What’s New at Disney World’s Hotels: 2 Spots Reopen, a Dumbo Backpack, and…Eggs?

Welcome back DFB friends! We’re here with another what’s new at Disney hotels! Disney’s Riviera Resort The resorts are constantly changing, and bringing new ways to make your stay a little bit easier and a little more special. And, because they change so frequently, we visit the resorts all the time to keep you updated! … Read more

The Best Restaurants Disney Has Yet to Reopen

With the recent reopenings of Jiko – The Cooking Place and Flying Fish, most of your favorite Disney restaurants are up and running again. Unfortunately, some places remain unavailable, though. Some, like Tangierine Café, face uncertain futures. The others simply haven’t returned yet due to lack of staffing and/or demand. We miss all these places … Read more