Opinion: I love the Epcot resorts more than Magic Kingdom resorts

Credit: Disney LATEST VIDEOS LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND LIVE – JUST MOUSING AROUND Hot take: Epcot has the better resorts. Here’s why I love them more than Magic Kingdom resorts. Epcot and Magic Kingdom resorts Credit: Monica Magic Kingdom and Epcot have the most resorts located directly next to … Read more

“What People Believe is News is Really Opinion” — Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Comments on the Media

Bob Iger may have retired from Disney, but that doesn’t mean he’s living a quiet life away from the world. Quite the contrary. Bob Iger©Bloomberg Iger had shared that when the “dream finally ends” he’d be keeping busy and that’s certainly what he’s done. Though he has called rumors of his return as Disney’s CEO … Read more