Which Disney Rides Should Imagineers Reboot?

Change is inevitable at Disney theme parks. Imagineers think in terms of decades, not years, when planning attractions. Recently, Disneyland has redesigned a 1955 original into Snow White’s Enchanted Kiss. Meanwhile, Maelstrom at EPCOT switched to Frozen Ever After. Photo: Disney Park officials also announced plans for sweeping updates to Spaceship Earth and Splash Mountain, … Read more

Eight Rides You’ll Only Find at Disneyland

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Which Disney Rides Are Theme Park Royalty?

The Walt Disney Company dominates the theme park industry to a degree where it’s hard to have the latter without the former. Walt Disney created Disneyland, the first truly themed park on the planet, and Disney has spent the last seven decades perfecting the craft. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort) Over the years, some attractions have earned … Read more

6 Shows, Rides, and More that Are CLOSED In Disney World Next Week

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Which Rides, Parks, and Hotels Will Be CLOSED In Disney World Next Week?

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All the Disney World Hotels and Rides that Are CLOSED This May

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What Are the Best Themed Rides at Animal Kingdom?

Perhaps no theme park in the world accomplishes more than Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here, you’ll find dozens of animal species living in their own natural habitats. Unbeknownst to them, Disney zoologists have built these structures. (DavidRoark, photographer) Yes, Disney is so good it can even mimic mother nature. Still, that’s only half the park. The … Read more