. However, you’ll find plenty happening at the parks as well. A new store is coming soon, a popular transportation option has returned, and more. We’ve had an exciting week at MickeyBlog News. Minnie Vans Return DisneyParks is … Read more