What’s New in Magic Kingdom: 50th Anniversary Merchandise Restocks and Plushes!

Guess where we’re at? Hint: it has a gigantic EARidescent Castle right in the middle! It’s so beautiful That’s right, we’re in Magic Kingdom. While we’re nomming on some Corn Dog Nuggets from Casey’s Corner, hopping in line to ride the PeopleMover for the millionth time (don’t @ us), and strolling down Main Street, USA, … Read more

What’s New in Magic Kingdom: Menu UPDATES and Merchandise Restocks

It’s time to see what’s new in Magic Kingdom! MagicKingdom We took a look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction, saw menu changes at various counter service locations, and found a tone of new items around the park! So buckle up, because we’re about to throw a ridiculous amount of new (and restocked) merchandise your way! … Read more