What’s New in Magic Kingdom: A Canceled Parade and Ride Ornaments

Magic Kingdom hit some rough patches this past week. Cinderella Castle While a lot of new merchandise hit the park over the past couple of days, there were also some issues, like missing food offerings, canceled entertainment, and an early closing. So let’s dive deeper into what’s going on at the Magic Kingdom! Magic Kingdom … Read more

PHOTOS: The Walt Disney World RAILROAD and 5 Other Park Icons Are Now Ornaments!

With how nearly 2022 seems to be going, Christmas is practically just around the corner. It’s almost Christmas…in 226 days, that is Disney World seems to think so too because they’ve been on TOP of their ornament game lately, and we are in love with their line of ornaments inspired by Disney icons. Not only … Read more

What’s New in Magic Kingdom: Attraction Ornaments and Orange Bird Ears

There’s a reason that the word “magic” is in Magic Kingdom’s name. Where magic becomes real Of all four of Disney World’s parks, this one is the most like stepping into a fantasy world, one where fairies are real, one where princesses meet with guests, one with a gigantic castle in the middle of it, … Read more